Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Flag Retirement Ceremony

THIS FRIDAY night is going to be a busy one for Pack 1910 Cub Scouts and their families! Not only is it Pinewood Derby Registration, but it is also Ridgeview's Outdoor Family Movie Night in the field behind the school. We will divide and conquer!

The Principal of Ridgeview Elementary has a flag that needs to be retired and has asked us to handle that.  What a better time to show the school how we can demonstrate Citizenship while we respectfully retire the flag.  So we invite all scouts in FULL CLASS A UNIFORM to come and conduct a flag retirement ceremony before Friday's movie at the school. Therefore, we need some scout volunteers in order to make that happen.  The event will be created on Scoutbook, please just RSVP if you will be there so we know who to give parts to.

We encourage everyone to get your pinewood derby car checked in early and scoot on over to the school to participate.

Ridgeview Elementary will be showing The Peanuts Movie. I still haven't seen it and I even owned a SNOOPY DOLL in a former life!  Families participating in the flag retirement are encouraged to stay and enjoy the movie.  After the movie, the Pack is assigned clean up detail of the area.  Adults, even if your children can't stay, we would certainly appreciate our leaders taking part in this important part of our representation.

Please indicate your availability to serve in this capacity on Scoutbook.  I hope we have an all-hands-on-deck representation of our boys and leadership at our school.  It's a great investment of time for recruiting as well.

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