Friday, November 16, 2018

December Pizza Party Pack Meeting

It's hard to believe but it's time to start thinking about CHRISTMAS already! But hey when there are...

we've gotta do what we've gotta do!

As usual we have a fantastic evening planned for all our Pack families. This year, we are having a Christmas Pizza Party Pack Meeting

Oh yes, FOOD glorious FOOD! NO rushing to try to feed the family before the Pack Meeting.  What can you do to help? Well, I'm so glad you asked!

  • Be sure to RSVP on Scoutbook so we know how many to expect.  
  • PAY via cash, check or PayPal
  • SAVE THE DATE on your calendar!
  • SHOP for the hat/glove/scarf drive and go through your coat closet to donate any new/used coats too!
  • We will also be doing a SOCK IT TO ME "snowball" war! So, bring a package of NEW solid white socks.

Like a good Scout, BE PREPARED for a holly, jolly, merry good time!
Find and wear your most festive hat! (Parents, Scouts and siblings!!)

The pack will have plates, paper goods and, of course, all the entertainment.

Don't forget this is also the deadline to register for CUB-O that takes place in January.

Thursday, November 15, 2018

It's Time To Recharter!

It’s time again to recharter our Pack with the Boy Scouts of America (BSA).  As part of this process, each Scout and leader must register for the upcoming year (this includes payment of registration dues and ensuring your Health Form (part A & B) is current). While our Pack operates on a SCHOOL calendar of June - May, registration dues for everyone are paid on a January-December basis.

Recharter dues for returning scouts is $120 ($10 per month)
Leaders are $35.50 each


1) National Dues – this fee is paid directly to the Boy Scouts of America and registers your Cub Scout for the period January through December. The annual National Dues are $35.50 ($33 registration fee plus $2.50 for accident insurance) per Cub Scout. 

2) Boys’ Life Fee – Boys' Life is the monthly magazine for the Boy Scouts of America. It’s a fantastic read that reinforces Scouting and the good family values that are part of our program. While registration for Boys’ Life is optional, we feel that the content is so important and relevant, we choose to make this part of your registration payment. Therefore, we incorporate that fee into the dues as well. For more information, visit: Boy's Life is $1 per month, so $12 annually, per Scout.

3) Pack Fee – $72.50 (about $6 per month) The Pack charges an annual Pack Fee to help cover the cost of running the Pack. This fee includes all program costs and is set each year by the Pack Committee. At the very basic level, this covers your scout's rank specific handbook ($13) provided at joining, the rank specific neckerchief ($10) and corresponding slide ($6) as well along with a Pack T-shirt ($11). It also cover the rank specific neckerchief ($10), handbook ($13) and slide ($6) for their NEXT rank which they receive at the graduation ceremony in May. It also includes all awards, badges, patches, pins, Webelos activity badges, adventure loops, as well as a pinewood derby car kit, a rain gutter regatta kit, the Pack 1910 unit patches for their uniform ($6) and the Pack 1910 brag vest patch ($6) as well as all patches for participation along with all of the materials associated with monthly Pack meetings/ceremonies/activities. As you can see, there is great deal of tangible goods that each scout receives annually just for doing what they do! This doesn't even cover the other costs... just what our BOYS receive.

Thus, we rely heavily on fundraising to ensure an awesome program for our youth. Simply stated, Popcorn sales fuels Cub Scouts.

Membership renewals are due no later than November 28 as they MUST be submitted prior to 12/1 or we will incur an additional $15 PER REGISTRANT FEE. 

Checks should be made payable to Pack 1910. If you would like to pay via credit card, that can be done as well through Paypal. For your convenience, we have set up a Payments page on our blog to enable parents to utilize PayPal. Be sure you are choosing the correct membership fee structure as there are lists for RECHARTER of current members, NEW members, as well as TRANSFERS. Choose wisely.

Without registration payment commitments, we cannot recharter your Scout. Awards and rank cannot be recorded for unregistered Scouts.

Remember, the fun things we do at the Pack meetings, the prizes, awards, rank insignia, handbooks, patches and all that the pack provides is funded only by dues and fundraisers. We budget and rely on that commitment from every family each year.

