Thursday, September 15, 2016

It's Popcorn Time - Join Our Selling Force!

At our Pack Meeting on Tuesday, 9/13 our awesome Popcorn Kernel officially kicked off our 2016 Popcorn take-order campaign. It’s our most important fund raiser and permits us to reduce the costs for many of the activities that we do throughout the year. We would LOVE to use this (and ONLY THIS) to fund our whole program with no activity costs for any of our events! Wouldn't that be ideal?!  

This year, the Longhorn Council has a lot of fun and exciting changes. With the Star Wars theme, scouts have the chance to earn the Galatic badge, Star Wars prizes (in addition to other cool scouting prizes) and a chance to go to the Jedi Masters-Rogue 1 movie premiere for any Scout selling over $1,000

Grab your order forms and GET OUT THERE!

With order forms in hand -- go see your neighbors, family members, parents' co-workers and friends. Fill out the order form and collect payment. All checks should be payable to Pack 1910.

Sign up for our on-site Show & Sell! We have three weekends coming up at various locations and we are trying to add more.  Each scout gets credit toward prize incentives for their booth sales!! Click HERE for the signup genius. It is important to note that if you are the opening booth, you'll need to pick up supplies from our Kernel.  If you are the closing booth family, you will need to return booth supplies to our Kernel.  Please click below for a direct e-mail address for our Popcorn Kernel, Jennifer Woodruff.  

What do the boys receive?
  • Galactic Patches - Each boy who sells take order will earn a cool Galactic patch pictured here.  There is also opportunity to build around it with more segments depending on what he sells.   See how that works HERE.
  • Top two in each rank will get to have a silly string attack on the leader of their choice
  • Top sales for each rank will receive a durable (and oh so necessary) camping mug branded with Pack 1910's branding iron.  These are fabulous on campouts!
  • Top sales in Pack 1910 will receive A SUPER COOL STAR WARS SURPRISE!
  • PLUS -- Any Scout who reaches "Master" level of $1,000 or more in sales will earn a ticket for them and a parent to attend the NEW Star Wars movie Rogue One, complete with popcorn, drinks and a special prize for each Master!
How can I help?
  • PLEASE take them to sell!  They can't do it without you and neither can we!
  • Do you have a van or truck? We will need help with picking up popcorn from the Council offices when it's time for distribution. Please let Jennifer or April know if you can pitch in to help! Click either name for their e-mail addresses.
Don't Forget!
Our Popcorn Page is always up and this information will be placed on there. Feel free to search the blog for entries tagged with the "popcorn" label for more info and ideas!

Dates and DEADLINES:

  • October 1-8 is the "Pacesetter Campaign" a separate blog post/e-mail will be sent out on that. It's a targeted way for your Scout to achieve higher sales with a small commitment from you and more rewards for the boys!
  • Show and Sell (the booths) ends October 16 
  • Take Order sales ends October 20.  All money and order forms are due to the Scout House by 8pm.
  • November 3-5:  we will be picking up our Take Order shipment and will need help getting it picked up.  (vans or trucks please)
  • December 3:  Incentive prize selections due (those can be chosen on 10/20 when the orders are turned in, too)

Email us at with any questions. Thanks for your support!

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