Sunday, May 8, 2016

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to all the Akela Moms out there in Pack 1910!  We owe you so much for not only putting up with the stinky, smoke-laden camp-out clothes to finding of lost whatchamacallits...

...from the rides back and forth to den and Pack meetings to the planning of advancement

...from the selling of popcorn and chocolates to volunteering for those little jobs that mean so much

...from the smiles of support and encouragement to the mentoring of tomorrow's leaders

...from the snacks to the last-minute projects

...from the collecting to the leading.  

Happy Mother's Day to the Tiger moms who have jumped into this program fearlessly and helped turn this into something their boys want to be a part of!  We appreciate you!

Happy Mother's Day to the Wolf moms who are learning their way more and more through the program and start to realize the importance of Pack participation!  We appreciate you!

Happy Mother's Day to the Bear moms who are learning now that we the program is designed to lead these young Cubs into the steps of independence.  Staying ever so close... but allowing them more opportunities to grow in the wild!  We appreciate you!

And... last but not least...
Happy Mother's Day to our Webelos moms who are now learning to step back and let the boys experience the program as it was meant to be... supervised learning by doing. They're on the precipice of learning to lead each other.  Just like the superheroes of the past, you've equipped them with the right equipment in their toolbelt by effectively letting the program teach them to be self-reliant!  We appreciate you!

Simply put, we just couldn't do it without our MOMS!!  May your day be blessed!

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