Monday, April 24, 2017

Outdoor Activity Award

Did your scout register for Day Camp? 

If so, he's on his way to earn the Outdoor Activity Award

Read all about the requirements for this cool award here. 

Tigers, Wolves, Bears and Webelos are eligible to earn this award which is sewn onto the uniform pocket flap.  

Because attending either Day Camp or Cub Scout/Webelos Resident Camp is a required component for earning this award, I would suggest starting work on this optional award in June after District Day Camp. That gives you a full year of Scouting to fulfill the requirements.  We have an awesome program that will allow for it to be completed easily with your continued involvement each month. 

Better yet -- the Outdoor Activity Award can be earned every year. The patch is awarded once and then pins are awarded for the additional years it is earned.

Monday, April 17, 2017

Mustang District Day Camp Registration

Unfortunately, technology issues has delayed the launching of the online registration process for the Mustang District's Day Camp but we are going ahead and collecting the information so that everyone has it on the books and is squared away!  

Mustang District Day Camp held each June is definitely a highlight of our Pack's summer calendar.  This year's theme is CREEPY CRAWLIES!  

We have a whole page dedicated to all things DAY CAMP!  Click HERE for that information. It continually be updated as we have more information.

But the important information you need NOW is:

WHO: Cub Scouts entering 1st grade in the fall - 5th graders 

WHAT:  The BEST Day Camp in our Council
WHERE:  Harvest Church on 377 in Watauga
WHEN:  June 5-8 from 8:30 am - 4 pm daily
WHY:  Because it's a BLAST
COST:  $98 per camper** and includes a t-shirt, patch, cap, all program supplies and insurance. EARLY BIRD REGISTRATION ENDS MAY 8.  After that, the fee is $108.

We NEVER want money to be a reason for your Scout to NOT attend District Day Camp so if there is a need, please complete the campership form, submit it to Chris Mahanna or April Driggers and your fee will be reduced by 50%. This is kept completely confidential.

We have created a Google Form for you to use to sign up your Cub Scout, your tot or yourself to be a walking den leader/chaperone. If you're on a computer, feel free to use the form below otherwise, click HERE for a form that will size to your mobile device's screen size.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Journey to Excellence 2016

Each of the Pack’s leaders and Scouts were given a GOLD 2016 Journey to Excellence patch. We are very proud to have earned this prestigious award and are especially grateful to the Pack’s team of den leaders and committee members whose hard work made its attainment possible.

Journey to Excellence is basically a score card for us to be able to measure the quality of our program. It takes everyone's commitment to make our unit a success, so THANK YOU!

Patches were distributed at the April Pack Meeting. If you have not yet received your patch, please check with your den leader or see Mr. Attel at the next event. We want to ensure each leader and Scout has one to wear proudly on their uniform! This award is given units who have met a list of requirements and is worn on the right sleeve of the official uniform. Please see THIS LINK for a .pdf on Cub Scout Uniform insignia if you have any questions about patch placement.

Monday, April 10, 2017

Awesome Reasons To Be A Cub Scout

I shared this around the same time last year and it's worth a repost!

Scouting makes the world such a small place!  One of my favorite blogs shared a post on the 10 Awesome Reasons You Should Sign Your Kid Up For Cub Scouts and I could NOT agree more!  She includes personal examples that completely validate the authenticity of this amazing program.

With her permission, I am including a link to her blog post.  I encourage all of our families to read it... share... start a dialogue with those you think might benefit from the program!  Bring them to tomorrow's Pack meeting.

Remember, Day Camp registration is also upon us and what a GREAT way to introduce your friends and their families to all the awesomeness of Cub Scouts!

Thank you, A Southern Mom, for sharing your own personal experience with Scouting.

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Day Camp Reminder

The annual Mustang District Day Camp held each June is definitely a highlight of our Pack's summer calendar.  This year's theme is CREEPY CRAWLIES!  How cool is that?

We have a whole page dedicated to all things DAY CAMP!  Click HERE for that information. It continually be updated as we have more information.