While we try to streamline this as much as process, there IS paper involved -- we need a new health form for anyone that hasn't submitted one within the last year. 

Thank you for your assistance in making this as painless and streamlined of a process as possible. I appreciate everyone's prompt attention to this matter.  If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to contact Amber Walker, Membership Chair.

Adopt - A - Street Clean Up Saturday!

Pack 1910 has partnered with the City of Keller's Adopt-A-Street Program so that we have our own designated stretch of road to pick up which will help keep our city clean and beautiful!

We are responsible for the one-mile stretch of Johnson Road between Chandler and Pearson.


All of us working together makes it easy to do our part to continue to...
As a bonus, by participating in this community service event, many of our scouts will earn needed requirement components for their rank advancement.

As always, we will all park on GREENBRIAR. Plan to meet at 9:45 am (this is a residential street located off of Johnson Road.) Chase Muery, Webelos Den Leader and Matthew Strong, Assistant Webelos Den Leader, will be on hand to take attendance, distribute vests, gloves and ensure we all are on the same safety plan.

There IS poison ivy on the SOUTH SIDE of Johnson Road. This is why we need youth to NOT pass the point or be too far behind the kaboose. We want to show them what it looks like. As such, all participants are asked to wear CLOSED TOE SHOES and WORK GLOVES (if you have them). If you can bring a few extra large black trash bags, that would be quite helpful.

This is an all-hands-on-deck event. Families are welcome but please be mindful that the younger siblings that require constant eyes or one-on-one supervision should probably sit this one out. Our pick up road is Johnson Road and there are no sidewalks. The more that come, the faster it goes but it's a great way to show our support for our city and to do our part to help where others have forgotten to Leave No Trace.

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Pack Meeting TONIGHT

Tonight is our November Pack Meeting!  We can't wait to see you at 6:30 pm at the Family Life Center.

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

It's Almost Time To Camp!

Pack families! It's almost time to camp. Be watching your e-mail on WEDNESDAY for all the info on this weekend's campout. But until then, please check out these prior posts on some of the general information for Pack family camping!

Registrations Forms ARE REQUIRED - ONE PER FAMILY and must be signed by all adults who attend. 

Everyone attending *has* to have a health form ON FILE.

EVERY adult attending HAS to have taken Youth Protection Training and we need a copy of your card. Don't know what I'm talking about? Create an account at and take the new YPT training today!

More information on duty roster, menu, parking, etc. will be communicated WEDNESDAY (that's the day we email out everything).

Please print your registration form (link above) and email it to April IMMEDIATELY. THEY ARE PAST DUE. Or, please coordinate with Christopher Mahanna (lives in NW Keller) or April Driggers (lives in SE Keller) for whichever location is more convenient for you to drop it off.
Let me know how to expect payment. Papal,check or cash.

All adults participating need to have read Page 2 and EACH need to have signed the registration form on Page 3 to indicate that they HAVE read and will abide by those rules.

A Paypal option is available if you choose to use that for payment or you may write a check at the Pack meeting.

Don't forget that lunches on SATURDAY will be coordinated at the DEN level. An email went out October 11 from your Cubmaster regarding "Camp out - Quartermaster duties" so search for that communication.

Thank you!

We have LOTS of kiddos on this list that have clicked "YES" but we have no forms on file nor record of payment. Payment needs to be made in advance. That's to purchase the food.

And for those wondering just what to bring.... here is an easy list you can modify for your own personal needs/wants.


Your Cub Scout uniform is required for the overnighter. Sturdy shoes, suitable for ourdoor activities (meaning... with TREAD) will be useful. If your Scout has earned his Whittling Chip, he may bring his pocket knife. The following is a list of suggested equipment that may be useful on the campout.


