Sunday, December 1, 2019

Committee / Parent Meeting TOMORROW


The Pack Committee helps ensure that our Cub Scouts are offered fun-filled and meaningful events through the year.

Parents are encouraged to attend and help enrich and strengthen our Pack. Topics include upcoming pack meeting plans, assignments for the next month and upcoming large-scale activities.

RSVP on Scoutbook and just show up! The link to the meeting agenda will be posted in the Comments field below the event on the ScoutBook calendar. We ask that you please print your own (no wasted paper) and any attachments.

The meeting is at 7pm at the Scout House on MONDAY, DECEMBER 2. We will be reviewing the December Pack Meeting agenda, following up on our community service plans and finalizing CUB-O plans!

Thursday, November 28, 2019

Happy Thanksgiving

As families come together near and far to celebrate with food and fellowship while counting their many blessings, we would like to take this opportunity, too, to wish our Pack 1910 family a Happy Thanksgiving.

The first Thanksgiving was a celebration of the culmination of a successful partnership and harvest between different groups of people and was a further testimony that people of all creeds can live in harmony.

So, this Thanksgiving, we give thanks to children of all beliefs who have joined into the brotherhood of Scouting for the purpose of the greater good. We are united in a common purpose to be a different breed of person... the leaders of the future.

Thankful are we for the opportunities presented to us through the Scouting movement and the ability to serve our chartered organization, our community, our family, our unit and our country.

Thankful are we for the opportunity to Do A Good Turn Daily by acts of selfless service to those in our family, school and community.

Thankful are we for the blessings of leaders and volunteers who give of their time and their many talents to lead these boys with purpose.

Thankful are we for the bright-eyed enthusiasm as we witness young men take on greater responsibilities and meet challenges they didn't know they could overcome.

Thankful are we for the freedom afforded to all Americans and for those who are willing to fight for it... whatever the cost.

Thankful are we to not get everything we want, but to continue to be grateful for what we have.

Thankful are we for the partnership with nature and the outdoors as we learn to live in harmony with our earth and protect it for the generations that will follow.

Thankful are we for the gift of a merciful and gracious God that hears our prayers. Oh great Scoutmaster of all, please be with all of our Pack families until we can join together again.

Until that time... Happy Thanksgiving one and all!

Monday, November 18, 2019

Recharter Time!

It’s time again to recharter our Pack with the Boy Scouts of America (BSA). As part of this process, each Scout and leader must register for the upcoming year (which includes payment of registration dues and ensuring your Health Form (Part A and B) is current). While our Pack operates on a SCHOOL calendar of June - May, registration dues for everyone are paid on a January-December basis.

Recharter dues for returning scouts for 2020 are:
$150 with Boys' Life magazine; or 
$138 without Boys' Life magazine  

Leaders are $51 and require a new Background Authorization Form


1) National Dues - This fee is paid directly to the Boy Scouts of America and registers your Cub Scout for the period January through December. The annual National Dues were raised this year which is why we hadn't announced recharter amounts until now. Youth fees are $60, paid annually, prorated monthly ($5 per month) from month of joining.

2) Longhorn Council Fee - This $15 fee is paid directly to the Longhorn Council for the period of January through December. The annual Longhorn Council Fees is paid annually, prorated monthly ($1.25 per month) from the month of joining.

3) Boys' Life Magazine - $12 per Scout, prorated monthly ($1 per month). Boys' Life is the monthly magazine for the Boy Scouts of America. It’s a fantastic read that reinforces Scouting and the good family values that are part of our program. This is now optional.

4) Pack Fees - $63 (about $5 per month) The Pack charges an annual Pack Fee to help cover the cost of running the Pack. This fee includes all program costs and is set each year by the Pack Committee. At the very basic level, this covers your scout's rank specific handbook, neckerchief slide and neckerchief at bridging each May so that he may start his new journey off prepared as well as all of his advancement, awards, badges, patches, pins, adventure loops, hiking awards, ceremony supplies, and the like. As you can see, there is great deal of tangible goods that each scout receives annually just for doing what they do! This doesn't even begin to cover the other costs... just what our BOYS receive.