But the important information you need NOW is:

WHO: Cubs entering 1st grade in the fall - 5th graders 

WHAT:  The BEST Day Camp in our Council
WHERE:  Harvest Church on 377 in Watauga
WHEN:  June 5-9 from 8 am - 4 pm daily
WHY:  Because it's a BLAST
COST:  $98 per camper** and includes a t-shirt, patch, cap, all program supplies and insurance. EARLY BIRD REGISTRATION ENDS MAY 8.  After that, the fee is $108.

We NEVER want money to be a reason for your Scout to NOT attend District Day Camp so if there is a need, please complete the campership form, submit it to Chris Mahanna or April Driggers and your fee will be reduced by 50%.  We absolutely treat these in the most confidential manner.

**Please note -- We are participating again in the Camp Card Sales to let the boys earn money to pay for and/or offset this fee.  For ever $10 camp card they sell, 50% (or $5) goes toward their day camp fee (or if they're not going to day camp, toward another event fee).

So again, SAVE THE DATE!  

Friday, April 7, 2017

Spring Trash Bash

As a reminder, Pack 1910 has partnered with the City of Keller's Adopt-A-Street Program so that we have our own designated stretch of road to pick up which will help keep our city clean and beautiful!

We are responsible for the one-mile stretch of Johnson Road between Chandler and Pearson.  

All of us working together makes it easy to do our part to continue to...

As a bonus, by participating in this community-wide event, many of our scouts will earn needed requirement components for their rank advancement.

As we did in the fall, we will all park on GREENBRIAR at 9:15 am (this is a residential street located off of Johnson Road.) Our group leader will pick up the attendance sheet from the City of Keller at 9am from Bear Creek Park and will also bring the safety vests, the grab nabbers and a limited supply of latex gloves. All participants are asked to wear CLOSED TOE SHOES and WORK GLOVES (if you have them). We will divide into two groups going both east and west on Johnson Road on one side then crossing to the other and working our way back to Greenbriar. If you can bring extra large black trash bags, that would be quite helpful.

This is an
all-hands-on-deck event. The more that come, the faster it goes but it's a great way to show our support for our city and to do our part to help where others have forgotten to Leave No Trace. 


The City of Keller is asking ALL PARTICIPANTS (that means parents, siblings and scouts) who are participating in this event to provide a copy of the form in this link. Please get this to April at Tuesday's Pack meeting or AS SOON AS POSSIBLE (she MUST have it before the day of the event). You CANNOT participate without one on file. This is mandated by the City of Keller.

After our section is clean, at 11am they are serving lunch at the big pavilion in Bear Creek Park and will be doing the patch presentation for all scout groups. I hope you guys can come for that as well.

Volunteers Wanted!

Our Scouts want to go to Day Camp. Online Day Camp registration will soon be live! For every 5 youth signed up for Day Camp, we need one parent volunteer as a chaperone. We need two deep leadership, however, so for each day we need four parents. But, more than that, we need ONE parent to be the Day Camp Coordinator.

What IS a Day Camp Coordinator? I'm glad you asked.  This is someone to ensure that we have the list of registered scouts, that they've submitted their registration online, that we have a copy of their health form and that their parent(s) register at least one day as a chaperone and that THEY have attended live YPT training. It's just someone to work behind the scenes as a point-of-contact for this activity and check boxes beside names. It's a very simple but very important job. You do NOT need to be a registered leader to do this... just someone who is willing to lend a helping hand.

We know there is someone out there waiting to help fill a void -- and THIS IS YOUR TIME TO SHINE! We need you!

And, if you're just feeling exceptionally generous, we have another couple of volunteer roles that we would love to be filled before the upcoming year. Please come to the Annual Planning Committee Meeting is Monday, May 1. If you'd like to plug in, please PLEASE do everything possible to make it to this meeting. THIS MEETING is where the magic happens and we need YOU to be a part of it!


Thursday, April 6, 2017

Flag Retirement Ceremony

Friday, April 21 is going to be another amazing opportunity for Pack 1910 Cub Scouts and their families. Ridgeview Elementary is having their annual outdoor family movie night in the field by the school and Pack 1910 is going to do a full flag retirement ceremony before the movie.

What an amazing way to introduce Scouting AND citizenship to the student body at Ridgeview. All Scouts and Scouters are to wear full field uniforms to participate in the ceremony. Please arrive no later than 7pm. Those helping with set up please be there by 6:45 pm.
The event has been created and is on the Scoutbook calendar, please RSVP if you will be there so we know who to give speaking parts to for this very important event.

