Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Day Camp!

The Mustang District Day Camp dates have been set!  

SAVE THE DATE!  June 9-13 at Harvest Church in Watauga.

Mustang District Day Camp is a 4-day adventure where Cub Scouts can earn belt loops and pins and complete many requirements for their new rank!  This is also one of the only places you can earn the BB and Archery belt loops!

The cost will be $85 per Scout.  

A current health form MUST be on file for each Scout and volunteer.  What a great reason to get those in NOW!

We will need chaperones for our Cub Scouts as well.  Two-deep leadership is required at all time. LIVE classroom YPT trained adults are also required.  There is a live YPT class taking place this weekend, March 1.  Please see the calendar for more information.  

For now... SAVE THE DATE!


 Don't forget to RSVP on the two e-vites that have been distributed. 

The first is for the Medieval Times event in May.  Please remember that we need your $10 per person deposit.

The second is for the location of the spring campout.  I would like to hear from all families so that I know all voices and opinions are heard.  

My son is in baseball, too, and I realize that spring sports are starting up.  This means that to go camping, we will likely miss a game.  I'm okay with that.  As a Pack we only camp twice a year. Once baseball starts, he will likely have games once or twice a week and once on the weekends.  So, I'm okay with missing one.  I don't, however, want to miss a campout... and I don't want YOU to miss having your voice heard!  Please RSVP today!

Friday, February 21, 2014

Blue & Gold is TOMORROW!

Tomorrow is the big day!  The annual celebration -- the birthday party, if you will -- of Cub Scouts!

The purpose of the Blue & Gold is to bring our dens together for an evening of fun and fellowship... enjoy a meal... to watch our boys perform... and to say goodbye to our Webelos II who will be venturing into the world of Boy Scouts.

.... yes... there will be FOOD! 

and YES...there will be desserts!  Don't forget to work with your son TONIGHT to get that western themed dessert prepared!  We can't wait to see!!!

But with the good comes the bad.  (Well, bad for US!)  We will be losing some amazing leaders that have given a part of their lives to this pack, and more importantly, to the young men they have led.

We will be saying goodbye to Sean Downham, Webelos II Den Leader, Kye Duncan, Webelos II Assistant Den Leader and Matt Wilkins, Pack Treasurer.  These three men stepped up to help when it was needed and have since passed the torch on to others to carry.  You see, we ALL need to help the Pack go.

I'm also going to say a BIG thank you in advance to our Blue & Gold Committee for all your hard work coordinating everything.  These are small wonders to put together and we all appreciate you!

Thank you!

I'll end it with a bunny... because, I can.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Safe Sanctuary

The Boy Scouts of America require that ALL registered leaders in our program be Youth Protection Trained.  As a Pack, however, we strive to have EVERY PARENT (registered or not) to be trained (it's free, it's online and it requires a mere 20-30 minutes of your attention.  It's just a good idea in any youth program to have everyone on the same page.)

Additionally, our Chartered Organization, First United Methodist Church of Keller requires not only that involved parties in our Scouting unit be YPT trained but ALSO be Safe Sanctuary Trained.  There has been a revision for the Safe Sanctuary policy and EVERYONE in leadership ... and again, we would like ALL of our parents to please invest this time into our program by getting Safe Sanctuary trained.  If you're an assistant den leader, you need it.  We have to have this at den meetings.  We have to have this at Pack meetings.  If we want to maintain our charter, this has to happen.  There IS A DEADLINE.  

Please see the below from the church.  Once you have submitted for this with the church, PLEASE LET US KNOW.  If you have training received through your church, I'm not sure it applies but you're welcome to CALL THE CHURCH directly to field those questions.  I am not in church administration and do not dictate these policies.  (817) 431-1332

Safe Sanctuary Policy Revised 

Renewal Required for All
In order to best offer the love of Christ to the children and youth connected to Keller UMC the KUMC Child/Youth Protection Committee is conducting global renewal process wherein all Eligible Workers, Volunteers and Helpers are required to be re-screened and re-trained. The renewal will be conducted starting January 1, 2014, and will include re-training with an abbreviated, updated video, re-check of criminal history, and renewing the Covenant. The entire process will require about 45 minutes of your time and will help to ensure the ongoing safety of our children/youth.

Please complete the renewal process by March 8, 2014.

RENEWING applicants will read the revised policy, watch the training, sign a new participation covenant, and sign a new background/criminal history check. Renewing applicants are not required to submit new references.

Please click on the following link to renew your eligibility: (NEW applicants may also use the same link, and will also provide references in addition to the other requirements.) Contact Kim or Lisa in the church office with any questions.

Thank you for your love of God and our kids and your assistance in creating a safe and loving environment her at Keller UMC.

The Keller United Methodist Church Child/Youth Protection Committee

Medieval Times

We have been given a great opportunity to attend a dinner tournament at Medieval Times on Sunday, May 4, 2014. 

Your Scout will also be given the opportunity to attend a workshop just for them!  (Please note that your scout does NOT have to attend the workshop in order for you to attend the dinner and tournament.)

The registration form is attached here.