Thus, we rely heavily on fundraising to ensure an awesome program for our youth. Simply stated, our Pack is POWERED BY POPCORN!

Which is why I am so excited to tell you that all current Cub Scouts who are rechartering for 2020 will receive a $50 membership CREDIT on their dues from this year's fundraising success! That makes dues for youth only $100 for 2020 with Boy's Life Magazine or $88 without the subscription.

Membership renewal commitments are due no later than DECEMBER 1.

Our charter expires December 31 and there is a GREAT DEAL of paper chasing to take place before then. 
PLEASE do not make me chase yours for filing.

Say it with me now... ya didn't file your paperwork... 

Checks should be made payable to Pack 1910. If you would like to pay via credit card, that can be done through Paypal. A PayPal button for payments will be set up today. Be sure you are choosing the correct membership fee structure from our Payment Page as there are buttons for RECHARTER of current members, NEW members, as well as TRANSFERS. Choose wisely.  If you choose to utilize PayPal, the processing fees are passed onto you rounded up to the nearest $0.25.

Without registration commitments, we cannot recharter you (as a registered leader) your Scout. Awards and rank cannot be recorded for unregistered Scouts.

While we try to streamline this as much as process, there IS paper involved -- we need a new health form for anyone that hasn't submitted one within the last year. We need completed YPT certificates for all parents with their Scouts if you have not supplied those via e-mail.  All leaders must be trained for their positions prior to recharter. All registered leaders must complete the new background authorization form. Do NOT email those to me. Those need to be original signed documents, not scanned copies.

Thank you for your assistance in making this as painless and streamlined of a process as possible. I appreciate everyone's prompt attention to this matter. If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to contact April Driggers.

Saturday, November 9, 2019


Projected wind speeds tomorrow are beyond the cap we are permitted for a safe launch so our rocket launch will be postponed.  We are already working on a new date!

Monday, November 4, 2019

Have a BLAST with us November 10!

The time is NOW to build your rockets so that you can join us for our annual launch Sunday, November 10. Weather permitting, we will be meeting at the KYA Soccer Fields (behind Blue Sky) at 2:30 pm.  Look for the Pack banner.

Our MC and host for the event, DARS (Dallas Area Rocket Society), has suggested that the only rockets we use should be those requiring a 1/4A, 1/2A and A motors (B at most) with streamers / not parachutes. These won't go quite as high, but we also shouldn't lose as many!

We have rocket kits for your scouts to pick up and build!  Contact April Driggers to get yours today.  If you wish to build your own, however, feel free!  Be sure if you use the kit, you put distinguishing marks on it so that you can identify which one is yours since we will launch rockets in succession and if they all look the same, it's difficult to know which belongs to whom.

For the rocket launch you will need to bring your fully assembled rocketadditional motorspins and extra wadding. DARS will provide the launch pads and electrical igniter. You do NOT need to bring a launch rod or blast shield. If one comes with your kit, just leave it at home.

Estes rockets suggests something similar to either a Wizard or a Firestreak SST for launching. The major difference is that with the Wizard, the boys will have to measure, mark and glue the parts together to assemble the rocket and the Firestreak is molded from plastic and simply snaps together (requires no gluing).

Rocketry may be new to your family and seem somewhat impossible... please don't be intimidated because it is a LOT OF FUN! Hobby Lobby sells rocket kits and you can use an app or download a 40% off coupon as well. The kits come in a variety of levels of difficulty to assemble. Some are "RTF" (Ready To Fly), "ARF" (Almost Ready to FLY), "E2X" (Easy to Assemble) and so on.

Also to note, when we speak of "motors" or "engines," we are talking about these guys (pictured below). Packaged, these engines come complete with an igniter and pin for each. So, don't lose the little plastic pieces or the two pronged igniter. Please be sure to PURCHASE THEM as kits do not include engines since many rockets can be launched by several different engine sizes. Approved Estes engines for our launch are are A8-3, B6-2. If you want to buy Quest engines, we have a list of those as well. Please note, however, that the C size engines are beyond what the Fire Marshal wants us to utilize so stick with B and smaller.