Tent (should come with stakes and guylines)
Plastic mallet (I keep this in my tent bag)
Tent footprint (this is a tarp to place beneath your tent to protect it from rocks, cactus, etc.)
Sleeping pad (unless you're okay with the ground) or air mattress (check the batteries on your pump -- we usually do not have electricity at camps. I've seen people use those cheap blow-up pool floats for their kids... they're quick, easy and if you pop a hole in them, no love lost as they're easily replaceable)
Cot (you won't want to use this in cold weather as the air circulating beneath you will make you colder)
Sleeping bags (with liners if it's chilly)
Extra blankets to keep in the car (just in case)
Pillow (though you can use your sweatshirt as a pillow as well to minimize your packing list)
One folding chair per person
Pop up shade
Folding table (though your cooler may work in a pinch)
Lantern / fuel
small dustpan and brush (I love having this in my tote to help clean up all the leaves, dirt and debris tracked into the tent)

I like to keep a small tackle box prepped with various items that someone always seems to need including:

Multi-tool or knife
Glow sticks
Batteries (for flashlight or headlamp)
Duct tape (it fixes everything)
safety pins

Daypacks (to carry your gear for the day -- lightweight backpacks)
Headlamp (I find these are much better to use than flashlights because they keep your hands free)

The best motto here is BE PREPARED. I always keep an extra change of clothing in a bag in the car WITH socks and shoes that we hope to just put away at home when we return. However, if there is a surprise downpour, a slip and fall in the mud or a spill, we are prepared. Happy kids = happy parents = great campout! Your weather forecast IS YOUR FRIEND. Be sure to check it the day before you pack and then check the morning before you leave.

long sleeved shirts (moisture wicking is great, flannel is great - these are great to protect from the sun, bugs and to take the morning chill off)
sun-shielding hat
Bandana (these are handy for just about everything including makeshift first-aid)
Close-toed shoes suited for the terrain (NO open toed shoes, flip flops or sandals)
Rainwear (a poncho in the daypack can be a lifesaver!)
Weather appropriate change of clothes (could be cold weather / could be shorts)

toilet paper
insect repellent
hand sanitizer
First aid kit
Toothbrush/toiletry kit
Soap/washcloth (I like to take a small bar of soap OR cut up a large bar of soap into quarters and put it in a zip loc bag with the soap. Use that to wash your face, wring it out and put it back in the ziploc.
Deodorant (please! ha!)

Fishing gear (and license if over age of 17)
solar phone charger
maps/guidebooks/local bird or wildlife field guide
decks of cards
walkie talkies
balls (soccer, football -- nerf is best, baseball/glove)
Hacky sack

Monday, October 29, 2018

Take The Pledge to Campout and WIN!

Are you joining us for our November campout?  Well, TAKE THE PLEDGE NOW so you're entered to win!

Take the pledge to Campout in 2018 and your pledge will be entered to win great camping-themed prizes!

One Grand-Prize Winner will win a Keystone Springdale Mini 1800 RV for their upcoming camping adventures.  The First Runner-Up Winner will receive a one-week stay at a Jellystone Park of their choice, along with $750 in gift cards.

We will take nothing but memories.  We will leave nothing but footprints.

Enter to win HERE.  The deadline is WEDNESDAY! 

This is not affiliated with the Boy Scouts of America or Pack 1910.  This is through the National Wildlife Federation. You can find out all about it HERE.

Friday, October 26, 2018

And Update And A THANK YOU!

Thank you! Thank you 1,000 times over for sharing, donating and reaching out! Our hearts are so abundantly overflowing... to the point of tears... first from shock, then from sadness... then from humility as this experience has been such a ride in the last week. Six Flags has nothing on the roller coaster of emotions we've felt.

Anyone who is a part of scouting knows that you join with the expectation of an excellent program for youth. Many of us had never been in Scouting before but had an idea of scouting pictured in our mind. You think of honor, citizenship, self reliance, leadership... you think boys living out the character traits of the Scout Law. You THINK of CAMPING! The idea that someone tried to steal our outdoor program from these kids was heartbreaking and for people to reach out telling us that THEY won't let that happen has made us even more committed to the program for our youth. I know that I can easily speak for all of the leadership in our Unit that it's truly an honor to serve our families... and our community. This program is for the Scouts. Always has been. Always will be!

We are working hard to reply to every question, comment and donation information request specifically and individually. Compiling the information with approximate valuations is a tedious process as what we paid might not be the true replacement cost so we are trying to assess what that amount is actually going to be while being frugal because we all know that a Scout is Thrifty.

