Friday, December 2, 2016


It’s time again to recharter our Pack with the Boy Scouts of America (BSA).  As part of this process, each Scout and leader must register for the upcoming year.  Those that joined in September, should have already paid for this year's fees with your registration payment.

Recharter dues for returning scouts is $100. Arrow of Light scouts are $75 (this reduction is because they crossover to the Boy Scout Troop in late-February).

1) National Dues – this fee is paid directly to the Boy Scouts of America and registers your Cub Scout for the period January through December.
  • The National Dues are $25.50 ($24 registration fee plus $1.50 for accident insurance) per Cub Scout.  
  • Traditionally, the Pack pays the national dues and insurance ($25.50) for each registered leader, however, if we have leaders that would like to pay their own registration to off-set this expense, please do.

2) Boys’ Life Fee – Boy's Life is the monthly magazine for the Boy Scouts of America. It’s a great read that reinforces Scouting and the good family values that are part of our program. While registration for Boys’ Life is optional, we feel that the content is so important and relevant, we choose to make this part of your registration payment. Therefore, we incorporate that fee into the dues as well. For more information, visit:  Boy's Life is $1 per month, so $12 annually.

3) Pack Fee – $62.50 The Pack charges an annual Pack Fee to help cover the cost of running the pack.  This fee includes all program costs and is set each year by the Pack Committee. At the very basic level, this covers the initial handbook, neckerchief, slide for each scout, as well as a Pack T-shirt, the neckerchief, book and slide for their next rank at graduation, all rank badges, mother's pins, Webelos activity badges, adventure loops, pinewood derby car, rain gutter regatta kit, the Pack 1910 unit patches and the Pack 1910 brag vest patch as well as all segment patches for participation and all of the materials associated with monthly Pack meetings.  As you can see, there is great deal of tangible goods that each scout receives annually just for doing what they do! This doesn't even cover the other costs... just what our BOYS receive.

Thus, we rely heavily on fundraising to ensure an awesome program for our youth. Simply stated, Popcorn sales fuels Cub Scouts.

Membership renewals are due no later than the December Pack meeting so that we know you are continuing your path with Pack 1910. 
Checks should be made payable to Pack 1910. If you would like to pay via credit card, that can be done as well. 

For your convenience, we have set up a Payments page on our blog to enable parents to utilize PayPal as your form of payment for the annual dues.
If you are a current member, please be sure you are choosing the correct membership fee structure.

Without registration payment commitments, we cannot recharter your Scout. Awards and rank cannot be recorded for unregistered Scouts.

Remember, the fun things we do at the Pack meetings, the prizes, awards, rank insignia, handbooks, patches and all that the pack provides is funded only by dues and fundraisers. We budget and rely on that commitment from every family each year.

Please note, too, that all new families to Pack 1910 should be paid up by now and therefore, recharter dues do not apply *unless* you have not yet paid as we included the 2017 dues with your registration.

There are also online forms that will be part of the recharter package for each scout. In an effort to make this process more streamlined for our membership, these forms have been made ELECTRONIC so that you needn't turn in anything other than your BSA Health Form. We HAVE to have a paper copy of that.

Thank you for your assistance in making this as painless and streamlined of a process as possible. I appreciate everyone's prompt attention to this matter.
If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours in Scouting,
Amber Walker
Membership Chair
Pack 1910

Links to complete your renewal:

Photo release:

Volunteer info form:


Health Form:

Again - We need all dues for 2017 paid by December 13.  

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