Here is a little diagram that will help identify what all the parts are for if you're not familiar with model rockets.

Pictured below is the "recovery wadding."  You'll need a package to put in your rocket for any additional launches.

I warn you, however, rocketry can be quite exhilarating! Bring those cameras....and visit the DARS website for more information on their next public launch. They have some launches where they shoot off the BIG DOGS! It's definitely an amazing sight to behold.

As with all Pack events, this is open to siblings. So if brothers / sisters want to launch, they can bring their own rockets, too!

So.... get those rockets built!  Let's have a blast together.

Sunday, November 3, 2019


I heard some Scouts will have earned their POLAR BEAR PATCHES after this campout!  Glad you were able to BEAR the weather! 

Thursday, October 17, 2019

Special Announcement

We interrupt your evening for a special announcement...

... it has been decided that the chosen theme for this year is...  drumroll please...

The February 2020 Blue & Gold Theme Is

A M E R I C A N    H E R O E S

we will be honoring all 5 military branches with special themed decor and contests

Great choice by our Arrow of Light Den!  Den Leaders, stay tuned for more den specific information.

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Every Scout Deserves A Well-Trained Leader!

Every Scout deserves a well-trained leader!

The Longhorn Council will give you the tools to “do your best” to deliver a FUN and exciting program to our Cub Scouts. Both the Longhorn Council and our Mustang District Training Team offers a range of National BSA training courses to help make your job easier and more FUN.

If you are new to Scouting, new in a particular Scouting job, or perhaps you want to step up to offer assistance in a supporting role, position-specific training courses are offered for you to learn the basics of your new position. If you are a seasoned veteran, there are a variety of advanced training programs.

Saturday, November 16 is the University of Scouting. If you haven't registered, there is still time to pick your courses and make a day of it. If you can't attend this year, know that we hold it EVERY YEAR! Registration is $20.   (There are a few courses that have supplemental fees such as CPR, see the course guide for more info on that.)

Online registration will close at 7am Tuesday, November 12, 2019.

Walk-in registrations are allowed at a higher price point ($30) but think of the logistical nightmare for your volunteers who are teaching... they're busy preparing materials, handouts and such.  The courtesy of an advance registration allows them to do their job and ensure enough materials are available for those in attendance. It's just kind. A Scout is kind. Register in advance.

Check in is from 8a-9a

Classes begin at 9a and last until 12p

Lunch is from 12p-1p at the TCC cafeteria (not included in registration. You may bring your own or buy something there)

Afternoon classes are 1p-4p

Closing ceremony

Alternatively (or additionally), please be sure to check out the online courses at From there you will be taken to a portal to create an account and password (the same one you used for Youth Protection Training). At that point, you can tap into the wide array of available online training courses. Leaders, please be sure you are trained for your specific position within the pack by December 1 so that we have NO issues with recharter.

Thursday, October 10, 2019

Ten Things

The Utah Parks Council published an article a while back but I wanted to share part of it with you because... well, it's so true and it's great information to keep in your forethought when you're getting into the program.

Whether you grew up in the Scouting program, or are completely new to the idea of the Boy Scouts of America, know that you don't have to come from a Scouting background to be a great Scouting leader -- you simply have to believe in the program and have a desire to make a positive influence on the youth that surround you -- including your own!

So, that being said, here are 10 things all parents should know about cub scouts

1) Cub Scouts is amazing, and the program encourages moral choices and behavior. The more you learn, the more you’ll like it.

2) Cub Scouts requires resources: time, people, money. It requires more than a meeting... Scouts need uniforms, handbooks, etc. Scouts also meet more frequently the higher the ranking in the program.

3) If the program isn’t run well, it’s just a pain and won’t accomplish its purposes. It takes PEOPLE, however, to make that happen! By the way, that means YOU!

