Thursday, May 29, 2014

How To Train Your Dragon 2


Our Pack will be enjoying our THIRD event of June with an awesome experience at the Colleyville Studio Movie Grill to see How To Train Your Dragon 2.  

The cost is $14.50 per person and includes: admission, popcorn and a drink.  Meal items are available a la carte (everything from burgers, wings, fries, nachos, pizza and chicken Caesar salad... just to name a few!)

Please understand that Pack 1910 has to PREPAY for this event. Therefore, if you RSVP, you will be expected to pay even if you are unable to attend.  The e-vite can be found here.  Please get your RSVP's in TODAY!

This is open to Scouts, their family and even friends.  If you know someone that may be interested in joining the Scouting adventure, please invite them!  

Watch the official trailer below.  

If you have one, please wear your Pack t-shirt.

Remember, so long as you attend at least ONE Pack event a month throughout the summer, your scout will be eligible for the rank specific Summertime Achievement Award!

See how they match your slides?  Cool huh!?

Take Me Out To The Ball Game!

Nothing says an all-American summertime like baseball and the Frisco Roughriders have an opportunity for all local Scouts that includes just that!  

Join them Sunday, July 20 at 6:05 pm
For just $20 a ticket, you get:

  • ... to see a great baseball game
  • ... all-you-can-eat hotdogs, brats and nachos
  • ... unlimited Dr. Pepper products 
  • ... a limited edition RoughRiders hat
  • ... a game program 
  • ... the opportunity to compete in the "design your own patch" at the game
Please note the deadline for ordering tickets is June 13.  See flyer here for details.  For more information or to buy tickets, please call 972-334-1993 or e-mail:

This can be done at the family level or at the den level.  This is not a Pack event, just a fun opportunity we wanted to make you aware of.  

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Read, Write and Win!

From the Boys' Life Website

Write a one-page report titled “The Best Book I Read This Year” and enter it in the Boys’ Life 2014 “Say Yes to Reading!” contest.

The book can be fiction or nonfiction. But the report has to be in your own words — 500 words tops. Enter in one of these three age categories:

  • 8 years old and younger
  • 9 and 10 years old
  • 11 years old and older

First-place winners in each age category will receive a $100 gift card from Second-place winners will receive a $75 gift card; third-place winners, a $50 gift card.

Everyone who enters will get a free patch like the one above. 

Since Pack 1910 provides a subscription to all of it's members, the contest is open to everyone in our Pack!  Do be sure to include your name, address, age and grade in school on the entry.

Send your report, along with a business-size, self-addressed, stamped envelope, to:

Boys’ Life Reading Contest
P.O. Box 152079
Irving, TX 75015-2079

Entries must be postmarked by Dec. 31, 2014 and must include entry information and a self-addressed, stamped envelope.

Friday, May 23, 2014

Don't Forget Your Donations Over The Summer

An e-mail went out in April and a follow-up handout was provided at the Bridging Ceremony.  I am seeking your help in gathering the listed items.  I will need multiples of them so the more we can get, the bigger and better the projects!  


Things like cereal boxes, empty pill bottles, rubber bands, egg cartons, corks, etc. Feel free to drop them as you collect them at April's house or bring them to any of the summer events.  These are needed by September 2.  Your help is greatly appreciated!!

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Memorial Day

While many Americans will celebrate Memorial Day with hot dogs, hamburgers and a day off... let us not forget what this day is really all about.  Memorial Day is not about 20% off sales and lounging by the pool.  Memorial Day is a day of honor and respect for our fallen... and sometimes forgotten.  

Photo source
Price of Freedom
Photo source
From the US Memorial Day website, Memorial Day, originally called Decoration Day, is a day of remembrance for those who have died in service of the United States of America. Over two dozen cities and towns claim to be the birthplace of Memorial Day. While Waterloo N.Y. was officially declared the birthplace of Memorial Day by President Lyndon Johnson in May 1966, it’s difficult to prove conclusively the origins of the day.

