Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Scouting is a BLAST! (Literally)

Please make plans to join us Sunday, November 6 at 2:30 pm for Pack 1910's Annual Rocket Launch.  Weather permitting, we will be meeting in the Keller Sports Park's westernmost soccer field parking lot.  Please see THIS DIAGRAM for where to park that day and where the launch site will be in relation to the parking area.  We will discuss this at the Pack Meeting but wanted to give you as much notice as we can.

Our MC and host for the event, DARS (Dallas Area Rocket Society), has suggested that the only rockets we use should be those requiring a 1/4A, 1/2A and A motors (B at most) with streamers / not parachutes.  These won't go quite as high, but we also shouldn't lose as many!  

For the rocket launch you will need to bring your fully assembled rocket, motors, pins and wadding. DARS will provide the launch pads and electrical igniter.  You do NOT need to bring a launch rod or blast shield.  

I have taken the liberty to contact Estes and they suggested something similar to either a Wizard or a Firestreak SST for launching.  The major difference is that with the Wizard, the boys will have to measure, mark and glue the parts together to assemble the rocket and the Firestreak is molded from plastic and simply snaps together (requires no gluing).  The Wizard is pictured here:   and here is a copy of what you get in your kit:

The Firestreak and its kit's contents:

Rocketry may be new to your family and seem somewhat impossible... please don't be intimidated because it is a LOT OF FUN! Hobby Lobby sells rocket kits and you can use an app or download a 40% off coupon as well.  The kits come in a variety of levels of difficulty to assemble.  Some are "RTF" (Ready To Fly), "ARF" (Almost Ready to FLY), "E2X" (Easy to Assemble) and so on.  

Here is a little diagram that will help identify what all the parts are for if you're not familiar with model rockets.

Also to note, when we speak of "motors" or "engines," we are talking about these guys (pictured right).  Packaged, these engines come complete with an igniter and pin for each. So, don't lose the little plastic pieces or the two pronged igniter.  Please be sure to PURCHASE THEM as kits do not include engines since many rockets can be launched by several different engine sizes. Approved Estes engines for our launch are are A8-3, B6-2, C6-3 and C6-5.  If you want to buy Quest engines, we have a list of those as well.  Please note, however, that the C size engines MAY be unable to launch if it is too windy so your best bet is to stick with A and B sized engines for your rocket or at least have some on standby to use as a last resort.

Pictured left is the "recovery wadding." You will also need this for any repeat launches.

I warn you, however, rocketry can be quite exhilarating!  Bring those cameras....and visit the DARS website for more information on their next public launch.  They have some launches where they shoot off the BIG DOGS!  It's definitely an amazing sight to behold.  

As with all Pack events, this is open to siblings.  So if brothers / sisters want to launch, they can bring their own rockets, too!

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