4) Den leaders are crucial to the success of Cub Scouts. This is an important calling. Scouts want leaders who inspire, prepare, and are fun.

5) Cub Scouts is fun! Fun is so important! Cubs are young and active, and Scouting shouldn’t just be like school. LEARN BY DOING!

6) Faith in God and Cub Scouts are not mutually exclusive. The two programs go hand-in-hand, so remember to connect them.

7) Training for leaders and two-deep leadership is not optional. Training teaches leaders, and two-deep leadership protects leaders and youth. Every Scout deserves a well-trained leader!

8) Den meeting is for working on advancement, not just goofing around so parents can do the work at home. Even though they should have fun, they should be working towards goals and learning (learning can be fun too).

9) That being said, no Scout will ever advance without the support of their family. They need you!

10) A well functioning Cub Scout Pack leads to experienced, confident, excited 5th graders who love Scouting... and who move onto Boy Scouts to continue to discover their leadership skills and potential.

From school to work to home to sports to youth to scouts, we get that you are swamped with responsibilities, but helping to keep your eyes on the purposes of the program and knowing that a plan is in place for you to follow will help make it a success for everyone!

Monday, October 7, 2019

Pack Meeting Tomorrow

Don't forget to join us for our October Pack Meeting TOMORROW night at the Keller UMC's Family Life Center.
It's our Camp-a-ganza!

Tuesday, October 8
6:30 pm
Full field uniform

Sunday, October 6, 2019

Committee / Parent Meeting TOMORROW!


The Pack Committee helps ensure that our Cub Scouts are offered fun-filled and meaningful events through the year.

Parents are encouraged to attend and help enrich and strengthen our Pack. Topics include upcoming pack meeting plans, assignments for the next month and upcoming large-scale activities.

RSVP on Scoutbook and just show up! The link to the meeting agenda will be posted in the Comments field below the event on the ScoutBook calendar. We ask that you please print your own (no wasted paper) and any attachments.

The meeting is at 7pm at your Committee Chair's house on MONDAY, OCTOBER 7. See Scoutbook for the address. We will be reviewing the October Pack Meeting agenda, finalizing our November campout and more!

Friday, October 4, 2019

October is Cyber Safety Month

Long gone are the days of the "be home before the sun goes down" kind of parenting that a lot of us grew up with. Unfortunately, however, the more kids are inside, the more inclined they are to engage in some kind of online, electronic activity. I'm sure we've all seen news reports about cyber bullying, online security, location services on devices, geotagging of photos and social networking predators. It would be nice to think these topics won't impact our youth, but we need to be proactive and realize that we are in the thick of it! We must protect them.

Crazy fact - did you know that over 5 MILLION Facebook users are actually kids under the age of 10 even though the age limit to even have an account is 13?

If you have a pulse, you've likely heard of.... Minecraft or Roblox or even Fortnight. I know many Scouts absolutely LOVE watching YouTube videos that have to do with these gaming platforms. However, if you think for a second that they should watch these unsupervised, you're in for a shock. Unless you disconnect the chat feature, it's a perfect tool for a predator to groom your child. Predators use clickbait to lure victims to watch material that is anything but age appropriate for Cub Scouts or adults for that matter!  FortNight and Roblox have both been exposed time and time again for being a candystore for predators.

More and more children have their own electronic devices allowing them even greater access to a whole world that is not the most friendly to the eyes, heart and especially to the spirit and character of our children.

With the electronic world aimed against us, how can parents teach our children internet safety principles?

In partnership with NetSmartz®, the Boy Scouts of America developed the Cyber Chip program. Along the same lines of how the Whittling Chip is designed to teach the boys pocketknife safety, the Cyber Chip is designed to teach them internet safety. There are BSA Cyber Chip requirements for boys in grades 1-3, grades 4-5 so your Cub Scouts are covered! In fact, there are programs available from grades 1 - 12! Even if your children aren’t in Cub Scouts, you can still take advantage of NetSmartz’s awesome programming.

