Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Minute To Win It

We had a great turnout for the February Minute To Win It Pack Meeting. We had a great time and I sure hope you and your kids did too!  

The skits were funny.  I loved the song.

 photo 2016-02-10_010148073_49655_iOS_zps5drpdh1x.jpg  

You all participated and that made it a success!

We had a few fun games lined up:  First was the cup stacking competition.  36 cups, 60 seconds.  Only a few were able to succeed.

 photo 2016-02-10_010645188_A2CA1_iOS_zpspjeok3mv.jpg  photo 2016-02-10_010648226_F2D88_iOS_zpsjlyzi35n.jpg

 photo 2016-02-10_010650328_48633_iOS_zpsdt1os1rl.jpg  photo 2016-02-10_010654618_74CE9_iOS_zpsr1skinqc.jpg

 photo 2016-02-10_010711409_06C99_iOS_zpsjzybuuoz.jpg  photo 2016-02-10_010714514_C78CA_iOS_zpsqcnjptek.jpg

 photo 2016-02-10_010722109_B9E0C_iOS_zpshmwjxdif.jpg  photo 2016-02-10_010745237_226DB_iOS_zpsriotwesr.jpg

 photo 2016-02-10_010903142_816F0_iOS_zpsczheicrz.jpg photo 2016-02-10_010907850_4E3B3_iOS_zpsknpgfhck.jpg

 photo 2016-02-10_010915294_F7D3F_iOS_zpswlhenttm.jpg  photo 2016-02-10_011908378_1EF3A_iOS_zps5wpwnnrp.jpg

 photo 2016-02-10_011608093_BB07A_iOS_zpstnh7dm2n.jpg  photo 2016-02-10_010934710_1A65A_iOS_zpsa4c17yi8.jpg

 photo 2016-02-10_011316537_D12FF_iOS_zpsp0mokppv.jpg

 photo 2016-02-10_011316311_F1251_iOS_zpsthdbsiuy.jpg  photo 2016-02-10_011605123_F5A23_iOS_zpsk5vnqg2m.jpg

 photo 2016-02-10_011547158_0DAE2_iOS_zpsw93doyom.jpg

 photo 2016-02-10_011543611_CCE75_iOS_zpsqxqauyqt.jpg

Then to break the cup feats, we threw in a cookie challenge.  The goal, lean back, hands on the floor and try (using only your facial muscles) to move a cookie from your forehead to your mouth.

Next we played reverse where you have to go in reverse with stacks of 25 cups and get the blue one from the top to the bottom, one, cup, at, a, time!

 photo 2016-02-10_012932978_C91FA_iOS_zpsxuk4x4st.jpg  photo 2016-02-10_012930591_9F47D_iOS_zpsowh791l1.jpg

 photo 2016-02-10_012924717_51BAF_iOS_zpscrikzory.jpg

 photo 2016-02-10_012912315_85AE7_iOS_zpsrq5sijif.jpg  photo 2016-02-10_012909961_484EE_iOS_zpsih8gfg9f.jpg

 photo 2016-02-10_012757207_4F58F_iOS_zpsuezbopuw.jpg  photo 2016-02-10_012748443_04E22_iOS_zpsgcpn6g4u.jpg photo 2016-02-10_012723315_13DC1_iOS_zpswzqhnmi6.jpg

Then we followed it with Shake It Off where you're strapped to an empty tissue box filled with ping pong balls and you have to shake the balls all out of the box ... within 60 seconds.  I think, the best part for me, was watching the little siblings get into it.  They're JUST SO STINKIN CUTE!

 photo 2016-02-10_014709479_FA68D_iOS_zpsl5zpvyd4.jpg  photo 2016-02-10_014655886_EA149_iOS_zpsg2tcp5nb.jpg

 photo 2016-02-10_014055371_D483C_iOS_zpsoyr3dlm8.jpg

Then we played a fun game called Switch-a-Roo where you have to use a straw to suck up 25 M&M's from one plate and transfer them to another plate.  We had some studs get down a pretty good rhythm on this one.  It was SO QUIET.  A great segue to the close of the evening.

 photo 2016-02-10_015509587_5B6E7_iOS_zps9tai32zs.jpg  photo 2016-02-10_015506977_3D9BA_iOS_zpsuftodjrr.jpg

 photo 2016-02-10_015456354_BF096_iOS_zps7k7kwila.jpg  photo 2016-02-10_015452615_B39D5_iOS_zpsywywb8wo.jpg photo 2016-02-10_015434200_5A0BB_iOS_zps3mzisv0k.jpg

 photo 2016-02-10_015427512_0EC1D_iOS_zpsprj1pgu7.jpg  photo 2016-02-10_015147345_98A1A_iOS_zpsk9ikf40j.jpg

 photo 2016-02-10_015131369_500F1_iOS_zps5uwrbgpz.jpg  photo 2016-02-10_015123582_6DF37_iOS_zpslhtgv0on.jpg

Again, we had a lot of fun with the boys and I certainly hope you did too! It definitely take a village to make these things happen so thank you all for your help and for your grace!

Don't forget our Blue & Gold is in NINE DAYS and RSVPS are DUE NOW.  Payment can be made on the website by clicking on the Payments page or by clicking the PayPal button up top.  We do hope to see you there!

Camping payments are due soon as well.  Be watching for those deadlines.

Thank you again for coming to spend this evening with the family... your family... Pack 1910 family.  We ARE family!

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