Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Texas Badge

At the March Pack Meeting we worked on some of the requirements for the Texas Badge. The Texas Badge is an extra badge that the boys can earn and wear as temporary insignia. In other words, it's a temporary patch that is usually hanging from the button or inserted into a plastic sleeve that is hanging from that button so that you may proudly display said awesome patch that they want to wear as part of their record of awesomeness!

Here is a handy-dandy visual aid for your insignia placement viewing pleasure.

But, I digress, back to The Texas Badge.  Printable here

How awesome that you can EARN AN AWARD just for learning some amazing things about this amazing state.

  • Be an active Cub Scout or Webelos Scout registered in a Pack in Texas. (well, you've all got THAT covered, don'tcha?!  NEXT!
  • Name the State bird (printable here.)
  • State flower (printable here)
  • State motto - Friendship
  • Sing or recite the words of "Texas, Our Texas"(done at the meeting but found here)

  • Draw the six flags of Texas. Tell something important that happened when Texas was under each flag.  These were at the gathering activity table.  Please let me know if you need to have them mailed to you.
  • Name a famous Texas. Tell why that person is famous, and what you like or dislike about him or her.  There are a TON of these to choose from:  
    • Stephen F. Austin, Davy Crockett among hundreds of others. Try HERE or HERE
  • Visit an historical place in Texas. Tell about the important events, which happened there.(this can't be a visit from another ran, it has to be while you are a Webelos.

  • Read a story about any Texas subject (fiction or non-fiction). Tell what you learned from the story. (This could have been in school since they started this grade.)
  • Find out about the Indians who lived near your community at any time. Tell about some of their history and customs. If you have already done any of these requirements for another Cub Scout or Webelos Scout award, you must do something different for the Texas Badge. For example, if you visited an historical place for another Cub Scout or Webelos Scout award, you should visit a different historical place for the Texas Badge.  Amazing resource here. 
Once your son has completed all of the requirements for the Texas Badge.  They need to complete the application and I believe your den leaders needs to start validating the and submitting them to council.  We are looking at ordering them late April / early May so that you wll have it in time for the bridging ceremony.

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