Families participating in the flag retirement are encouraged to stay and enjoy the movie. 

Again, please indicate your availability to serve in this capacity on Scoutbook. I hope we have an all-hands-on-deck representation of our boys and leadership for our school. It's a great investment of time for recruiting as well.

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Recruiters Wanted!

One of the best ways to enjoy Cub Scouts is to do it with friends!  What a better way to share in fellowship with people you already know and love, than in the Scouting Program! 

Do you know your sons can earn a special patch just for getting a friend to sign up?  

Our spring recruiting drive is underway for the Cub Scout program that will begin this summer. (Oh yes, we are YEAR ROUND and have lots of fun in the summer!) If your son has a friend that you think would be interested in joining, we encourage our scouts to bring a friend to the April Pack Meeting next week.  

We will have leadership available to answer parent questions so that they can get started in their Cub Scout journey the first day of summer (or sooner) and even attend the BEST District Day Camp in Texas this June!

We encourage you to send your interested families to our website or our Facebook page for more information. If you'd like a flyer, we can provide you with one.  Thanks for all you do to make Pack 1910 the best around!

Saturday, April 1, 2017

April - A Scout is Thrifty

The Scout handbook states that "A Scout is thrifty. A Scout works to pay his way and to help others. He saves for the future. He protects and conserves natural resources. He carefully uses time and property."

The Boy Scout Trail states it well, 
"Of the twelve points in the Scout Law, I imagine that Thrifty is the one most difficult to quantify. A Scout in an affluent community may consider himself thrifty by saving his $25 allowance for two weeks to buy a video game while a few Scouts in a less wealthy neighborhood might pool the change they collected from turning in soda bottles to buy a bag of candy. Being rich or poor does not define the ability to be thrifty or not. A rich person can be thrifty without being a Scrooge and a poor person can be thrifty while still sharing what he has."

One of the reasons we have fundraisers is so not to burden our Scouts' families with the cost of every activity he may wish to participate in.  If he doesn't bear part of the responsibility (I like to call it "sweat equity") for helping to fund the adventures he wants to partake, he has no vested interest.  While it may be easier for us to just write a check and pay their way, it teaches them nothing about working and saving to reach their goal, and everything about feeling entitled to simply get what they want.  When they have a vested interest and understand how hard they've worked, they start to understand the idea of value and investment and ultimately, the reward for hard work.

Our annual popcorn fundraiser is a chance to provide Scouts the opportunity to practice not only the art of sales, but also that of communication, rejection, goal setting and reward. Being able to sell Camp Cards to pay their way to Day Camp and attend Pack overnighters that might otherwise prove to be a little cost-prohibitive, is an excellent lesson in setting a goal and investing in their program.  When they aren't given a blank check for everything they want but have to learn to put forth effort and prioritize to acquire what they want, they are taught perseverance and life skills they can't learn elsewhere at such an early age.

At the Webelos level (when the dens are permitted camp on their own) and are taught the patrol method of Boy Scouts (meal planning for camp outs and learning to shop within a set budget), scouts learn the importance of staying WITHIN that budget and completing the task of making it work by being thrifty.  Paying their way is such an important part of their Scouting experience.  Our hope is that our Pack families understand that the need to participate in fundraising isn't merely to raise funds, but to teach the boys valuable life lessons and help us all continue to have a vested interest in the program.
Being thrifty isn't always about money, however.  Being thrifty can be about resources - turning off the faucet when you're brushing your teeth, turning off lights when you leave a room, keeping the doors shut in the summer, using what you have until it is no longer functional rather than buying the newest model just because so-and-so has one or even repurposing materials rather than buying new.  Not wasting resources like water and electricity is called conservation.  Conservation is SO important to our world and we will continue to make it an integral part of the Scouting movement.  