We are having to sort through some photos of events to understand just what items actually were included in the loss that we hadn't thought of -- our Scout Sunday books... all of the items we have had for our Blue & Gold banquet... all of the different supplies we had for our monthly pack meetings. These were just in totes that we would grab but not necessarily itemized. We are trying to itemize those for full disclosure of the loss. All while still being parents with busy schedules and jobs, etc. So please know that we are working to channel all of that information to you!

Our Committee Chair, April Driggers, will be our point of contact for information and donations so that we can maintain a level of consistency and transparency that our membership has come to expect. This will be no different. Updates will be shared here and on our Facebook page.

We can't wait to share all of the great news with our Pack!

And we simply wanted to reach out and tell you.... thank you. From the bottom of our hearts... thank you for believing our Unit enough to comment, share, donate and reach out. Scouting is alive and well in Keller, Texas and we will have fantastic November campout thanks to you!!!

Yours in Scouting,

April Wesson Driggers, Committee Chair
Christopher Mahanna, Cubmaster
Chris Warren, Assistant Cubmaster

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Victims of Theft

Edited 10/27/2018 at 10:46 pm

We are removing the donate button from this post which was linked and shared many times as we have felt the generosity, love, thoughts and prayers given to our Unit during our time of need.  We have been abundantly blessed and we want to ensure that we are being good stewards of the gifts received. Anything else that may be posted to our account from this day forward, we will use to create scholarship accounts to help pay for youth who want to join scouting but that have a financial need. We have a vetting system we utilize for this.  If that is something you would still like to contribute to, please feel free!

Again, thank you for your help, love and contributions to our Unit. You have moved me beyond words (and that's darned near impossible!)
Original post:

Pack 1910 families,

It’s with a heavy heart that I have to share the following information with you. While we were getting ready to commence the fun and excitement of our Halloween Party Pack meeting last night, our Cubmaster went to our Pack trailer to retrieve a tote containing much of our Halloween meeting supplies only to find that someone… sometime over the last ten days... had snapped the lock on our Pack trailer and cleaned us out. Yes. They stole everything from these kids.

Thieves broke into our trailer and stole all of our Blue and Gold supplies. They took the tote containing all of our Pack meeting game supplies. They helped themselves to our tent supply. They took our trailer’s spare tire. They took our large propane tanks. They stole our Dutch ovens. They stole our Coleman stoves… our Coleman lanterns… all of our kitchen utensils… cutting boards, coolers, plates, pots, pans, cutlery, pot holders, our iron griddle, our folding tables… all of our dry good supplies… all of our cleaning and sanitation equipment... all of our paper goods… our large first aid kit… our oversized canopy… it’s all gone.

I think the thing that hurts me the most is that while we are teaching these youth to live by the Scout Law of being Trustworthy, Loyal, Helpful, Friendly, Courteous, Kind, Obedient, Cheerful, Thrifty, Brave, Clean and Reverent… we hold the hope that these same courtesies are extended right back to them.

The idea that someone took from children in this community… things they’ve worked so hard to accumulate…is gut wrenching. We didn’t have the heart to kill their excitement last night so your Cubmaster and I met with Keller Police Department after all the Scouts had gone home.

Our goal since purchasing the trailer two years ago using money raised by the Cub Scouts in our Pack has been to provide everything our Pack families need so that we had everything required to equip these boys to be competent Scouts in the outdoors. We didn’t to have to rely on a few families who are experienced in the outdoors or who may have equipment in their personal possession to have to provide it for our entire unit. We have asked much of these boys and they have delivered time and again because the camp outs are where the magic really happens… and now someone pull their own magic act and made it all disappear.

We wanted our Webelos to have their own chuck boxes for their den campouts in order to be supremely prepared for their next step into Boy Scouts. We wanted to provide them with all the equipment they needed --so that even at our Pack campouts --they could have their own camp kitchens set up at their campsites. And now, we are heartbroken that someone would help themselves to the supplies these youth have worked so hard to accumulate.

