Monday, April 9, 2018

April Pack Meeting is Tomorrow!

Pack 1910's April's Pack Meeting is tomorrow at 6:30 pm at the UMC Keller's Family Life Center! We can't wait to see you there!

Friday, April 6, 2018

Cub Scout & Webelos Resident Camps

There are so many opportunities all summer long to keep the OUT in ScOUTing! One of those is Cub Scout and/or Webelos Resident Camps provided by the Longhorn Council.  This year's theme is:


A great perk of attending -- your Scout can earn his Outdoor Activity Award.  Day Camp and/or Resident Camp is mandatory to earn this.

Four Webelos sessions and four Cub Scout sessions are available. Cub Scout and Webelos Camps help you bring outdoor fun and learning to your Cub Scout summer at Sid Richardson Scout Ranch (SR2) near Bridgeport and Camp Tahuaya near Belton. You’ll go kayaking and canoeing on the lake and rock climbing, go swimming and have fun water fights – swimming each day! Fleets of new Sit-on-Top Kayaks for each program.

Cub Scout Sessions: $125 youth, $50 adults. 3-Nights.
Camp Tahuaya Cub Scout Session 1 – June 24 – June 27
Camp Tahuaya Cub Scout Session 2 – June 27- June 30
Sid Richardson Scout Ranch Cub Session 3 – July 8 – July 11
Sid Richardson Scout Ranch Cub Session 4 – July 11 – July 14

Webelos Sessions: $125 youth, $50 adults. 3-Night
Camp Tahuaya Webelos Session 1 – June 24 – June 27
Camp Tahuaya Webelos Session 2 – June 27- June 30
Sid Richardson Scout Ranch Webelos Session 3 – July 8 – July 11
Sid Richardson Scout Ranch Webelos Session 4 – July 11 – July 14

For resident camp, all tents, meals, eating utensils, program materials and equipment are provided by the camp for each camper. The camp does not provide cots or mattresses for the campers. A limited number of cots may be rented for $5 per camp session on a first-come first-served basis.

Just what do Cub Scouts and Webelos DO at Resident Camp?  How about Swimming, Kayaking, Archery, BB Shooting, Climbing, Water Battles, Rowing, Nature, Canoeing, Reptile Shows, Campfires, Games, First Aid, Advancement, Crafts, Fishing... AND MORE!


This can be coordinated at the family or den level. Each Cub Scout should have an adult partner with him.  However, if you’re the only member of our Pack attending camp, you would be an “Explorer” camper. You’ll make new friends and camp with other “Explorer” Cub Scouts and parents from Packs all over the Longhorn Council.

The orientation meeting for adults coming to camp will be held the Wednesday before your camp session at 7 pm at the Longhorn Council offices. Orientation Meetings for SR2 sessions will be held at the Hurst office.

All adults (18 and older) must turn in a completed Camp Adult Info Form to the Camp Director on arrival at camp. Each Pack, Den, or family attending must turn in a Texas Camp Adult Roster prior to arriving at camp.

All units (if you attend as a den) in camp MUST BE under the direct leadership of two adults at all times, one must be at least 21 years old and the other at least 18 years old. Adults may rotate with other parents or leaders; however, at least two qualified adults must remain in camp with the unit 24 hours daily while in camp. All adults in camp must have a current BSA youth protection card (good for two years). If you attend as an Explorer scout, you will stay with your Scout at all times and still need YPT certification.

Every adult and youth camper must have a completed BSA Medical form, Parts A, B, and C. This form does require a doctor’s exam. The Health Department requires immunization dates and parent signatures on all health forms. 

See the Longhorn Council's Resident Camp Page HERE

All the forms and information is contained there. 

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Mustang District Awards Banquet

Mustang District

Your Mustang District Annual Awards Banquet takes place Saturday, April 28 at the Heritage Church of Christ, 4201 Heritage Trace Parkway, Fort Worth, TX 76244.

Doors open at 5:30 pm and dinner is served at 6:20 pm.  Cost is $20 per person.

This is a time of community, fellowship, recognition and FUN!

We not only recognize our adult leadership but we also recognize the Eagles in our District.  Every registered leader is encouraged to attend.

Click HERE to be taken to the registration portal.

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Cub Scout Outdoor Activity Award

This is one of the COOL awards that is a patch sewn directly onto the pocket flap. It can be earned EVERY YEAR of your Cub Scout's scouting career with different requirements for each rank. The first year is the patch, after that it's pins that are pinned onto the patch.

First and foremost, to earn this award -- attendance at CUB SCOUT DAY CAMP OR RESIDENT CAMP is a must! So, have YOU saved the date for Day Camp? It's an AWESOME 4-day experience for the boys and the Mustang District puts on one of THE best and largest Day Camps in our Council! Click HERE for more information on Day Camp and how to register.