Our 2017 winter fundraiser this year will be used to pay for and finish furnishing our Pack's camping trailer.  Our goal is to outfit this trailer with camping supplies so that each den has what they need for our Pack events enabling them to get the most of their Scouting experience without having to be burdened with purchasing camping equipment that they may not always need (camp stoves, lanterns, Dutch ovens, etc.) Being thrifty will be an important part of this process because we anticipate these materials lasting years. Therefore, our expectation is that the boys learn the process for taking care of them. This means that they are helping to conserve pack resources which will help with future Pack purchases instead of the Pack having to continually repair or replace things that aren't taken care of.  

I also completely agree with this sentiment as well, 
As Scouts and citizens in the most wasteful country in the world, we have a real challenge to raise our level of thrift. We are much like the child that is given everything and comes to expect everything. We consume more, conserve less, and expect better than we have. We know we should change, but few of us do.  Even worse, we have come to accept debt as a way of life in this country. A thrifty Scout should expect nothing and work for everything he desires. 
Whether rich or poor, a Scout that is thrifty learns that by adhering to the other points of the Scout Law, his thriftiness is also part of being helpful, friendly, courteous, and kind. Sharing of one's own doesn't necessarily mean money as much as doing what you can, with what you have, to make the world a better place. 

A Scout is thrifty.

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Severe Weather Protocol and Camping

Welcome to springtime in Texas! In light of the recent weather, we thought it would be wise to reiterate our severe weather protocol for Pack 1910.

The safety of our Scouts and their families is paramount to any Scouting function be it a den meeting, a Pack meeting or even a campout. We have adults who have taken Hazardous Weather training and are prepared - at a moment's notice - to do what is necessary to keep everyone safe. That being said, we wanted to remind our families of the following:

  • If KISD schools are canceled due to weather, Pack and Den functions are postponed until later notice.
  • In the event of an evening or special event (Pack meeting, field trip, etc.) and there is an active severe weather WARNING, those items will be postponed until later notice.

To note -- there is a difference between a WATCH and a WARNING.  We are talking about WARNINGS only.  In the event anyone else is a weather nerd, see the National Weather Service's explanation here.

TORNADO WARNINGS means a tornado has been sighted or indicated by weather radar. There is imminent danger to life and property. Move to an interior room on the lowest floor of a sturdy building. Avoid windows. If in a mobile home, vehicle, or outdoors, move to the closest substantial shelter and protect yourself from flying debris. Warnings are issued by your local forecast office. Warnings typically encompass a much smaller area (around the size of a city or small county) that may be impacted by a tornado identified by a forecaster on Radar or by a trained spotter/law enforcement who is watching the storm.

SEVERE THUNDERSTORM WARNINGS mean that severe weather has been reported by spotters or indicated by radar. Warnings indicate imminent danger to life and property. Take shelter in a substantial building. Get out of mobile homes that can blow over in high winds. Warnings are issued by your local forecast office. Warnings typically encompass a much smaller area (around the size of a city or county) that may be impacted by an on-going severe thunderstorm.  

This... this is the prediction for this weekend.  This... will be no fun to camp in.  

Anyone familiar with the weather in North Texas knows that severe weather in Texas can take an immediate turn for the worse. During these times, we feel the safest place for our Pack families to be is together at home in your shelter. 

Please understand that we *never* want to cancel or postpone an event and will watch all weather reports to make the call at a time that is convenient for everyone to plan accordingly. We would rather make the right call late than the wrong call early. Canceling any plans is never something we will take lightly. However, we follow the idea of "safety first." Therefore, in the event of severe weather, please be checking your e-mail, the blog and with your den leader if you have any doubts as to the status of any event. 

We want to be sure everyone is on the same page. Thank you all for your understanding.

And yet, even though we would like to wait until the last minute to make the call, since there is a great deal of planning and preparation that goes into our weekend campouts, canceling them last minute can turn into a costly affair with food and such so we are rescheduling this weekend's campout to MAY 5.  We hope that everyone that was planning to can join us then and we hope that many more can make it!

Again, thank you for your understanding. We never want to miss an opportunity to get outside but we certainly don't want to risk the safety and livelihood of our Pack members and their families.  Please contact Chris Mahanna or April Driggers with any questions and be watching ScoutBook for updated information on the campout in May!

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

April's Parent / Committee Meeting


The Pack Committee helps ensure that our Cub Scouts are offered fun-filled and meaningful events through the year. 