Our first camp out is November 9 and we are hoping that whoever took the equipment from these kids understands how far-reaching this theft really is. We welcome them to return it to the church no questions asked. To steal is sad… to steal from children is reprehensible.

If Pack 1910 was a small pack, I know we could pool personal resources, but our Pack has grown the last year from 35 to about 75 boys in Ridgeview Elementary, Hidden Lakes Elementary, Shady Grove Elementary and others... we are truly a Pack of the community and this camping equipment is critical to the success of our outdoor program.

As Committee Chair, I have asked our leadership how they would like move forward from this and with us being a community service oriented unit, we decided to reach out to our community to see if they can help our kids rebuild. In lieu of making a GoFundMe page, we have created a DONATE button through our established PayPal account and are giving our Scout’s promise on our honor that every penny donated will be used to replenish our camping supplies to continue to provide these Scouts with the outdoor program they deserve.

If you have it in your heart to help the Cub Scouts of Pack 1910, please donate here to help our Unit recover from this devastating loss:


Thank you,

April Driggers
Pack 1910 Committee Chair

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Cub Scout Fun Day

Dozens of fun activities to do and displays to see including bounce houses, a petting zoo, BB, archery, flour battles, jousting, walking the plank, softball toss, face painting, lassoing, monster tag, climbing wall, cub scout golf, leather crafts, monkey bridges, bowling, ring tosses, challenge games, wrist rockets, pipe crawling, reptile show, frisbee golf, wagon hoop racing, chariot racing, soccer, lawn fishing, and lots of new games! Plus the Council Pushmobile Derby (extra charge - separate form)

This is a family or den activity. Cub Scouts and Webelos can participate in each activity as a den or with their family. Arrival time is open: arrive at any time. Pre-registration is requested and appreciated, as is will help to properly plan program and events. The best part? The pack is paying for any Scout who wants to go. Parents and siblings are extra. (THIS is why we sell POPCORN! So we can pick up the tab for your scouting adventures! SELL SELL SELL!)

I need a completed registration form (HERE) for every scout family attending with payment for parents ($5) and sibling ($16) if paid via cash or check made out to PACK 1910.


Payments may also be made via PayPal on our Payments Page HERE

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Sunday's Launch Postponed

The bad news is that we have been watching the weather with the good people at Dallas Area Rocket Society in order to insure we have optimal launching weather. They have been accessing the forecasting websites they utilize for their own launches that are a little more sophisticated than ours as far as wind speed and direction and simply stated -- Sunday will not be feasible.

Therefore, Sunday's Rocket Launch IS POSTPONED.

The good news is that we've already confirmed a new launch date! The new date is already on the calendar so be sure to check Scoutbook for the new date.

Sunday, September 30, 2018

Scouting is a BLAST.... literally!

The time is NOW to purchase and build your rockets so that you can join us for our annual launch Sunday, October 14. Weather permitting, we will be meeting at Harvest Church's Christian Academy's football field at 2:30 pm.  Look for the Pack banner.

Our MC and host for the event, DARS (Dallas Area Rocket Society), has suggested that the only rockets we use should be those requiring a 1/4A, 1/2A and A motors (B at most) with streamers / not parachutes. These won't go quite as high, but we also shouldn't lose as many!

For the rocket launch you will need to bring your fully assembled rocket, additional motors, pins and extra wadding. DARS will provide the launch pads and electrical igniter. You do NOT need to bring a launch rod or blast shield. If one comes with your kit, just leave it at home.

Estes rockets suggests something similar to either a Wizard or a Firestreak SST for launching. The major difference is that with the Wizard, the boys will have to measure, mark and glue the parts together to assemble the rocket and the Firestreak is molded from plastic and simply snaps together (requires no gluing).

Rocketry may be new to your family and seem somewhat impossible... please don't be intimidated because it is a LOT OF FUN! Hobby Lobby sells rocket kits and you can use an app or download a 40% off coupon as well. The kits come in a variety of levels of difficulty to assemble. Some are "RTF" (Ready To Fly), "ARF" (Almost Ready to FLY), "E2X" (Easy to Assemble) and so on.

