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How to Make Your Popcorn Sales POP!

It's that time of year again!  

We hope this is our ONE AND ONLY fundraiser for the year, but in order to make that happen, we need EVERYONE's help!  So what can you do help?  By doing what Scouts do best --- giving 110%  

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We will have the trifecta of programs this year:
  1. Show & Sell booths set up at storefronts throughout our community each weekend where we can make direct sales with the total sales being split evenly between the two Scout volunteers with those amounts going toward their final total;
  2. Online Sales so that you can reach friends and family that are not in our community which will also count toward your Scout's final total; and 
  3. Mobile app that will enable you to take credit/debit card payments directly from your mobile device during our Take Order campaign that begins September 3.

A way to make this your Scout's best year ever is to consider the following:

Go where the people are

Going door to door in your neighborhood or your grandparent's neighborhoods around town is the easiest way to make sales. Saturday and Sunday, we have booths reserved where the majority of the families seem to go – the stores!  This is why we are present at Show & Sell. Both of these just make lots of sense to start planning your sales strategy.

Don’t scare easily – be confident in your case

Face it -- these boys in uniform are ADORABLE!  Don't let a simple "No" discourage them. Be sure they are greeting passers by with a friendly, “Hi there!" followed by, "Would you like to buy some amazing Cub Scout Popcorn?” And make sure our Scouts approach every passerby with the same blind enthusiasm – never fearful of defeat or judgment. Confidence is key – especially at first - definitely with Show & Sell.  Once they make their first sale with take order, it's ON!

Have plan B ready

“Sorry bud, I’m in a big hurry,” is something they'll hear at Show & Sell. Let them reply with, “That’s o.k.! Think about it and we’ll see you on your way out, thanks!” Have them watch their tone after being denied and let it be as happy (or even happier) than before. If someone isn't interested in popcorn for themselves at Take Order door-to-door sales, remind them that they can make a donation and Trail's End will send popcorn to our soldiers on their behalf. 

Have a great product

We aren't just selling popcorn, we are selling SCOUTING!  Over 70% of what we sell goes BACK INTO SCOUTING!  The popcorn is great, but our customers are really investing in THESE LITTLE GUYS MAKING THE SALE!  

Follow up when you say you will

If your Scouts greet people at the Show & Sell and tell them they'll check back as they leave, remember that and be enthusiastic as they depart.  Know your delivery dates for take order.  Have him make thank you notes to attach to his orders for delivery.  

Be yourself

Let these kids get excited about their sales!  High-five each other when they make one, not only because they're building their final sales total for prize incentives, but because they're doing their part to pay their way!  Have your Scouts tell those who purchase popcorn from them, "You are GOING TO LOVE THIS!" and make it convincing!  It really IS good stuff!  

Thank people better

When your scout makes a sale, have them TELL PEOPLE what it's helping accomplish. "Thank you so much, this is going to help me get my own compass."  "Thank you, we are hoping our sales pay for our entire October campout!"  Give them a reason to feel good about giving money to Scouting -- they are funding the experience for these boys! 

Have fun & be funny

Engage with your customers!  Humor lightens the room, builds trust and relaxes people.

Test and retest

Learning how to respond to different people with the same positive attitude teaches all kinds of amazing skills they can use later in life -- be it market testing and implementing on the fly. You don’t have to be mailing millions of pieces of direct mail to use ‘test packages’. Gauge what resonates best and hone your key marketing messages as you go.

Exclusivity works

Let the boys use their dwindling product supplies at Show & Sell as incentive... “only 2 boxes of Unbelievable Butter microwave popcorn left!!!!” Stated simply, if you want people to want something -- just tell them they can’t have it. This really is one of the oldest marketing tactics. Why do you think QVC has a ticker showing the clock wind down or the ‘units available’ sell out? Same with giving. Whether it’s exclusive giving circles, parties for levels or the CEO’s monthly email to the planned giving council – create something they can’t have, then give it to them.

Use what you’ve got

It’s easy for organizations and staff to get caught up in what we don’t have. An “if only” mindset can slow progress and quell energy. Instead use the Strengths Finder approach, turn ‘good’ into ‘great’ and forget about the rest. Our strengths are an awesome Pack, enthusiastic boys, dedicated leaders and the hopes that we can fund our entire year without fees, costs or a burden to our families so that they can enjoy EVERYTHING about Scouting without a price tag.  THAT is what the program should be about!  


Adapted from an article here.

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