Regardless of the exact date or location of its origins, one thing is clear – Memorial Day was borne out of the Civil War and a desire to honor our dead. It was officially proclaimed on 5 May 1868 by General John Logan, national commander of the Grand Army of the Republic, in his General Order No. 11. “The 30th of May, 1868, is designated for the purpose of strewing with flowers, or otherwise decorating the graves of comrades who died in defense of their country during the late rebellion, and whose bodies now lie in almost every city, village and hamlet churchyard in the land,” he proclaimed. The date of Decoration Day, as he called it, was chosen because it wasn’t the anniversary of any particular battle.

On the first Decoration Day, General James Garfield made a speech at Arlington National Cemetery, and 5,000 participants decorated the graves of the 20,000 Union and Confederate soldiers buried there.  

I encourage all Pack 1910 families to engage in something meaningful this weekend to help instill in our Cubs a purpose for this day.  Let's raise a generation that doesn't forget.  Maybe you will be inspired to work on the Citizenship beltloop or pin.  Why not join the Virtual Boots On The Ground.  Let your children create a virtual avatar and join with others across the country for in the National Memorial Day Parade.  They will have a live feed on the site this day.  The parade is at 2pm EST.  More on the parade can be found here.

If you would like to do something local, at 11am CST at the Mt. Gilead Cemetery on Keller-Smithfield Road, the Keller Mt. Gilead Cemetery Association and the Rotary club are putting together the 5th annual memorial day celebration.  This is a one hour event inclusive of a flag retirement ceremony (usually conducted by Troop 1910 of First United Methodist Church of Keller.)  Bring your own chairs.

We have added to our Pack Calendar a special entry on Memorial Day.  At 3pm -- no matter where you are, what you are doing or whose company you are sharing -- please stop and take a moment to gather your family and friends together to remember those who have fallen in service to our great nation.  Memorial Day is more than a cookout, it's a time to be in thought for those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice as well as their families.  The National Moment of Remembrance is at 3pm.  Unite with Americans everywhere to show that we have not forgotten that freedom isn't free.  We are the home of the free BECAUSE of the brave!  

Here is a Memorial Day Tribute you could watch with your family.  

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Day Camp Registration Reminder

Just in case you hadn't heard... Day Camp is just around the corner!!!!!  

Oh... yeah, and that awesome discount otherwise known as the Early Bird Registration discount of $85.00??? 

Yeah, it ends this Friday at Midnight!

Do NOT let this be you!

Missed online registration..., ... have to write a check

So ACT NOW!  REGISTER ONLINE!  (Click the word "online" just so there's no confusion!)

Why?  Because otherwise, you have to register in person with me by filling out a form...with a pen...and paper... and writing a... check!?!?!?!?!  Because, you know, once early bird registration expires on Friday, the price goes up to $95.00 camper!!!  YIKES!  Save your pesos my friends!  Register TODAY!

We need chaperones registered, too!  This is for everyone!  E-mail April if you have questions!

Monday, May 19, 2014

#cubscoutdaycamp #bethere

Access to calendars

If you have access to a color printer, please print one of these guys out for everyone in your family!  My color printer went kaputz on me before I could do anythying about it.

Click {here} to receive a copy of the 2014-2015 Cub Scout Pack 1910 Annual Program Calendar.  It has only pack events and school events.

Please let me know if that works for you!

April Driggers

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Our Newest Program - Pack 1910 Hiking Club


Pack 1910 is proud to announce the first ever Hiking Club just for Pack 1910.  The Parent Manual for hiking is available here.  

One of the best way to get boys unplugged and outside and to get them into organized activities such as a hiking club.

I'm going to cut and copy a few paragraphs from the Parent book:

So why did your son want to join Scouting? He wanted to do out-of-door stuff, hike, camp, and explore. Thus, the idea for a Hiking Club is an excellent way to meet many requirements and desires of the boys.  Hiking encourages healthy outdoor activities and engages the boys in an outdoor program unparalleled in our area.  In Pack 1910’s Hiking Club,  we will hold hikes year round.  We also will track Scout’s miles and present recognition for reaching set marks.  On their first hike, they will be given a patch.  After reaching 25 miles, they earn their hiking staff.  If they reach 50 miles, they will earn the medallion and leather grip to place upon it.  After that, Scouts receive additional recognition as miles accumulate. The hiking program provides the pack an opportunity to enjoy an outdoor activity that is healthful for boys, their families, and leaders.   
We have a complete set of rules in place along with a complete annual calendar of hikes already on the schedule.