Also to note, when we speak of "motors" or "engines," we are talking about these guys (pictured below). Packaged, these engines come complete with an igniter and pin for each. So, don't lose the little plastic pieces or the two pronged igniter. Please be sure to PURCHASE THEM as kits do not include engines since many rockets can be launched by several different engine sizes. Approved Estes engines for our launch are are A8-3, B6-2. If you want to buy Quest engines, we have a list of those as well. Please note, however, that the C size engines are beyond what the Fire Marshal wants us to utilize so stick with B and smaller.

Here is a little diagram that will help identify what all the parts are for if you're not familiar with model rockets.

Pictured below is the "recovery wadding."  You'll need a package to put in your rocket for any additional launches.

I warn you, however, rocketry can be quite exhilarating! Bring those cameras....and visit the DARS website for more information on their next public launch. They have some launches where they shoot off the BIG DOGS! It's definitely an amazing sight to behold.

As with all Pack events, this is open to siblings. So if brothers / sisters want to launch, they can bring their own rockets, too!

So.... get those rockets built!  Let's have a blast together.

Monday, September 24, 2018

Camping Is In Tents!

We're about to enter CAMPING SEASON!  Are you a little “camping-shy”? Don’t let it hold you back!! Do it for your son – he’ll love you for it!!

We've had a few families asking about what they need for Cub Scout camping.  First things first, all adults attending need to be Youth Protection Trained and all campers (adults/youth/siblings) need to have a completed BSA Health Form Part A and B on file with our Membership Chair, Amber Walker.

Cub Scout family camping is also referred to as "car camping." With a large enough vehicle, you're fortunate enough to be able to take just about everything AND the kitchen sink with you. But for the amount of time you'll be there, it's really not necessary. Though, a few creature comforts are definitely worth it!

So, unless you have an open-ended bank account, don't run out and buy every piece of gear you THINK you need at REI until you feel out what YOUR family requires. (If you do have an open-ended account however, I'll text you my list too.)

The best thing to do when starting to acquire gear is to start small and simple so that you can discover exactly what your family needs... and grow from there. There are plenty of seasoned camping veterans in our pack that have gear to spare so don't hesitate to put the word out if you need to borrow something.

To begin simply, you need something to sleep IN, something to sleep ON, somewhere to sit, something to wear, personal toiletries. light and water.

(Oh... and toilet paper! Don't forget the toilet paper!)

Today we're starting with something to sleep IN.

The first thing you need to consider is how much space you NEED.  How many people, how much stuff. Are you tall? Do you need lots of leg room? All things to consider when determining size.

If you bring kids, you generally need more space so you might consider sizing up to accommodate all the stuff.  If you want to sleep on cots, you need to be sure you're taking into account the space they take up literally and figuratively.  If you want an air mattress inside your tent, be sure you have room for your belongings as well.
Coleman Trailhead II Cot
One perk of cots is that you can generally store gear underneath allowing for more space in the tent to move about.

Do consider the bigger the tent, the more size it takes up in your vehicle and the more it weighs. Large tents that need to be heavily staked down may not be as conducive to allowing the Scouts the opportunity to help with set up.  We've had several families in the past who brought two SMALLER tents rather than one large one.  Since Cub Scout camping is "car camping" weight really shouldn't be an issue, however.

Once you've determined size, you'll need to determine what SHAPE of tent you want.  You can get dome tents or cabin tents.

Dome tents are generally lighter, easier to set up and are much more stable in high wind conditions.

Image result for dome tent

Cabin tents, however, provide more vertical space (if you're tall this might be a consideration so be sure to check the peak height listed) Some even have "rooms" where you can zip off walls (to help separate siblings who won't quit poking each other not that I have any idea what that is like.)

Related image
This cabin tent even has a shaded vestibule which would be perfect for chairs.