Each Cyber Chip level covers topics such as cyber bullying, cell phone use, texting, blogging, gaming and identity theft. To earn the Cyber Chip, Cub Scouts sign an Internet Safety Pledge, watch an age-appropriate online video and share what they’ve learned with their den or den leader. Older boys complete additional activities.

Once they present their completion certificate to their den leaders, they will earn their Cyber Chip which is a temporary patch to be worn on their uniform. (It's pictured at the top of this post.)

The Cyber Chip expires annually. Scouts are required to “recharge” the chip each year by returning to the NetSmartz® website for their grade and completing the recharge requirements (at the bottom for their required grade). Grades 1-3 have their own experience, Grades 4-5 have another, 6-8 have another and grades 9-12 have their own as well. This keeps the information relevant and age appropriate. Upon this completion, they'll be presented with a recharged pin to wear on their patch.

It is definitely hard to navigate these waters, but we have a responsibility to keep our kids safe and we can only do that by first educating ourselves. By encouraging our kids to participate in programs like the Cyber Chip, we are taking steps to ensure they are equipped with the tools to keep them and their friends and siblings safe.

If your Scout has already completed his/her Cyber Chip and you want to mix it up a little, there's a new award called the Protect Yourself Rules Adventure Loop. This can either be earned as an elective or in place of the Cyber Chip for one year.    You can read all about this new adventure loop for our program and all of the requirements RIGHT HERE.

Cyber safety -- it's all of our jobs! It’s never too early to begin talking about it with your children. Start your conversation today and help them earn this awesome temporary patch that can be worn with their uniform -- the Cyber Chip, their recharter pin OR the new adventure loop!

Tuesday, October 1, 2019


At Pack 1910, we LOVE to celebrate advancements and we are encouraging ALL of our new Cub Scouts to have their Bobcat requirements MET no later than October 25 so that we can have a SPECIAL CEREMONY at our November Camp Out to celebrate YOU! 

As a reminder, the Bobcat is the first rank any new Cub Scout can earn.  It's in the front of every handbook for easy reference, too.

They'll need to know:

Scout Oath

Scout Law

Cub Scout Motto

Cub Scout Handshake

Cub Scout Sign

Cub Scout Salute

...and parents, you have to review and complete the little detachable pamphlet in the front of their handbooks and mark that you've done so in Scoutbook.

Popcorn Update

We are in the FINAL THREE WEEKS of popcorn sales and we need YOU TO KEEP SELLING!

As we have stated, this is the primary fundraiser for Pack 1910 and we have recently learned that the success of this effort will have an even bigger impact our unit and your investment in Scouting than we initially thought -- be watching your e-mail for more information on this.

As a reminder, here are a few highlights of what is AWESOME for this year’s sale:

PRIZES – this year all of the prizes are Amazon gift cards!  Get what your Scouts need and want for Scouting!  You could get a backpack, new hiking books, a hiking pole, a new sleeping bag, your own ultra light camping chair... or that pack of Pokemon cards he's been wanting.

ONLINE SALES – improved program! Much quicker for a Scout to set up for easy Online Sales for family and friends – no worries about collecting payment or delivering the product with online sales. Shipping is FREE.

MILITARY DONATIONS – A great way for someone to support our active duty military and support Scouting even if they cannot eat popcorn, or do not wish to buy any.

$2500 SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM – Trail’s End continues to sponsor this program whereby Scouts who sell at $2500 or more establish a scholarship fund of 6% of their sales and will grow with 6% of every sale from that time forward increasing into a meaningful fund that can be used for post high school study, such as college, trade school or church mission.

TEXANS LOVE SCOUTING! – Texans have a heart for Scouting and the majority will support Scouts and purchase popcorn if asked. We know families that get behind this sale will raise enough money to pay for all, or most, of their year of Scouting. Scouts can earn their way for a great year of Scouting, grow in confidence, have fun, and get some great prizes along the way. Don’t just ask them to buy popcorn – rather, ask them to help you fund your Scouting Adventure!