Or, better yet, have you saved the date for Cub Scout Resident and/or Webelos Resident Camp? HERE is all of the information on those!

Back to the Outdoor Activity Award. . . Scouts would start working on this award after school is over this year and therefore, it will apply toward their NEW Scout rank which they begin working on the first day of summer. They will have the ENTIRE YEAR to meet the requirements of that year's rank-specific criteria. Since Day Camp and/or Resident camp are mandatory for this award, now is a GREAT time to save the date so your Scout can earn this award!

The requirements are as follows:

Attend Cub Scout day camp or Cub Scout/Webelos Scout resident camp and do the following:


TIGER Complete the Backyard Jungle adventure from the Tiger Handbook, and complete four of the outdoor activities listed below.

WOLF Complete the Paws on the Path adventure from the Wolf Handbook, and complete five of the outdoor activities listed below.

BEAR Complete the Bear Necessities adventure from the Bear Handbook, and complete six of the outdoor activities listed below.

WEBELOS: Complete the Webelos Walkabout adventure from the Webelos Handbook, and complete seven of the outdoor activities listed below.

Outdoor Activities for all Ranks
These activities must be in addition to any similar activities counted for rank advancement, and can be accomplished as a family, den, or pack.

  • Participate in a nature hike in your local area. This can be on an organized, marked trail or just a hike to observe nature in your area.
  • Participate in an outdoor activity such as a picnic or park fun day.
  • Explain the buddy system and tell what to do if lost. Explain the importance of cooperation.
  • Attend a pack overnighter. Be responsible by being prepared for the event.
  • Complete an outdoor service project in your community.
  • Complete a nature/conservation project in your area. This project should involve improving, beautifying, or supporting natural habitats. Discuss how this project helped you to respect nature.
  • Earn the Summertime Pack Award.
  • Participate in a nature observation activity. Describe or illustrate and display your observations at a den or pack meeting.
  • Participate in an outdoor aquatics activity. This can be an organized swim meet or just a den, pack, or family swim.
  • Participate in an outdoor campfire program. Perform in a skit, sing a song, or take part in a ceremony.
  • Participate in an outdoor sporting event.
  • Participate in an outdoor interfaith or other worship service.
  • Explore a local city, county, state, or national park. Discuss with your den how a good citizen obeys the park rules.
  • Invent an outside game and play it outside with friends for 30 minutes.

Monday, April 2, 2018

Youth Protection Training

The BSA has announced bold, wide-ranging updates to its Youth Protection program. Even those Scout leaders who took the previous version of Youth Protection training must log into and complete the updated Youth Protection by October 1, 2018.

Finally, beginning June 1, 2018, all adults who will be present at a Scouting activity for 72 hours or more must register as volunteers and complete a background check and Youth Protection training. This includes parents, merit badge counselors and any other adult who will be there for an extended time.

Sunday, April 1, 2018

Happy Easter

April Parent / Committee Meeting


The Pack Committee helps ensure that our Cub Scouts are offered fun-filled and meaningful events through the year.

Parents attend to help enrich and strengthen our Pack. Topics include upcoming pack meeting plans, assignments for the next month and upcoming large-scale activities.

We have a few leadership roles we would love to have filled and just by coming to these meetings -- you could help the Pack tremendously! You can RSVP on Scoutbook or just show up!

The link to download and print your own meeting agenda will be posted in the Comments field on the ScoutBook calendar event created for this meeting. Again, we ask that you please print your own (no wasted paper).

The meeting is at 7pm at the Scout House on Monday, April 2. We will be finalizing the April Pack Meeting, finalizing the Pine Wood Derby plans, discussing Day Camp, the summer calendar, leadership opportunities and more.

Come join us!

Thursday, March 29, 2018

Need A Little Adventure In Your Summer?

Make Memories That Will Last a Lifetime at the Iconic Philmont Scout Ranch!

The Philmont Family Adventure is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to experience the Philmont Scout Ranch like never before!

Open to all registered members of the BSA and their families, you will have a chance to participate in all of the incredible activities offered at Philmont and make memories with your family that will last a lifetime.

All registered members of the BSA and their families

Philmont Scout Ranch, Cimarron, New Mexico

Full Session Week 1: 6/24-30; Week 2: 7/1-7
Half Session 1 Week 1: 6/24-27; Week 2 7/1-4
Half Session 2 Week 1: 6/27-30; Week 2 7/4-7

Full Week Adult: $350; Child/Youth: $150 - includes tent, meals, program fees
Half Week Adult: $215; Child/Youth: $100 - includes tent, meals, program fees

Space is limited, so don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity!

You can customize your adventure by choosing activities that appeal to you. Morning and afternoon programs will be offered daily, as well as day-long activities ... if you’re feeling extra adventurous!

This is different from any previous event at the Philmont Scout Ranch, and will truly be an unforgettable experience for all families in attendance.