One of the tents I have is pictured below -- a dome tent with a covered vestibule which provides a place to store shoes and our cooler under cover but out of the tent's interior. Notice the full rain fly -- in order to have full circulation this DOES have to be FULLY staked down to ensure the rain fly doesn't just lay on the tent body. When you sleep, condensation will build up and you need to have that outer layer off the inner layer to prevent the condensation raindrops from falling on your head. I prefer the full fly for weather protection and privacy.  In my experience, too, a full rainfly is desirable though when it's warmer, the airflow isn't as great - something to consider.  The smaller the tent, the warmer you will be in the cooler months, however.

My suggestion is to go where you can get inside and test them out... Cabelas or Bass Pro both have tents set up in the store that you can check out.  Seriously, get inside and lay down to see just how much space you actually have and then use those dimensions to help set a minimium allowance for what you want.

My only other suggestion for you to consider is to put SOME SORT of reflective SOMETHING on your guylines to prevent people from tripping over them in the dark. Accidents happen. Tent stakes through the leg are NO fun... we try to prevent the Scouts from running between tent lines but you know how well excited children listen. Reflective tape for your guylines - you want this!

This is going to be your home away from home. You want to be comfortable and to sleep as good as you can away from your Sleep Number Bed.

Another consideration is that once your Cub Scout transitions to Boy Scouts, usually the Troop will be providing his tent. If you want to come camping with the Troop, you'll want a SMALL tent since it will be just you and your gear. At that point, small is king!

Hope these will give you something to consider when starting to build your camping gear!

Sunday, September 23, 2018



The October Pack Meeting is the target we are shooting for with ALL of our new scouts to be ready to earn their Bobcat badges!

This is the FIRST RANK required for EVERY new scout! We have a fun and exciting ceremony for them but it takes YOUR HELP to make sure they are going over these requirements daily.

Scout Oath

Scout Law

Scout Sign

Cub Scout Handshake

Cub Scout Motto

Cub Scout Salute

Most dens will only meet a time or two before our Pack meeting so we need YOU to make sure they're covered! Click HERE for a print out to help you work on these at home!

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Youth Protection Training

Now that I have your attention -- ALL Volunteers and Leadership need to renew their Youth Protection Training to be in compliance with the Boy Scouts of America's global renewal date of OCTOBER 1 for the new training module.  

We appreciate you investing in the safety of our Scouts!

Need a link?  Here ya go:  Log into your account or create one now!  

Once you've finished your training, please e-mail a copy of your certificate to 

More information on our Youth Protection Program can be found HERE.  Who has to take it, why, its purpose and more.  

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

God & Me and God & Family

There are only two awards Cub Scouts can earn that they can take with them into Boy Scouts and wear on their uniforms forever -- one is their Arrow of Light award, the other is their religious emblem.

You see, a Scout is reverent. He is reverent toward God. He is faithful in his religious duties and respects the convictions of others in matters of custom and religion.

To encourage members to grow stronger in their faith, religious groups have developed several religious emblems programs. The Boy Scouts of America has approved of these programs and allows the emblems to be worn on the official uniform. We are blessed and grateful to have longtime Scouter and church member, Sheri Tull, facilitate the God & Me and the God & Family programs this year for our Cub Scouts enabling them to earn their religious knots.

Image result for religious knot bsa

They're called "knots" because they ARE a rectangular patch depicting a silver square knot on a field of purple. "Knots" are awards earned by leadership (and youth) for achieving benchmarks in training and/or leadership.

The program we will be utilizing was created through Programs of Religious Activities with Youth (P.R.A.Y.) The program helps young people to develop a deeper relationship with God and to understand how God is active in their lives and in the world around them. It is a Christian Education resource that uses Bible lessons paired with service projects to help young people not only to grow in Christian faith but to also express their faith by reaching out in love and in service to others. P.R.A.Y. encourages families, youth agencies, and Protestant congregations to use the P.R.A.Y. series to foster spiritual growth in children, youth and families.

This program is easier not only to do as a group, but also with a versed facilitator. We are so blessed to have her! Plus, the Scouts like listening to people other than us all the time! Like all things in Scouting this shouldn't be a "one and done" process because faith and your commitment to your faith should be an ever-evolving continual dialogue which is why we have a Duty to God for every rank in Scouts.

