Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Day Camp Registration Reminder

Just in case you hadn't heard... Day Camp is just around the corner!!!!!  

Oh... yeah, and that awesome discount otherwise known as the Early Bird Registration discount of $85.00??? 

Yeah, it ends this Friday at Midnight!

Do NOT let this be you!

Missed online registration..., ... have to write a check

So ACT NOW!  REGISTER ONLINE!  (Click the word "online" just so there's no confusion!)

Why?  Because otherwise, you have to register in person with me by filling out a form...with a pen...and paper... and writing a... check!?!?!?!?!  Because, you know, once early bird registration expires on Friday, the price goes up to $95.00 camper!!!  YIKES!  Save your pesos my friends!  Register TODAY!

We need chaperones registered, too!  This is for everyone!  E-mail April if you have questions!

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