Hikes for 2014-2015 are:

2014-2015 Pack 1910 Hikes

September 2014
Location: Fort Worth Nature Center and Refuge
Trailhead: Oak Motte
Distance: 1-4 miles

October 2014
Location: Bob Jones Nature Center
Trailhead: Walnut Grove Trail, Whites Chapel access

November 2014
Location: Eagle Mountain Park (FORT WORTH)
Trailhead:   11601 Morris Dido Newark Road, Fort Worth, TX 76179
Distance: About 4 miles

December 2014
Location: Cedar Ridge Preserve
Trailhead: 7171 Mountain Creek Parkway, Dallas, Texas 75249 (972-709-7784)
Distance: 1-4 miles

January 2015
Location: Lewisville Outdoor Learning Area
Trailhead: 201 East Jones Street, Lewisville,
Distance: 3-5 miles (1-3 hours)

February 2015
Location: Dogwood Canyon Trail
Trailhead: I-35E N to I-35 N to Exit 483 onto FM-3002. R into Ray Roberts Lake State Park (Johnson Branch Unit); Dogwood Canyon trailhead @ first parking area on R.
Distance: 2.1 miles

March 2015
Location: Dead Woman - Haller’s Haven Nature Loop (DALLAS) 1.5 hours away
Distance: 3.2 miles

April 2015
Location: Dinosaur Valley State Park (GLENROSE)
Trailhead: 1629 Park Road 59, Glen Rose, TX 76043
Distance: 3-4 miles depending on what you pick

May 2015
Location: Coyote Run
Trailhead: Sulphur Springs, I-30 E to TX 19 N to FM 71 W. In 4 mi., turn L onto FM 3505 N and enter park. Veer R @ Y and turn R @ sign for Heron Harbor Day Use Area parking lot.
Distance: 4.7 miles lollipop

You asked for it...

... and we're going to deliver it!

We had our den leaders poll the boys to find out what THEY wanted from THEIR Cub Scout experience!  And you know what? We are going to make it happen!

Some of the top requests repeatedly heard from boys at different age groups/ different dens were:

  • Pizza party
  • horseback riding
  • fishing
  • climbing walls
Guess what?  They're ALL part of the bigger plan we have in store for this year or the upcoming summers.  Pizza party? Check!  The end of summer is a back to school pizza party/rain gutter regatta! 

They want horseback riding?  That is on the rotation of summer events for next year.  

They want to go fishing!  We are working right now on incorporating one of the Trout-O-Rees held at Camp Tahuaya into our annual calendar!  They want climbing walls!  Well, guess what?  Those are going to be after the kingsnake show in August!  How's THAT for meeting the call!  

We're not stopping there, however!  Our new Scout year is going to be packed full of fun!  

Not only are we starting a PACK 1910 HIKING CLUB with scheduled hikes EVERY SINGLE MONTH!  But, for the boys that attend -- they're going to get really cool things like patches and hiking sticks and medallions for reaching certain milestones!  

Oh wait...there's more!  We typically have operated on a NASA/USS Lexington rotation for "big trips" but we're going to mix that up as well so that there is no repetition for those who will be in the program from Tigers.  We are going to start a NASA/Fossil Rim/NASA/USS Lexington rotation!  Since this year is the NASA rotation, we will make plans for Fossil Rim next year! Oh yeah!  That's AWESOME program is in store for Fossil Rim!