RSVPs are due TO APRIL DRIGGERS by Monday, March 3.  In order to hold our spots for the class and to be able to sit together, we are required to pay a deposit. Therefore, a deposit of $10 per ticket will apply to everyone RSVPing to the event.  Payment of the remaining 22.50 per person will be due April 14 to April Driggers.

The total cost is $32.50 per person may also be paid in full at time of reservation.  Children 3 and younger may sit in their parent’s lap and eat from their plate. 

Rules of engagement:  Scouts must be in uniform.  Only unit leaders will be allowed in the classroom with the Scouts due to space. 

Questions?  Contact April.

Committee and Parent Meetings

One Monday a month, Pack 1910 holds Committee/Parent Meetings. 
If there is something you want us to do as a Pack, come to the meeting.  If there is something you want changed, come to the meeting.  If you know you need to step up and help this Pack run in some capacity (no job is too small) but don’t know what you could do or what is needed, THIS is the place to be.  MOST importantly, however, this meeting is where the input happens to decide who, what, where, when, why and how much for all of our Pack’s programs. 

If you want your voice heard, you need to be present.  We need input from every parent so we do hope you take the time to pitch in for the good of the Pack. 

You do NOT need to be a registered leader to attend... just a willingness to participate in discussion and wear a cape (because, you know, we all are superheroes!)

There are lots of exciting items on the agenda. We hope you want to be part of the fun and keep our Pack’s momentum moving forward.

The boys get out of if what WE put into it.  Come join us — everyone has something they can add.

The next Committee/Parent meeting is Monday, March 3 at 7pm in the Hallelujah Center. 

Please be sure to let April Driggers know if you’re going to attend so we can have an adequate amount of Agendas available.

Spring Campout - Save the Date

Our Spring Campout is just around the corner so be sure you block off your calendar for a weekend you won’t forget!  

Dates:  April 25-27.  Please note this is a Friday - Sunday campout.

We will be traveling to the Texas Hill Country for a campout in Austin along with a tour of the State Capitol and the caverns!  Stay tuned for more information, registration forms and such. 

Oh, by the way, to camp, we need a current health form!  I bet you haven't heard that lately!  

Pack Dues and Health Forms


If you have yet to make your $75 registration payment to the Pack, please do so at this time. 

If you’re unsure if you owe, please contact our Treasurer or our Cubmaster. 

Recharter registration fees for the 2014 Scouting year have already been paid, so we need to recoup these funds immediately. Dues are $75 per scout.  
These may be paid via Credit Card as well.  Please see Mr. Rodie.

We also need a BSA Health Form for EVERY BOY.  (Sections A, B only).  These will be good for one year (summer day camp included). A link to complete this is located on the ScoutTrack Bulletin Board. 
You can also find the forms by clicking here.

No one is able to attend Day Camp this summer without one.  Plus, it’s great to get it off the old to-do list.  Unfortunately, I can’t cross it off of mine, until we have one for every boy. 

Thank you for your IMMEDIATE attention to this matter.

Pinewood Derby

Pack 1910 has been GIFTED a Pinewood Derby track!  God is so good!  Thank you to Doug Brown for facilitating this tremendous addition to our Pack’s assets!

We do, however, need a few more parents who are interested in being part of the Pinewood Derby Committee to help run the event. 

If you haven't picked up your car yet, what are you waiting for?  See your den leader or Mr. Rodie today!  The Pinewood Derby Rules are posted on our ScoutTrack bulletin board.  You must use the wood, wheels and axles in the kit you receive.  Wheels must remain flat.  

We are currently getting a software upgrade and laptop for the Pack to use for this purpose.  Please contact Tom Harmon for more information. 

This is a great way to help the Pack by becoming a volunteer — it’s a one-time event… but certainly one that will be remembered all year long!  

Winners at each den level will receive a trophy and we will also have a grand champion!  It's sure to be a GREAT day!  More information to follow!

Blue & Gold is SATURDAY!

By now you should have all seen the e-mails circulating for the upcoming Blue & Gold.  It’s going to be a western themed evening.

Dinner will be catered by Dickey’s BBQ and is $5 a person with a $20 per family max.  Please plan to pay there.  Cash/check.  If you have any changes to your totals, please contact your den leader.  Once we turn in final numbers to the caterer, we are locked in and everyone that RSVP'd needs to pay.  Thank you for your understanding.

We hope the dens have been working hard on their skits and/or songs to present at the Blue & Gold.  I know we can’t wait to see them!

Don’t forget, too, that dessert is a BAKE-OFF!  That’s right!  Each Scout should bring a western themed creation that is completely edible.  Each entry will be judged and there are prizes!  Once the judging is complete, the eating can commence!

So remember -- 6pm, Saturday at the Family Life Center. 

Adults, dust off those boots and hats, grab a bandana and dress up!  

On a sad note for us, however, this will be the last time we have our Webelos II together with us as Cub Scouts.  This is their final evening and the culmination of their Cub Scout career.  After Blue & Gold, they will become Boy Scouts.  Our Pack meetings will be a little smaller until September when we have our rally for a whole new crop of Tigers! 

We can’t wait to see everyone for the annual celebration of Scouting — the Blue & Gold banquet!