Monday, April 10, 2017

Awesome Reasons To Be A Cub Scout

I shared this around the same time last year and it's worth a repost!

Scouting makes the world such a small place!  One of my favorite blogs shared a post on the 10 Awesome Reasons You Should Sign Your Kid Up For Cub Scouts and I could NOT agree more!  She includes personal examples that completely validate the authenticity of this amazing program.

With her permission, I am including a link to her blog post.  I encourage all of our families to read it... share... start a dialogue with those you think might benefit from the program!  Bring them to tomorrow's Pack meeting.

Remember, Day Camp registration is also upon us and what a GREAT way to introduce your friends and their families to all the awesomeness of Cub Scouts!

Thank you, A Southern Mom, for sharing your own personal experience with Scouting.

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