For more information, click the link above for The Philmont Family Adventure. Full Session Schedule is HERE.  Half Session Schedule is HERE.

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Cyber Chip

Long gone are the days of the "be home before the sun goes down" kind of parenting that a lot of us grew up with. Unfortunately, however, the more kids are inside, the more inclined they are to engage in some kind of online, electronic activity. I'm sure we've all seen news reports about cyber bullying, online security, location services on devices, geotagging of photos and social networking predators. It would be nice to think these topics won't impact our youth, but we need to be proactive and realize that we are in the thick of it! We must protect them.

Crazy fact - did you know that over 5 MILLION Facebook users are actually kids under the age of 10 even though the age limit to even have an account is 13?

If you have a pulse, you've likely heard of.... Minecraft. I know my scout absolutely LOVES watching YouTube videos that have to do with Minecraft and his other favorite video game du jour. However, if you think, for a second, they should watch these unsupervised, you're in for a shock. A great deal of the content in these videos is highly inappropriate.  Predators use clickbait to lure them to watch material that is anything but age appropriate for Cub Scouts or adults for that matter!

More and more children have iPads, iPhones, tablets, Ipods and more and more access than ever to a whole worldwide web that is not the most friendly to the eyes, heart and especially to the spirit and character of our children.

With the electronic world aimed against us, how can parents teach our children internet safety principles?

In partnership with NetSmartz®, the Boy Scouts of America developed the Cyber Chip program. Along the same lines of how the Whittling Chip is designed to teach the boys pocketknife safety, the Cyber Chip is designed to teach them internet safety. There are BSA Cyber Chip requirements for boys in grades 1-3, grades 4-5 so your Cub Scouts are covered! In fact, there are programs available from grades 1 - 12! Even if your children aren’t in Cub Scouts, you can still take advantage of NetSmartz’s awesome programming.

Each Cyber Chip level covers topics such as cyber bullying, cell phone use, texting, blogging, gaming and identity theft. To earn the Cyber Chip, Cub Scouts sign an Internet Safety Pledge, watch an age-appropriate online video and share what they’ve learned with their den or den leader. Older boys complete additional activities.

Once they present their completion certification to their den leaders, they will earn their Cyber Chip which is a temporary patch to be worn on their uniform. (It's pictured at the top of this post.)

The Cyber Chip expires annually. Scouts are required to “recharge” the chip each year by returning to the NetSmartz® website for their grade and completing the recharge requirements (at the bottom for their required grade). Grades 1-3 have their own experience, Grades 4-5 have another, 6-8 have another and grades 9-12 have their own as well. This keeps the information relevant and age appropriate. Upon this completion, they'll be presented with a recharged pin to wear on their patch.

It is definitely hard to navigate these waters, but we have a responsibility to keep our kids safe and we can only do that by first educating ourselves. By encouraging our kids to participate in programs like the Cyber Chip, we are taking steps to ensure they are equipped with the tools to keep them and their friends and siblings safe.

If you want to make sure you're on top of things, the Boys and Girls Club of America created a CyberSafe program that will give you tips, discussion cards and resources for broaching the topics of cyberbullying, mobile technology, social networks and online privacy.

Cyber safety -- it's all of our jobs! It’s never too early to begin talking about it with your boys. Start your conversation today and help them earn this awesome temporary patch that can be worn with their uniform -- the Cyber Chip!

Sunday, March 25, 2018

Spring Campout - Recap

We could not have asked for better weather for camping this weekend! A huge thank you to all of the help preparing meals, to Rory for teaching the cubs new songs for the campfire and to Troop 1910 for allowing us to be a part of their campfire program.

I hope everyone walked away with a new memory and an experience to cherish forever.  Seeing how it takes a village to pull these off... BALOO training is how you can make these continue to happen!

If you snagged some pictures (and I know you did!), please share them with us!  E-mail your favorite photos to our Pack's e-mail address (click and it will open an e-mail for you) and we will use them in the annual slide show.  Our Scouts LOVE seeing their faces on the big screen and it's always so much fun to preserve these memories for the whole Pack.

Here are a few highlights!

All of these photos (and more) will be uploaded to the Pack's Google Drive and made available to our families with a link to view and add their own (if you choose not to e-mail them).

Thank you all again for keeping the OUT in scOUTing!  Weekends like this are what it's all about!

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

You Shoulda Put A Label On It!

Believe it or not, it's time to start thinking about SUMMER CAMP and VACATIONS!  You'll be needing to label lunch boxes, waterbottles, athletic wear, shoes, backpacks and we have partnered up for a fundraiser with one of the best sites for personalized labels -- namely, Mabel's Labels.

You can visit Mabel's Labels by clicking THIS LINK. You will be taken to the fundraising action page. Under the box on the left (SELECT YOUR SCHOOL/ORGANIZATION), click the orange bar to scroll down and find "CUB SCOUT PACK 1910". This will take you to our Pack's page within the Mabel's Labels fundraising selections. From there... start checking out all their awesome options!

