Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Jump Into Scouting!

Jumpstreet Indoor Trampoline Park | Kids Birthday Parties & Corporate Events

It's time again for another fun summer outing with Pack 1910!  This time, we are headed to Jumpstreet Indoor Trampoline Park in Colleyville!

Want all the fun details on this event?  Keep reading my friends!

WHO? Pack 1910 Scouts, Siblings, Friends and Parents -- yep! Scouting is for EVERYONE!

WHAT? Jumpstreet indoor trampoline park -- time to get your jump on!

WHERE? Jumpstreet Colleyville

WHEN? Tuesday, July 26 from 6-8pm

WHY? Because it's fun! Plus -- it's exercise... AND IT IS INDOORS! (Anyone else ready for this heat to end!?!)

COST? The event is $12 per person payable at the door.

DRESS CODE? Please wear your pack t-shirt -- and socks! Socks are required.

NOTE:  A waiver must also be signed for each child participating. (Choose the Adult / Child) waiver.  Using their online form, you can complete waivers for multiple children at the same time.

They have printed waivers there, obviously, you can sign as well. No worries.

I would recommend bringing a water bottle and a small stringed backpack or something for them to keep that and their shoes in. LABEL EVERYTHING. Leadership there will help try to keep an eye on anything but just know that they will need to be responsible for their belongings.

Parents are welcome to stay and visit or you may drop and enjoy dinner and return for pick up.

LEADERS/PARENTS: Please RSVP on Scoutbook for yourself ONLY if you will be choosing to stay with April at the facility with the kids as a point of contact if they need any assistance over the jump time-frame (Please wear your Pack t-shirt).

Don't forget that by participating in just one event per month, your Scout will earn the Summertime Achievement Award.

Get your dodgeball arm ready!

There's a special place for those aged 4-7

They are all going to bounce, run, jump and have a blast!

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