We have our Classes set up for select Wednesday nights for both the God and Me and God and Family (for Webelos and AOL scouts). The requirements get increasingly more difficult the older the scouts are -- as they should. These events have been added to Scoutbook. If you do not see them, please let me know. All classes are scheduled for 6:30 pm at the Scout House with the exception of the FIRST God and Family one which will be at 7:30 the first class date and should be only 45 minutes.

God and Me WorkbookPicture of God & Family Student Workbook (Grades 4-6)

Grades 1-3: God and Me (9/19, 9/26, 10/3, 10/17, 11/7, 12/5, 1/16 and a pizza party on 1/30)
Grades 4-6: God and Family (9/26, 10/10, 10/24, 11/14, 11/28, 12/12, 1/9, 1/23, and the pizza party on 1/30)
Grades 6-8: God and Church
Grades 9-12: God and Life

I've reviewed the course content and have tried to put realistic breaks in the program so that there are more meetings than required, but that's in order to keep the classes SHORT. Spacing it out keeps it interesting... something to look forward to and not become a laborious chore, but more a new adventure. Again, this is OPTIONAL and this program will never be held in place of a den meeting. The religious component of Scouts is deeply personal and we are all not of the same faith. Therefore, Duty to God means something different for everyone. If you are not aligned with the Protestant belief doctrine, please feel no pressure to complete this course as it is NOT a requirement to complete the Duty to God requirement for each rank, it's simply to earn the knot. The knot is optional but shows your Scout has gone above and beyond the requirements to deepen his faith.

Since this is entirely optional, the costs of this program (supplies, workbooks and $ for pizza at the end) are up to the families participating. The Pack, however, will provide the purple knot upon completion.

Cost is $6 per participant.

ACTION REQUIRED OF YOU: RSVP on Scoutbook for your Scout by 12 noon on September 19 (today - date of publication) so we can order your workbook for you. If there is a sibling that would like to participate as well... include their name in the comments. Payment of $6 per participant is due to April Driggers immediately (if not sooner).

The church offers a Wednesday night meal every week that would be an inexpensive dinner option for you:

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Trail's End

This is a great resource to explain the WHY right to your Scout!  #aScoutisThrifty Giving the boys the opportunity to pay their way for their adventures helps YOU while giving them the opportunity for character building, public speaking and representing Scouting across the nation! 

If we got every scout to hit $1,000 in sales -- I know our Committee would turn that right into covering dues for the Pack for the 2019 year.  Anyone up for the challenge??

Monday, September 17, 2018

Want to Win A Trip to Disney?

Scouts who register (or previously registered) an online account and record at least one online order in 2018 will have the chance to win a trip for two to Walt Disney World® Resort.

Eight Scouts will win a trip! Here’s how:

  1. Three Scouts who record at least one online sale in 2018 will be randomly selected. You'll receive one entry for each online sale recorded, so the more orders you record, the more chances of winning you'll have.
  2. Five Scouts who are the online Top Sellers will automatically win a trip!

Start funding your next adventure today!

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Popcorn Selling Tips

While we want full participation from every Scout, we want to make sure that we are reminding them not only of what they should be doing to make sales, but also what they should be doing to STAY SAFE!

  • ALWAYS wear your uniform
  • ALWAYS smile and introduce yourself
  • ALWAYS tell your customers why you are selling popcorn
  • KNOW the different kinds of popcorn you are selling
  • ALWAYS say "Thank You"
  • ALWAYS make a copy of your order form
  • ALWAYS have a pen

  • NEVER enter anyone's home
  • NEVER sell after darkhave a pen
  • NEVER carry cash with you
  • ALWAYS walk on the sidewalk and driveway
  • ALWAYS have a buddy with you

Have your Cub practice what he's going to say. Write it on little cue cards. Let him stand in front of a mirror. Rehearse with him. Ask him questions he might get so that he knows how to respond.

Hi, my name is ___________, and I am a Cub Scout with Pack 1910. I'm selling popcorn to raise money for the things I like to do in Scouting like ______________. This popcorn is DEEEEEEEEElicious and there are many different kinds to choose from. Will you please help support me in Scouting?

(Always be sure they say "Thank You" when you are done whether they make the sale or not.)