I can attest that the quality is TOP NOTCH... dishwasher safe, waterproof, microwave safe... I've put them on everything from favorite blankets to stuffed animal tags to Matchbox cars to Scout handbooks to backpacks to sippy cups to headphones to every... single... solitary piece of camping equipment my Boy Scouts own --including their eating utensils, chairs and sleeping bags! SUPER great investment for ANYTHING going to ANY Scout camp!

You needn't be part of Cub Scout Pack 1910 to order so feel free to invite your family and friends to do their label shopping here too!!  Every purchase benefits the pack.

Oh, and did I mention, they're having a 40% off SALE starting THURSDAY on the Starter Label Pack. There's a great array of designs for everyone and features the four sizes featured above. This pack is an ideal introduction to the Mabel’s product family. This collection of durable, waterproof labels is a great way to help ensure your kids' belongings make it home with them! It includes includes:

  • 24 Mini Custom Name Stickers: 1-1/2" x 5/16"
  • 8 Custom Shoe Stickers (4 pairs): 1.3"
  • 42 Tag Mates™ Stick On Clothing Labels: 13/16" x 3/8"
  • 2 Personalized Bag Tags: 2-1/4" x 1-1/4

The sale is through the end of the month.  So, order them for all your kiddos cause you know you need them plus, anything you purchase helps the Pack!  Feel free to share with friends!

Pinewood Derby Car Body

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Friends of Scouting

Pack families, we are nearing the deadline of our Friends of Scouting campaign.

If we can get each of our families to commit to at least a $20 or $30 pledge,  we will not only reach our goal, we will also secure a substantial savings for our Pack.

By meeting our goal, our Pack is able to get ALL advancement awards (this includes rank cloth patches, adventure loops, cyber chip patches, rank cards and all of the adventure pins for Webelos and Arrow of Light) FREE FOR AN ENTIRE YEAR!!  

Your help to our Council through Friends of Scouting will come through with a direct savings straight to OUR UNIT!  Again, all of our rank advancement for our youth will be at no cost to us from April 1, 2018 to March 30, 2019 but only IF WE MEET OUR GOAL OF $1,000.

Please help us meet our goal! 

Our last collection will be March 20 at our Pack meeting.  You may log into the Friends of Scouting website and make your pledge or fill out the pledge card at the March Pack Meeting!  Thank you in advance for all you do for Scouting!

Longhorn Council camps are where we go for most of our Pack campouts.  Did you know that they do not charge Longhorn Council Units for facility usage at all?  The money raised through Friends of Scouting helps keep these camps in top shape... from the infrastructure, to maintenance, to equipment... and new construction builds for the benefit of the youth. Everything raised through Friends of Scouting stays in Council for the benefit for all.  It's a great thing.

Jessica Cristy, Pack 1910's FOS Chair, will be at the March Pack meeting to collect the pledge cards (pictured above). The pledge can be a one-time gift, it can be a monthly or quarterly contribution – however it makes sense for you to meet your commitment, Friends of Scouting can accommodate your request. No gift is too big... no gift is too small...

Or, you can go to and register your commitment to our campaign. There you will be able to make your commitment and schedule your payments according to your own needs.

(Note: Make sure you designate Pack 1910 when you make your commitment so we can accurately record it).

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Space Center Houston

Image result for space center houston

We are a pack with a plan!  Don't believe me? Come to one of our leader meetings to see for yourself!  Part of our plan for this year and every two years in fact, is to take our Webelos I and Arrow of Light Scouts with one parent to Space Center Houston for an evening of exploration and space fun.

And the best part - it's that time again!  While this trip is ONLY for Webelos or Arrow of Light, it's an amazing experience we look forward to every time it comes up in our rotation.

For the convenience of our families, we have set up a PayPal button on the Pack Payment page but you still need to complete the Registration Form is actually done on the Google Form.

Sunday, March 4, 2018

Scout Fundraiser

Pack 1910's annual fundraiser is popcorn. We hope that every scout family realizes the importance of participating in that to help support our program -- (awards, pinewood derby cars, t-shirts, patches, etc.) Popcorn fuels Cub Scouts -- it's THAT simple! However, each year we also choose an optional fundraiser to allow Cub Scouts to earn money that will assist paying for their own personal Scout equipment and adventures.

WasteZero & Longhorn Council have joined forces to help clean up our communities and support local scouts with a trash bag fundraiser (this will replace the Camp Card program that wasn't as successful for the boys as in years past).

Participating Scouts will receive 35% commission on their sales. This commission will go into the Cub Scout Pack's general fund, but with a notation that it is for the benefit of your scout. His hard work earns him the commission. Period. Funds earned during the trash bag fundraiser can be used for Day Camp registration fees, the Webelos trip to Space Center Houston this fall, membership registration each year, scouting supplies and equipment, special events, camping fees, etc.