Your den meetings will continue to be fun and productive... but our Pack meetings?  Yeah, we're kicking them up a notch (or ten)!  Our Pack meetings are going to have a THEME and ... well, they're going to ROCK!  There's simply no other way to put it!  A couple of things we DO want to make sure EVERYONE is aware of is that we will be checking attendance at these events for two purposes 1) if you miss, we want to know because a lot of the activities that we are working into our Pack meetings may cover rank and/or electives and most importantly 2) we want to send you a card and tell you that we missed you and hope to see you soon!  You see, these are going to be awesome Pack meetings that you just will NOT want to miss!!!  Here's a little idea of what is in store:

September - Our first official Pack meeting of the new scouting year.  Welcome back.  Walk right into a uniform inspection.  Each den will have all of their inspection totals averaged.  Highest average picks the first skit sack and so on and so forth.  There will be a title on the outside of the bag but no other contents of the bag will be revealed.  You have to choose based on name alone.  (Yeah, you know how your mother told you not to judge a book by its cover.... you're gonna be doing it!).  After that we will have awards -- (well, if you can CATCH them!)  Then, they will be given a kit and will have one month to work their genius on it to bring back to the October Pack Meeting to show it off!  This is just going to be the first leg on our journey upwards to bigger and better!

October - We are going to have a Halloween Party!  Not just ANY Halloween party but a COSTUME party!  EVERYONE should come in costume!   We are going to have games and relays and races and a costume parade.  Scary good time!

November - We are fortunate in that our Pack meeting falls on Veteran's Day.  Not only are we going to have a campfire at Bear Creek Park like last time.  But we are also going to have a very memorable flag retirement ceremony where our Webelos will be able to be a large portion of that.  We have also reached out to the VFW to be present as well.  It should be VERY special!

December - We are going to have a Christmas pizza party with games and treats... 

January - This Pack meeting is going to set the bar for how the rest of the year must resonate with the boys.,  You see.... we are hosting a CUBANOPOPLIS!!!!! It's a neat word but really, what the heck is that thing we can't pronounce?  It's a car race!  In December we are going to give each scout a box to take home with him.  He will have a month to turn that box into a car!  It can be ANYTHING  It can be a Lightning McQueen or it could be Herbie (I know someone has to know Herbie the love bug still and prove I'm not THAT old!)  I'm farily certain we will have SpongeBob Squarepansts here.  So... more information will be provided later but just know it's going to be  a blast!

February - This Pack Meeting is going to feature the "Minute To Win It" challenges.  They'll have to try them one by one.  And we can't forget that Blue & Gold will be later this month.  

March - The March Pack Meeting Theme is CSI - Cub Scout Investigations.  We will need our super sleuths to get through a laser grid and solve crime to make sure we know what to do to find the missing awards!!!

April - And we are saving the best for last.  You see, this month's Pack meeting is likely the end-all-be-all of Pack meetings.  Our theme?  LEGOS!!

May - We will have our bridging picnic at the H-center again.  Maybe we will have a den competition Dutch Oven Cookoff for best dessert! 

So as you can see... we are going to have TONS OF FUN!!!!

Oh and I completely forgot to mention... the REALLY COOL PATCHES we are going to start instituting into our program!  Attend a Pack event -- you get a patch.  Not just ANY patch, however, it's a segment patch.  Your initial patch will be about a 3" circle and then as you attend events, you'll receive segments that look like this (shown right)  and then by combining those around the provided base patch, your cub scout career is there for everyone to see!  It just grows over your cub scout's career into this (below).

So, as you can tell... we have a LOT in store for you this year!  I hope you stay along for the ride!

Friday, May 16, 2014

Sleeping Bags 101

In the market for a sleeping bag?  Here's a great article on choosing the proper sleeping bag for whatever your needs may be!  

sleeping bags basics

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Day Camp Updates

Be sure you are checking the Day Camp page for all the new and exciting updates on this year's Day Camp!  


Sunday, May 11, 2014

Pack Bridging Picnic

Be sure to check your e-mail (and/or spam folder) for the Sign-up Genius that went out tonight.  We are going to have a great bridging ceremony and cook-out next Sunday but it takes a little help from everyone.  We appreciate everyone for stepping up and helping out!  

And we appreciate you all for helping the Pack "go."  If you have any questions, please contact April or your den leaders.

