Friday, January 27, 2017

Scout Sunday

You may have heard us discuss Scout Sunday or perhaps have seen some of the e-mails about it but you may not know exactly what Scout Sunday is or what purpose it serves or what exactly is the point of this day or observance.

Basically, on Scout Sunday, uniformed Scouts and Scouters across the country will greet their congregations, participate in worship services, receive religious awards and conduct service projects to benefit their place of worship and the community at large.

Scout Sunday is special for units such as ours that are chartered by a religious organization because it gives us a chance to be visible within the church body on a day meant to highlight and embrace the partnership between the church and the BSA units chartered therein. 

Members of other units that are not chartered by a religious organization will use this date to seek out opportunities to be of service on Scout Sunday in their own houses of worship as part of their Duty to God.  We are blessed to be part of a church home that welcomes our service to their organization.

One of my favorite blogs, Bryan On Scouting, wrote a great article on Scout Sunday.  You can read it here.

Our Chartered Organization, First United Methodist Church of Keller, welcomes our scouts and leaders to wear their Field Uniform and volunteer in various capacities at their services held Saturday and Sunday of Scout Sunday weekend. If you are not familiar with your church's Scout Sunday protocol or if there is not one in place, this would be a great time to reach out to the church leadership and find out how you can help promote scouting within your own church home.  The link above will give you examples of things to do.

Nationally, Scout Sunday falls on the Sunday before February 8 (which would be February 5 this year).  Because, as you know, February 8 is the anniversary of Scouting in America (or if you didn't, now you do!)

Scouts that wear their uniforms to church on Scout Sunday will earn a Scout Sunday patch for their brag vest. Please be sure to notify your den leader if you attend and serve.

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