This is NOT a Pack fundraiser. This is also NOT a mandatory fundraiser. It is completely optional -- however, who DOESN'T use TRASH BAGS? EASY SALES! Especially with spring yard clean ups about to start happening all over the neighborhood!

The campaign will sell Waste Zero trash bags in three sizes:

13 gallon Tall Kitchen Bags (50 count $15) so $5.25 commission

30 gallon Large Trash Bags (30 count for $15) $5.25 commission

41 gallon Contractor Bags (16 count for $20) $7 commission

The high quality bags feature drawstrings and contain 50% recycled content. All bags are proudly made in the USA. We are excited for the trash bag sales because unlike popcorn or even camp cards, everyone uses and needs trash bags. Selling a product that everyone needs makes it harder for prospective customers to say no.

We will pick up the order forms at the March District Roundtable. Take order sales begin NOW!  Jessica Cristy, our new fundraising chair (YAY), can facilitate getting the order forms to den leaders for distribution.

One cool feature -- there will also be a TEXT TO BUY option for Take Order. Customers can order by texting the word “Scout” to 41411. It will give them prompts to pay and that way they can use their Credit/Debit cards from the comfort of their own phone and pay immediately without the needs for one of the swipers or a special app on your phone! Cash and check are also acceptable methods of payment. Payment is collected AT THE POINT OF SALE. All orders need to be paid for at the time they are ordered.


We will pick up product Thursday, May 3 at the District Roundtable. They will be ready for pick up and distribution to your customers after that.

Our Council is doing incentive prizes as follows as well:

  • Filler UP: Sell a customer for each line on the order form, scout receives a small lock back pocket knife
  • $500 in Sales: Scout receives a larger Boy Scout knife
  • $1,000 in Sales: Scout receives a 1 liter CamelBak backpack

March Parent/Committee Meeting


The Pack Committee helps ensure that our Cub Scouts are offered fun-filled and meaningful events through the year.

Parents please attend and help enrich and strengthen our Pack. Topics include upcoming pack meeting plans, assignments for the next month and upcoming large-scale activities.

We have a few leadership roles we would love to have filled and just by coming to these meetings -- you could help the Pack tremendously! You can RSVP on Scoutbook or just show up! The meeting agenda link will be posted in the Comments field below the event on the ScoutBook calendar. We ask that you please print your own (no wasted paper).

The meeting is at 7pm at the Scout House on Monday, March 5. We will be finalizing the March Pack Meeting, discussing Pine Wood Derby event, finalizing the Spring Campout, touching on the summer calendar of events and more.

Come join us!

Friday, March 2, 2018


Parents and Leaders - we are in CRITICAL need of more BALOO trained adults in our Pack.

What IS BALOO training? 

BALOO training is the Cub Scout leader training required for any Cub Scout den or pack outdoor event, including pack and Webelos den overnight camping. BALOO certification is reached after completion of two components—one online and one practical, hands-on session (that means you'll be camping). Both components must be completed to qualify as a “TRAINED” Cub Scout outdoor leader.

The online component which must be completed prior to the practical component contains introductory and basic information that will be built upon during the camping. Cool thing... YOU CAN DO THIS PORTION RIGHT NOW in the comfort of your own home by simply logging into your account (the same one where you took Youth Protection Training) and knock that out of the way!  Talk about being proactive! 

Image result for go you!

Why take BALOO?  

Great question! I'm glad you asked. Here's the simple explanation: We cannot camp without BALOO trained adults. It's that simple. 

As a Pack, we are not allowed to camp-out anywhere other than at a Council or District sponsored event UNLESS we have at least one BALOO trained adult. Currently, only have two BALOO trained adults in our ENTIRE PACK!  How is this possible in a Unit our size?!?

As a Pack, we have set a standard that we will have a minimum of two BALOO trained adults on every overnight event, because if there is only one.... and that person has to leave... the event has to end. The more BALOO trained adults we have in our Pack, the better off our entire program is.

We know not everyone can make every camp out which is why we need MULTIPLE PARENTS AND LEADERS to obtain their BALOO certification. This is not the time to rely on everyone else to ensure your Scout's program is the best one around -- THIS is a way YOU can make an IMMEDIATE DIFFERENCE!!!


So what? You don't have to be!  Cool, huh? You only have to be an adult who wants to see our Pack's outdoor program continue and succeed.


The catch is that... we need parents to attend!  You need to take the training and then commit to being one of those BALOO trained adults who comes camping with us!  


