Thursday, October 6, 2016

Take Order Continues

With our Show and Sell booths winding to a close soon, we wanted to make sure you know that TAKE ORDER is really where it's at!  

Until you're involved in the trenches of running an organization, you don't realize the importance of fundraisers and let me tell you -- POPCORN FUNDS SCOUTING!  

The more we sell, the more we cover.  The more we cover, the less you pay.  The more we sell, the better the chances are that we can lower dues too!  

Take Order sales are an investment in our Pack.  They teach Scouts to communicate and provides an opportunity to develop and enhance social skills.  While we can simply write a check to cover costs, remember that we are trying to teach these boys not only that a Scout is Thrifty but that they also should contribute to paying their way through this program.  

Give them the chance TO be vested by picking a couple of weekends to canvas the neighborhood streets and allow them the opportunity to sell door to door!  You are teaching them valuable life skills too!  Here is a great article on the Top 5 Reasons To Sell Cub Scout Popcorn.

(Plus, face it, we have some cool incentive prizes!)

Our GOALS with popcorn sales are:

  • to have this be our ONE AND ONLY FUNDRAISER each year
  • to reduce the costs to our parents for participation in program activities
  • to teach boys that they need to help fund their program

We need everyone's participation to make this our most successful year yet, so please don't leave that order sheet sitting on the counter!  We have extras, too, if you need more!  

Don't forget you can set up a Trail's End account to allow your son to sell online to family and friends not in your neighborhood. Who doesn't want to help support Scouting?  Items will be shipped directly to them!  Click HERE for that information. 

More information has been posted on popcorn sales HERE, and HERE and HERE

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