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all the Akela Moms out there in Pack 1910!  We owe you so much for putting up with the stinky, smoke laden camp out clothes, for the sewing of patches, the finding of lost whatchamacallits, the rides back and forth to den and Pack meetings, the planning, the selling of popcorn and chocolates, the volunteering, the smiles of support, the mentoring, the snacks, the collecting, the leading.  We just couldn't do it without you!  May your day be blessed!

Friday, May 9, 2014

Scout Night at the Rodeo

All local Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts are invited to attend the Mesquite Championship Rodeo's Scout Night Saturday, June 7.  Doors open at 6:30 p.m.  The rodeo starts at 7:30.

Click here for the flyer.

Tickets are $12 each or you may purchase a Group Express which includes a reserved seat, BBQ sandwich, chips and a drink.  To order call Brother Van no later than May 30 at 972-285-8777 x 2041.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

May's Core Value: Health & Fitness

Along with introducing you to this month's theme of Health & Fitness, I would like to also take time to tell you about an initiative directed by the Boy Scouts of America to challenge our Scouts -- the ScoutStrong PALA program.


  • PALA stands for the Presidential Active Lifestyle Award, a program of the President’s Council on Fitness, Sports and Nutrition (PCFSN).  
  • PALA is designed to motivate participants to be physically active on a regular basis by allowing them to participate in activities they enjoy, as well as improving their eating habits. Earning a PALA is definitely doable by anyone at any fitness level. 

What is the SCOUTStrong™ PALA challenge?
In 2011, the Boy Scouts of America aligned with the PCFSN with the shared goal of together promoting good health for America’s youth. The SCOUTStrong™ PALA Challenge, a Scout-specific PALA challenge, is one of the results of this alliance.

Who Can Participate in the SCOUTStrong™ PALA Challenge?
This challenge is for anyone, from students to seniors, but it’s geared towards everyone associated with Scouting from Cub Scouts to parents and just about anyone in between.

How Does the SCOUTStrong™ PALA Challenge Work?

  • To earn the SCOUTStrong™ PALA Challenge award, a participant is required to meet a daily activity goal of 30 minutes per day for adults and 60 minutes a day for kids under 18 for at least five days a week, for a total of six weeks. Participants can take up to eight weeks to complete the program.
  • The participants pick their activities and strive to reach their goals, logging their physical activity along the way. 
  • More than 100 indoor and outdoor activities count toward the daily requirement, including walking, running, aerobics, gardening, and canoeing, as long as major muscle groups are engaged at a moderate to vigorous activity level.
  • Also, each week the participants will focus on a healthy eating goal. Each week participants should add a new goal while continuing with their previous goals.
  1. Make ½ your plate fruits and vegetables.
  2. Choose lean sources of protein.
  3. Consume more whole grains.
  4. Consume less salt.
  5. Choose low- or no-fat dairy.
  6. Eat more seafood.
  7. Drink water instead of sugary drinks.
  8. Eat smaller portions.

Starting the SCOUTStrong™ PALA Challenge will help participants:

  • Commit to daily physical activity—and stick with it.
  • Commit to making healthier food choices—one goal at a time.
  • Set realistic goals to encourage fitness and healthy eating habits for a lifetime.
  • Track their progress with either a paper Personal Activity Log (PDF) or by accessing the Online Activity Tracker after creating an individual account.

How do I get started with the SCOUTStrong™ PALA Challenge?
Participants can enroll and track their progress either online with a free Online Activity Tracker or on a paper
Active Lifestyle Activity Log.


  • Begin by visiting 
  • Use the appropriate dropdown menu to pick the state that the council/organization he or she wants to be affiliated with is located in.
  • Use the appropriate dropdown menu to pick the council/organization with which he or she wants to be affiliated.
  • The participant should now be at the PALA page of the affiliated council/organization. They should click CREATE AN ACCOUNT.
  • Complete the required fields and click REGISTER.
  • Participants will now arrive on their activity tracker home page, which they will see each time they log into their account. From this screen, they can track their activities, join a group, see their award progress, and adjust their account preferences. 
  • Upon completion of the six-week program, participants will receive a congratulatory email from the President’s Challenge. Participants should print and submit this email to their Scout leader.