Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Wreaths Across America

On Monday, December 12, 2016, at Eleven O’clock in the morning a wreath laying ceremony will be held on the steps of the Texas State Capital Building in Austin, while similar ceremonies occur at all of the other forty-nine Capitol Buildings across our country.

On Saturday, December 17, 2016 the national Wreaths Across America event will occur to honor veterans at Oak Grove Memorial Gardens in Irving while similar ceremonies occur at Arlington National Cemetery and over 400 other participating locations nationwide – a solemn tribute to those who served and those who made the ultimate sacrifice.

The Wreaths Across America story began over 24 years ago when the Worcester Wreath Company from Harrington, Maine initiated a tradition of donating and placing wreaths on the headstones of our nation’s fallen heroes at Arlington National Cemetery. Worcester Wreath Company continues to be a major supporter of the project donating over 25,000 total wreaths each year. Over 100,000 wreaths will be sponsored by individuals, businesses and groups from communities nation-wide. Wreaths will be placed in all 50 states, at several locations in Iraq, and at 24 national cemeteries on foreign soil.

Oak Grove Memorial Gardens began working with the Wreaths Across America project in 2010 with over 300 wreaths donated that first year and placed on the graves of veterans buried throughout the cemetery. 

This year the ceremony will be held simultaneously with all of the cemeteries at 11:00 AM Central Time. After the ceremony some 2000 plus wreaths, all donated from individuals and local businesses, will be placed on the graves of the designated veterans graves and throughout the cemetery. Oak Grove Memorial Gardens does allow the wreaths to be designated and placed on a certain individual veteran’s graves if a sponsor so wishes. 

The remaining wreaths will then be placed on veteran’s graves in certain areas of the cemetery.  A small prayer of thanksgiving and remembrance is said as each wreath is laid upon the headstones.  Honoring our commitment to never forget.

Pack 1910 was proud to be a part of this event last year and made a commitment to honor those who have served by continuing to participate each year.  Duty to Country.  A Scoutbook notification was e-mailed to the Pack.  Please RSVP there so we know if we should expect you and your family.  

We hope you consider participating in this community wide event of remembrance.

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