Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Scout Sunday

A Scout is Reverent.

Scout Sunday is already one of the highlights of the BSA year. But Scout Sunday 2015 promises to be even more special. That’s because this year’s Scout Sunday falls on February 8, the BSA’s birthday. (The Boy Scouts of America was founded on Feb. 8, 1910.) The last time Scout Sunday fell on Feb. 8 was in 2009. It won’t happen again until 2026.

So there’s extra incentive to make this year’s celebration even more meaningful. On Scout Sunday, uniformed Scouts and Scouters across the country will greet the congregation, participate in worship services, receive religious awards and conduct service projects to benefit their place of worship.
The goal: Thank the religious institution for their service as the unit’s chartered organization.
Some religious institutions and the Scout units they serve have a Scout Sunday plan that’s been in place for years. If so, great.
Our Chartered Organization, First United Methodist Church of Keller, welcome our scouts to wear their full Field Uniform and come participate in their services.  If you are not familiar with your church's Scout Sunday protocol, this would be a great time to reach out to the church leadership and find out how  you can help promote scouting within your own church home.  
Scouts that wear their uniforms to church on Scout Sunday will earn this beautiful patch for their brag vest.  Please be sure to notify your den leader as such.

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