Sunday, February 12, 2017

Camp Cards

Pack 1910 is pleased to announce that the 2017 Longhorn Council Camp Card fundraising program is about to get underway!  

By selling Camp Cards similar to the one above, Scouts can earn their own way to District Day Camp this June, Medieval Times this July or even to the USS Lexington which we will visit this September!  Units participating in the program earn 50% commission on each card.  The cards cost $10 each so each sale nets $5.00 to go into the Scout's Account. We are passing this commission to the individual scout account of the Cub Scout who sold them.  This is not a fundraiser for the unit, it's allocated for your Scout to use to pay for his way to Pack events.

Oh, and did I mention they best part?  This fundraiser is completely risk-free! That's right. Any cards you don't sell, you simply return them and you're done.  100% Risk Free. 

All unsold cards and funds are due to April at the Committee Meeting held May 1. 

What specific savings can the boys sell from these cards?

The top and probably the way to obtain the easiest sell is to show an automatic return of your investment by simply spending money at the grocery store -- we're feeding hungry boys so that's QUITE easy to do!

The big savings here that makes it an easy sell is that the cost of the card is $10, but as soon as they go into Tom Thumb or Albertsons and spend $100 in groceries, they get their $10 back. 

If you can get your son to sell 3 packs of 10 Camp Cards, that's a $300 sale and a $150 commission, or, stated differently, your Scout has paid for 100% of Day Camp and about 90% his entire fee to stay overnight on the USS Lexington in September!

Please note that while this is an OPTIONAL fundraiser, we want to encourage participation in order to lessen the direct financial burden on our Pack families.  While it is SO EASY (albeit sometimes painful) to write that check and pay their way, that fails to give our Scouts the opportunity to learn a valuable lesson in sweat equity by participating in THEIR program. Selling teaches perseverance and being thrifty.  Besides, every Scout deserves the opportunity to pay his own way.  

Cards will be distributed at the March Pack Meeting.  I encourage to you to do your best! It's a VERY easy sell!


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