Parents please attend and help enrich and strengthen our Pack. Topics include upcoming pack meeting plans, assignments for the next month and upcoming large-scale activities.  

We have a few leadership roles we would love to have filled and just by coming to these meetings -- you could help the Pack tremendously!  You can RSVP on Scoutbook or just show up!  The meeting agenda link will be posted in the Comments field below the event on the ScoutBook calendar.  We ask that you please print your own (no wasted paper).

The meeting is at 7pm at the Scout House on Monday, April 3.  We will be finalizing the Pack Meeting, discussing Pine Wood Derby, the Spring Campout and more.  Come join us!

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Spring Community Service

We are doing something extra special for our May Pack meeting so to make it even better, we are going to do a community service project in April.

Be sure to check your e-mail for a very special opportunity to give back to the men and women in blue who serve our community.

E-mails from Sign Up Genius were sent out Friday. If you didn't receive yours, please contact April.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

BSA Weekend with the Rangers

Scouts, Family, and Friends are encouraged to attend the annual Scout Weekend at Globe Life Park in Arlington. Choose from three great games and watch your Texas Rangers take on the Los Angeles Angels. All tickets purchased through this offer will receive a commemorative Scout patch.

Attend the game on Sunday, April 30th, and take part in the pre-game parade around Globe Life Park. To take part in the parade, Scouts are encouraged to wear their uniforms and must report to the third base ramp just inside the southwest airlines third base gate at least one hour prior to the start of the game. Parents/guardians will be asked to wait for their children by the ramp outside of section 9. Scout leaders in uniform are allowed to participate in the parade.

Click the image below to be taken to the order form or click HERE.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

The Maker Spot

We had a great time at the North Richland Hills Public Library last night for Pack 1910's March Pack Meeting. Thank you to those who made it out!  

It's not even a remote understatement to say that the staff there is absolutely passionate in what they do, they are so excited to help the visitors learn and experience all there is. Plus, they are ALL ABOUT THE KIDS!!  It was awesome to see their little brains just clicking away inside as they explored each station.

We had an awesome hostess explain the process of 3D printing and they got to watch a demonstration of it printing a sleeping dog.

If you wish to share the photos you took with the Pack, please let April know and she will add you to the Pack's link to upload directly to our Google Photos.  Until then, check out the few we have here.

We had several families get a new library card so they could explore more and visit The Maker Spot in the future with their Scout.  I think that qualifies as a win!  If you're interested in more information or their event calendar (we had several asking about their classes), please see their website HERE. As she explained they release their calendar of events for the upcoming month a week in advance so you can check your schedule but the registration doesn't go live until the first business day of the month and remember classes fill up quickly!  The event calendar is HERE.

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Pinewood Derby Rules are Out!

The official rules for the Pinewood Derby have been approved and are posted on the Google Drive. You can access those HERE.

Be sure to RSVP on Scoutbook!

All new this year will be a LEGO derby car race for our Lions!

See THIS POST for all of the Derby information or make your way over to our Pinewood Derby Page on the blog.

Race Day is April 29!

Friday, March 17, 2017


One of the things boys all look forward to in Cub Scouts is CAMPING and it's almost time! Save the date for March 31-April 2 for our Spring Family camp out!

Unless you have an open-ended bank account, don't run out and buy every piece of gear you think you need at REI (but if you want to, please let me know and I'll give you my list, too!) The best thing to do when starting to acquire gear is to start small and simple so that you can discover what your family needs... grow from there. There are plenty of seasoned camping veterans in our pack that have gear to spare so don't hesitate to put the word out if you need to borrow something.

Cub Scout family camping is also referred to as "car camping." With a large enough vehicle, you're fortunate enough to be able to take just about everything AND the kitchen sink with you. But for the amount of time you'll be there, it's really not necessary. Though, a few creature comforts are definitely worth it!

For our campout at Hills and Hollows, however, you won't necessarily need a ton of supplies. 

To begin, you need something to sleep IN, something to sleep ON, something to wear, personal toiletries and light. (Oh... and toilet paper! Don't forget the toilet paper!)

Below is a somewhat detailed packing list with a few notes to give anyone who needs that itemized list a few extra ideas.

Are you a little “camping-shy”? Don’t let it hold you back!! Do it for your son – he’ll love you for it!!