  • April 6-8 at Sid Richardson Scout Ranch will be a combined BALOO and IOLS course so participants will earn both certifications! IOLS is Introduction to Outdoor Leadership Skills. If you want to be an Assistant Scoutmaster for the Troop once your son joins Boy Scouts, this is that required leadership training -- you'll already have it out of the way! BONUS! Do note that this has a 6:30ish check in time that Friday night at Sid so consider travel times. 
  • April 13-14 at Joe Pool Lake will be a BALOO only course (6p-6p)

  • September 15-16 (location and times TBA)

For the April courses, registration is live nowCLICK HERE and scroll down to the course you wish to take and sign up online.  Take the online portions sometime this month and you're SET and my personal hero!  Who wouldn't want that designation?

Image result for my hero

Once you complete the course, you get a handy dandy business sized card that signifies you are indeed a BALOO trained adult. KEEP THAT IN YOUR WALLET!  It has to be on your person for the overnight events! Oh, and Pack leadership - we need a copy of that!

The only way to make our program be the best one around is to invest in it!  

BALOO is one or two evenings with some amazing leadership and parents just like you who want to see their son's units be awesome! Such a small investment with a huge payoff for everyone!

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Camping Do's and Don'ts

Image result for do and don't

  • Practice setting up your tent before you get on the camping trip. Make sure it is complete and you know how to put it up. Of course we will help you but you don’t want to get out there to realize you don’t have stakes or poles!
  • Plan on it getting colder than you think – you can always take off a layer or remove a blanket. Put a sheet inside your sleeping bag it keeps it clean inside and will give you a layer of warmth or a layer of cool.
  • Bring rain gear – you never know what the weather will be
  • Change clothes to sleep in. (will keep you from getting cold due to moisture in the fabric from the day and you never know what you have on your clothes that you are bringing into your tent…poison ivy)
  • Always have a tarp under your tent. Make sure none of it sticks-out from the bottom of the tent or it will collect rain and make the inside of your tent wet.
  • Allow your son to do as much of the work while camping as possible (help putting up the tent, carrying stuff, etc). HE CAN DO IT!! And will be proud that he did it.
  • Store food, candy, toothpaste in your car or animal proof container but NOT your tent. They can smell it!
  • Maintain the buddy system & Youth Protection Training (YPT) at all times!

Related image

  • Never sleep in a tent with a child who is not your own. – BSA rule
  • No alcohol anywhere, anyhow, anytime. – BSA rule
  • No smoking or tobacco products in sight of Cub Scouts. – BSA rule
  • Never leave candy/chips or candy/chip wrappers or food of any kind in your tent or in your clothes in your tent. Animals can smell it. This includes toothpaste, open Gatorade and other soda cans, etc. If in doubt leave it in your car.
  • Cub Scouts should not have/use knives in Tiger and Wolf ranks. Bears and higher ranks may only bring pocket knives if they have completed the “Whittling Chip” pocket knife achievement and have their Whittlin’ Chip card or badge on their person. No knives with a blade longer than the width of a child’s palm. – BSA rule.
  • Avoid 100% cotton clothing…think wool or synthetics. Cotton stays damp and makes you feel cold.
  • Leave behind the Nintendo DS, iPod, or other electronics/game systems. This is the boys’ opportunity to get away from all that. Besides, they could get damaged or lost. BSA insurance doesn't cover that!
  • No precious toys/ jewelry – could get damaged or lost.

Don't Mess With Texas Art Contest

Did you know that Texans ages 16-34 are the most likely to litter? We need to do all we can to motivate young Texans to keep our environment free from trash. Help Don't mess with Texas and Keep Texas Beautiful teach our future leaders the importance of litter prevention by getting involved in the Don't mess with Texas® K-12 Art Contest!

This contest is a great way to share the Don’t mess with Texas and Keep Texas Beautiful litter prevention messages with our Scouts so that they learn good habits now to last them a lifetime!

Entry deadline is April 20, 2018.  There are some pretty cool prizes!  I know we have some creative Scouts!  Do your best and you may wind up one of the winners!

Texas students enrolled in grades K-12 are invited to submit original artwork promoting litter prevention and keeping Texas beautiful. The contest begins January 16, 2018. All entries must be submitted or postmarked by April 20, 2018. Entries will promote the Don't mess with Texas and/or Keep Texas Beautiful litter prevention slogans. Decisions will be judged based on creativity and uniqueness, inclusion of a litter prevention message and interpretation of theme, overall visual appeal, composition and age appropriateness. Students who create the top 13 winning designs will have their artwork assigned to a month or placed on the cover of the 2019 Don't mess with Texas Calendar. Each will also win a Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 9.7" tablet donated by Samsung. All student winners and runners-up may be showcased on the Don't mess with Texas and Keep Texas Beautiful websites and social media sites, at the 2018 Keep Texas Beautiful annual conference, in media announcements, and through other channels.

Official contest rules are found HERE.
Entry form is found HERE.
Official event flyer can be found HERE.
Litter fact sheet can be found HERE.

