Sunday, July 10, 2016


Thanks to those scouts who joined us for the first-ever Cardboard City Lock-In at the Family Life Center this Saturday!  We talked a little about homelessness, city planning, recycling and had some fun making some awesome shelters!  Take a little look-see.

 photo 2016 0709 IMG_8216.jpg  photo 2016 0709 IMG_8225.jpg

 photo 2016 0709 IMG_8226.jpg  photo 2016 0709 IMG_8219.jpg

 photo 2016 0709 IMG_8230.jpg  photo 2016 0709 IMG_8223.jpg

 photo 2016 0709 IMG_8218.jpg  photo 2016 0709 IMG_8220.jpg

 photo 20160708_210943.jpg

 photo 2016 0709 IMG_8222.jpg  photo 2016 0709 IMG_8217.jpg

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  1. Sounds like a very interesting way to spend your summer. Very creative in fact. He definitely will have using his mind and his hands to do things under his belt for the future. Excellent ideas.


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