Camping is the highlight of a Cub Scout year!! Campouts are always fun occasions and the kids and adults have a blast. We do camping with cars not far from the tents. We have great camp food, and a fun experience for the whole family!! 

Sign up HERE for the camp-out. MARCH 26 is the DEADLINE TO RSVP AND PAY

Need gear? Don’t worry. We have you covered. 
Just send us a message and she’ll help you out!

Camping Do's:

  • Practice setting up your tent before you get on the camping trip. Make sure it is complete and you know how to put it up. Of course we will help you but you don’t want to get out there to realize you don’t have stakes or poles!
  • Plan on it getting colder than you think – you can always take off a layer or remove a blanket. Put a sheet inside your sleeping bag it keeps it clean inside and will give you a layer of warmth or a layer of cool.
  • Bring rain gear – you never know what the weather will be
  • Change clothes to sleep in. (will keep you from getting cold due to moisture in the fabric from the day and you never know what you have on your clothes that you are bringing into your tent…poison ivy)
  • Always have a tarp under your tent. Make sure none of it sticks-out from the bottom of the tent or it will collect rain and make the inside of your tent wet.
  • Allow your son to do as much of the work while camping as possible (help putting up the tent, carrying stuff, etc). HE CAN DO IT!! And will be proud that he did it.
  • Store food, candy, toothpaste in your car or animal proof container but NOT your tent. They can smell it!
  • Maintain the buddy system & Youth Protection Training (YPT) at all times

Camping Don’ts:

  • Never sleep in a tent with a child who is not your own. – BSA rule
  • No alcohol anywhere, anyhow, anytime. – BSA rule
  • No smoking in sight of Cub Scouts. – BSA rule
  • Never leave candy/chips or candy/chip wrappers or food of any kind in your tent or in your clothes in your tent. Animals can smell it. This includes toothpaste, open Gatorade and other soda cans, etc. If in doubt leave it in your car.
  • Cub Scouts should not have/use knives in Tiger & Wolf ranks. Bears and higher ranks may bring pocket knives if they have completed the “Whittling Chip” pocket knife achievement and have their Whittlin’ Chip card or badge. No knives with a blade longer than the width of a child’s palm. – BSA rule.
  • Avoid 100% cotton clothing…think wool or synthetics. Cotton stays damp and makes you feel cold.
  • Leave behind Nintendo DSs, iPods, or other electronics/game systems. This is the boys’ opportunity to get away from all that. Besides, they could get damaged or lost.
  • No precious toys/ jewelry – could get damaged or lost.

After camping:

  • Air-out your tent, tarp, and sleeping bags as soon as you return home to allow condensation to dry-out (otherwise you get a musty smell that is hard to get rid of).
  • Store your sleeping bag loose when you get home, not in its stuff-sack, or it will lose loft (loft gives it warmth).

Are you ready for some….FUN?!?!?! We will deliver. Our focus is on age-appropriate Cub Scout activities for the scouts and their siblings. We’ll picnic, camp, hike and more! 


Your Cub Scout uniform is required for the overnighter. Sturdy shoes, suitable for hiking will be useful. If your Scout has earned his Whittling Chip, he may bring his pocket knife. The following is a list of suggested equipment that may be useful on the campout.


  • Tent (should come with stakes and guylines)
  • Plastic mallet (I keep this in my tent bag)
  • Tent footprint (this is a tarp to place beneath your tent to protect it from rocks, cactus, etc.)
  • Sleeping pad (unless you're okay with the ground) or air mattress (check the batteries on your pump -- we usually do not have electricity at camps. I've seen people use those cheap blow-up pool floats for their kids... they're quick, easy and if you pop a hole in them, no love lost as they're easily replaceable)
  • Cot (you won't want to use this in cold weather as the air circulating beneath you will make you colder)
  • Sleeping bags (with liners if it's chilly)
  • Extra blankets to keep in the car (just in case)
  • Pillow (though you can use your sweatshirt as a pillow as well to minimize your packing list)
  • One folding chair per person
  • Pop up shade
  • Folding table (though your cooler may work in a pinch)
  • Lantern / fuel
  • small dustpan and brush (I love having this in my tote to help clean up all the leaves, dirt and debris tracked into the tent)