Some of last year's winners are below, the remainder can be found HERE:

2nd grade, Katherine Sunwoo

4th grade, Karis Lee

7th grade, Stacy Chen

Kindergarten, Estrella Delgadillo

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Pinewood Derby 2018

*Updated 3/6/18
Make plans now to join Pack 1910 for the end-all-be-all of racing events -- the PINEWOOD DERBY! Pinewood Derby Kits were distributed at the February Pack meeting and by pick up at Mr. Mahanna's. If you haven't received yours, please contact him immediately. Rules packets will be e-mailed out to the Pack after their approval.

Our Pinewood Derby will be Saturday, April 29 at 10:30 am

Track set up Friday, April 28 from 6-7pm. ADULT HELP IS NEEDED TO DO THIS. Scouts may arrive between 7-8pm if they wish to test their cars and make any last minute adjustment. 

NEW THIS YEAR:  Official registration will be the morning of the race at 9:30 am. Races begin at 10:30 am (or sooner if registration concludes earlier).

Again, the track will be set up Friday night only for test runs and last minute tweaks and lubrication. Cars will not be checked in (impounded) until the following morning. The official scale will be there both Friday and Saturday and we will be checking car dimensions to be sure all Scout cars are in compliance for the big race.

There are all kinds of ways to enhance your car's performance. I've collected some for you here to check out.

Put the weight in the rear! Improving upon the weight distribution of the car once you've cut the body out.

Are you a physics geek that wants to know the whys behind the how? Check out this and this.

A favorite blog of mine actually summed it up quite nicely

All the speed in your son’s car will come from POTENTIAL ENERGY being converted to KINETIC ENERGY. When the car is at the top of the track, ready to go down, it is full of potential energy, or the force of gravity pulling the car back to earth. If the track were to suddenly disappear, the car would fall to the ground, converting the potential energy to movement, or kinetic energy. 
Theoretically, the fastest the car can go is the speed at which it would be traveling as it fell right before it hit the ground. Of course, your car (or your son’s car) won’t be going that fast since it loses some of it’s kinetic energy to FRICTION and other forces. Friction losses come from the rubbing of the wheels against the side of the car, against the axles, and against the track. There is also a little bit of friction from air, called drag. Energy is also converted into rotational energy, i.e. the spinning of the wheels.
So in essence, we want to maximize the potential energy in your car and minimize the losses due to friction and other forces. While I can’t give away all our secrets, here are a couple of tips to do just that.

Need to find a template to cut your car? Check out here or there's a ton of designs here. Want to know how to make a FAST car? See this post on Boy's Life.

Dremel actually has an interactive tool online where your son can pick out the design and it will give you a printable template for which to build his car! How cool is THAT? There are all kinds of stickers and decals available at hobby shops.

Oh, and don't forget to tie into our Pinewood Derby Theme -- SUPERHEROES! Your car's design/build should have something to do with SUPERHEROES!

There is so much good information and ideas out there! Just let your fingers do the walking! You'll be overwhelmed in no time.

Pack Pinewood Derby workshop dates to cut, sand or work on the car will be 
April 7 from 1-4p
April 14 from 1-4 
and we're working on a time/location for one on April 21.

Building a Pinewood Derby car is a great bonding experience for parents and their scouts. We understand, too, that participation and involvement with the build will be age-appropriate. Tigers at about 20% of the work, Wolves about 40%, Bears about 60% and once they're Webelos-- we would expect them to do the majority of work on their cars. Winning is fun, but that shouldn't be what this whole experience is about.

However, if you just can't keep your hands out of the toolkit, we ARE having an OPEN CLASS so that YOU CAN BUILD YOUR OWN CAR! Let your son experience the process with your guiding hand, but the lessons gleaned from the build (win or lose) be his to learn.

Along the same lines, we have a great movie called Down & Derby available for families to check out and watch together before the race. See April to check it out.

Monday, February 26, 2018

Spring Family Campout

One of the things all boys look forward to in Cub Scouts is CAMPING and it's almost time! Make plans to join us for our Spring Family Camp Out March 23-25.

Are you a little “camping-shy”? Don’t let it hold you back!! Do it for your son – he’ll love you for it!!

Unless you have an open-ended bank account, don't run out and buy every piece of gear you think you need at REI (but if you just want to, please let me know and I'll give you my list, too!) The best thing to do when starting to acquire gear is to start small and simple so that you can discover what your family needs... grow from there. There are plenty of seasoned camping veterans in our pack that have gear to spare so don't hesitate to put the word out if you need to borrow something.

To begin, you need something to sleep IN, something to sleep ON, something to wear, personal toiletries and light. (Oh... and toilet paper! Don't forget the toilet paper!)

Cub Scout family camping is also referred to as "car camping." With a large enough vehicle, you're fortunate enough to be able to take just about everything AND the kitchen sink with you. But for the amount of time you'll be there, it's really not necessary. Though, a few creature comforts are definitely worth it!