So... please keep selling!  Watch your Scoutbook calendar for deadlines, updates and turn in information for orders and funds.

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Pack Meeting TONIGHT

Pack Meeting TONIGHT.  Arrive by 6:30 pm in the Family Life Center.  6:15 pm if you want to participate in the gathering activity.  See you there!

Saturday, September 7, 2019

Committee / Parent Meeting Tomorrow!


The Pack Committee helps ensure that our Cub Scouts are offered fun-filled and meaningful events through the year.

Parents are encouraged to attend and help enrich and strengthen our Pack. Topics include upcoming pack meeting plans, assignments for the next month and upcoming large-scale activities.

RSVP on Scoutbook and just show up! The link to the meeting agenda will be posted in the Comments field below the event on the ScoutBook calendar. We ask that you please print your own (no wasted paper) and any attachments.

The meeting is at 7pm at the Scout House on SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 8. We will be finalizing the September Pack Meeting agenda, setting the major framework for the October Pack Meeting and setting up the beginnings of our November campout and more.

Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Last Call for Fossil Rim

We have been given a deadline extension to add ANY FAMILIES who want to attend our Fossil Rim safari overnighter!  RSVP and payments need to be made by SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 8.

Fossil Rim Wildlife Center is nestled amidst the live oak thickets, limestone outcroppings, and stands of juniper in the rustic hills of Somervell County. It's a sanctuary for endangered species. Their goal is promoting the preservation and procreation of threatened/endangered species, environmental awareness, and to provide a recreational and educational experience for people of all ages.

We will check in Saturday morning, September 21, into climate-controlled cabins and then enjoy a full program of activities.

Lunch, dinner, a campfire program, three educational experiences are included on Saturday along with breakfast and a safari tour the next morning before the park opens are all included with your payment. Credit cards are accepted but will incur a service charge.

You'll need to register VIA THIS LINK by Sunday, September 8.  Payments can be made via our payment page using PayPal or you can deliver a check to our treasurer, Todd Tronson.

Monday, September 2, 2019

Sleepover With America's Team

Save the date for the 2019 Scout Sleepover opportunity offered by America's Team. The greatest scout sleepover will be October 4. Don’t miss out on a night to remember on the field of our hometown team, the Dallas Cowboys! Every Scout and their family is welcome to come out and participate! Yes, the entire family can come!

The registration form (pictured above) can be found HERE.

• Free Parking •

• Giveaways •

• Dinner and Breakfast •

• Field Activities •

• Movie on Big Screen with Popcorn •

• Camping Out on the Field •

• Patch •


Access to the Dallas Cowboy Rally Day event which will be held the following morning is available for $12 per person. Rally days are a fan fest at the stadium on Saturdays before the game. They have activities on the field, pictures and autographs with Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders, Dallas Cowboys Alumni appearances and autograph opportunities. Typically these tickets are $35 a person, but for Scout Sleepover attendees, admission will be offered for $12.

If I have a parent who wants to coordinate, we can see about getting a group discount for the pack.  Otherwise, this is NOT coordinated at the Pack level, merely passed onto you as an opportunity for you to participate because of your involvement in Scouting! 

Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Summertime Achievement Awards

...that by joining us for one Pack event a month this summer, your scout is eligible for the National Summertime Achievement Pin? These are rank specific, color-coordinated, very cool pins which are placed on the scout uniform to show off their involvement all summer long!

Can't remember what all we did this summer? Check out the list below and let our Awards Chair, Ryan Hayes, know if your Scout earned this award!

District Day Camp
Stargazing Party
Bowling at Bowlero
Resident Camp

Resident Camp
Bike Parade
Stargazing Party
Burger's Lake

Popcorn Convention

If your scout attended Resident Camp or a District Day Camp, your son has completed one of the components for his Outdoor Achievement Award pictured below.  It's a pocket flap patch!

Deadline for entry is SEPTEMBER 3 so they can be presented at the September Pack Meeting. Otherwise, they'll be presented in October.