I like to keep a small tackle box prepped with various items that someone always seems to need including:

  • Multi-tool or knife
  • Glow sticks
  • Batteries (for flashlight or headlamp)
  • Bandana
  • Duct tape (it fixes everything)
  • safety pins
  • Caribeeners
  • scissors
  • q-tips


  • Daypacks (to carry your gear for the day -- lightweight backpacks)
  • Headlamp (I find these are much better to use than flashlights because they keep your hands free)
  • canteen
  • Matches/lighter
  • Compass
  • Whistle
  • Sunglasses
  • Hammock
  • Rope

The best motto here is BE PREPARED. I always keep an extra change of clothing in a bag in the car WITH socks and shoes that we hope to just put away at home when we return. However, if there is a surprise downpour, a slip and fall in the mud or a spill, we are prepared. Happy kids = happy parents = great campout! Your weather forecast IS YOUR FRIEND. Be sure to check it the day before you pack and then check the morning before you leave.

  • long sleeved shirts (moisture wicking is great, flannel is great - these are great to protect from the sun, bugs and to take the morning chill off)
  • sun-shielding hat
  • Bandana (these are handy for just about everything including makeshift first-aid)
  • Close-toed shoes suited for the terrain (NO open toed shoes, flip flops or sandals)
  • Socks
  • Sleepwear
  • Rainwear (a poncho in the daypack can be a lifesaver!)
  • Weather appropriate change of clothes (could be cold weather / could be shorts)


  • toilet paper
  • sunscreen
  • chapstick
  • insect repellent
  • hand sanitizer 
  • First aid kit
  • Toothbrush/toiletry kit
  • Brush/comb
  • Soap/washcloth (I like to take a small bar of soap OR cut up a large bar of soap into quarters and put it in a zip loc bag with the soap. Use that to wash your face, wring it out and put it back in the ziploc.
  • Deodorant (please! ha!)


  • Fishing gear (and license if over age of 17)
  • solar phone charger
  • binoculars
  • maps/guidebooks/local bird or wildlife field guide
  • books
  • decks of cards
  • frisbee
  • walkie talkies
  • umbrella
  • balls (soccer, football -- nerf is best, baseball/glove)
  • Hacky sack
  • Kite
  • geocaching kit with receiver
  • portable fan with batteries (yes, yes I have used this and NO, I'm not ashamed)

There are some fun websites out there with camping hacks that are super cool. Check those out HEREHERE and HERE

Again, the Spring Registration Form can be found HERE.  This is required for anyone attending. 

Registration fees are $10 per youth, $15 per adult. Payments can be made via cash, check payable to Pack 1910 or PayPal. Deadline for registering and payment is SUNDAY, MARCH 26.

There is a place on the form where you indicate if you are camping Friday night, Saturday night or if you're just attending for the Pack activities on Saturday. Please mark this. Once we have an idea of attendees, we will make and publish the menu.  Friday night dinner will be on your own. 

Camping for Cubs-page-001Again, please note that camping out Friday night is completely optional but many families enjoy the extra night in the spring air. Many, however, do come in Saturday morning after breakfast. Whatever works for your family is great -- JUST LET US KNOW so that we can adjust for the food! Just get them there!! Because, let's face it -- camping is a HUGE reason why boys WANT to be in Scouts!

When the BSA realigned the program for Cub Scouts, they made being outdoors an integral part of advancement.  Thus, camping is a required component for earning your Wolf, Bear and Arrow of Light.  Want to know what is required for those ranks?  Click the Camping for Cub Scouts image to see.  

All Pack 1910 camp outs are family friendly events so the whole family is welcome! Mark your calendars NOW to attend! 

Completed BSA Health Forms Part A & B are required for all parties attending. If you haven't turned yours in yet, please turn those in with your registration.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Spring has sprung!

One of the best things about Texas is all the springtime flowers. We are known for our bluebonnets, aren't we? 

Do your Scouts know how to identify some of the most common Texas wildflowers? 

Here's a great site where you can have them click on the flowers to see if they know what they are! Maybe you'll spy one or two on your next hike!

Here's is a link to where the wildflowers have been spotted in case you're out and about.