For our campout at Lake Grapevine's Meadowmere Park, you won't necessarily need a ton of supplies.

Camping is the highlight of any Cub Scout's year. Campouts are always fun occasions and the kids and adults have a blast. We have great food and a fun experience for the whole family.

Print out THIS REGISTRATION FORM and turn it in with payment no later than Monday, March 5 at the Parent/Committee Meeting.

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Save The Date for Day Camp

The annual Mustang District Day Camp held each June is definitely a highlight of our Pack's summer calendar. This year's theme is Passport To Adventure! How cool is that? Exploring different cultures, lands, countries.

We have a whole page dedicated to all things DAY CAMP! Click HERE for that information. It continually be updated as we have more information.

But the important information you need NOW is:

WHO: Cubs entering 1st grade in the fall - 5th graders
WHAT: The BEST Day Camp in our Council
WHERE: Harvest Church on 377 in Watauga
WHEN: June 4-7 from 8 am - 4 pm daily
WHY: Because it's a BLAST
HOW MUCH: it's about $100 per camper** and includes a t-shirt, patch, cap, all program supplies and insurance. There will be an EARLY BIRD REGISTRATION discount. More information to be announced on that!

Please note -- We are participating in the trash bag fundraiser as a way to let Scouts earn money to pay for and/or offset this fee. For every sale, 35% goes toward their day camp fee (or if they're not going to day camp, toward another event fee). 

**We NEVER want Scouting to be a financial burden to our families nor a reason for your Scout to NOT attend Day Camp so if there is a need, please participate in the fundraiser to show your commitment and request and complete a campership form. That should be submitted to Christopher  Mahanna or April Driggers. The Registration Fee for Daycamp will be discounted. There are a limited amount of camperships available, but understand they do want to know that you are participating in the program (fundraising) to help subsidize. We treat these in a very discreet, confidential manner.

So again, SAVE THE DATE!

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Friends of Scouting

At tomorrow's Blue & Gold, we will have our annual Friends of Scouting presentation to the Unit. As a reminder the Friends of Scouting campaign is where we ask the families in Scouting to help support the operational funding of the Longhorn Council.

Longhorn Council is a nonprofit Scout organization that provides services, programs, camps, and facilities to over 30,000 youth each year in 23 counties in North and Central Texas. The Council supports the Units through providing and maintaining camping facilities, providing adult training and a professional staff that supports these functions as well as new unit and recruitment support. Of the money recently paid for registration, $0 is retained by the Council. The registration funds are passed on to the National Office to fund their operations and programs.

We are so blessed that not only our Pack but also our Troop has been a leader in the Keller area in many aspects of Council and District Operations. We have several youth and adults on summer camp staff, training committees and training faculties and we provide leadership at the District and Council level.

The Council is embarking on a new strategic plan that the Friends of Scouting campaign is a critical part of to attain the new vision statement of the Council.

The Council’s purpose is to provide the programs and infrastructure necessary to support Scout leaders as they work with your sons to deliver an effective Scouting program; including: 7 camps; program facilities (from 150 to 2500 acres), 21 major Cub Scout weekend programs during the school year, 19 day camps, 2 Cub resident camps, 9 major Boy Scout weekend events, 3 full Boy Scout summer camps; the Texas High Adventure Base, adult and youth training sessions, recruiting support, offices in Hurst and Waco, records, registrars, and insurance.... and a partridge in a pear tree.

Our projects are funded with Friends of Scouting contributions by Scouting families and business leaders, popcorn, Camp Card sales, and activity fees.

So, as you can see, the Friends of Scouting is a critical fund-raising campaign that assists the Longhorn Council in offsetting program costs and enables them to continue providing quality service. The true cost of Scouting is much greater that what local dues, camping and event fees cover.

All packs, troops and crews are encouraged to participate in the campaign and we hope all families will take the opportunity to contribute, too.

Our campaign will kick off Friday, February 23 at the Blue & Gold. The Council has established our Unit goal of $1,000. We have always exceeded our goal and want this year to be no different! By meeting our goal, we will be able to have FREE RANK ADVANCEMENT for our scouts which is a considerable savings to our Unit.

SO the next burning question is...


The pledge can be a one-time gift, it can be a monthly or quarterly contribution – however it makes sense for you to meet your commitment, Friends of Scouting can accommodate your request. No gift is too big... no gift is too small...

If you are unable to attend the Blue and Gold, you can go to and register your commitment to the campaign. On the page you will be able to make your commitment and schedule your payments according to your own needs. (Note: Make sure you designate Pack 1910 when you make your commitment so we can accurately record it).

Please consider a pledge to the 2018 Friends of Scouting Campaign to help the Pack hit our goal. If you would like to make a pledge, please go online now or be prepared to do so at our Blue and Gold. We will have cards available there.