Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Spring Campout

It's time to gear up and RSVP for Pack 1910's Spring Campout.  It's sure to be quite an exciting trip and it'll be to a place that we have never been to before! 

We will be camping in Athens, Texas, at Circle 10's Trevor Reese Jones Campground. Dinner Friday evening will be on your own. Prior to lights out, however, we will have a cracker barrel. 

Saturday morning we will have a continental breakfast of muffins, milk, juice, fruit, bagels, etc. Then we will convoy over to the Texas Freshwater Fishery Center.  Luckily, we have received a group rate for our Pack to attend and admission is included with your camping fee.  You can take an interactive virtual tour here.  That link explains quite a bit about the different sections of the fishery. 

The boys will learn about eco systems, watersheds, streams, ponds, bluegill spawning area, see the reservoir exhibit, the alligator exhibit, Texas record fish exhibit... there is a theater and dive show... there will also be a tram tour and hey... they get to go fishing in the stocked pond. All the materials are provided other than bait (though I have read conflicting reports online that states bait is provided, but we should follow the Scout Motto of "Be Prepared" and bring our own. Please know that they do have bait restrictions on all outside bait.  Their policy states that "Visitors may not bring any freshwater organism such as fish, crayfish or aquatic insects, dead or alive, into TFFC. This is to protect our waters and fish. Visitors may fish with commercially-prepared baits in their original containers or natural baits such as crickets, chicken livers, worms or corn providing those baits have been inspected and approved by staff at the Anglers Pavilion."

Approved Baits

Shrimp (marine/saltwater)  *  Beef hearts
Cheese sticks  *  Chicken gizzards
Chicken livers  *  Hot dogs
Worms  *  Crickets
Grasshoppers  *  Flavored corn
Commercial baits (in original containers)

The Pack will have a picnic lunch at the fishery before heading back to the campgrounds for the evening's meal and campfire. Any boys that have a campfire requirement remaining for their advancement will be able to meet that at this campout.  Yay for advancement!

After breakfast on Sunday, we will have a Scout's Own chapel service, break camp, inspect the grounds to ensure we leave it better than we found it.  Then we will head on home with a great weekend on our minds.

If you're not an experienced camper... have no fear! Try it out! If you need any supplies, please let us know.  Remember, too, our campouts are family friendly meaning that your siblings are welcome to attend with you.

Important Info:

Cost is be $20 per person ($21 if you use Paypal). This will cover your site fee for camping $5 per head and your entrance to the Texas Freshwater Fishery program. It will cover your Friday cracker barrel, Saturday continental breakfast, sandwich lunch, dinner and breakfast on Sunday. Be sure you bring plenty to drink for your family. The entire family is welcome to attend. A PayPal link is live.
We DO need a head count ASAP (even if you think it's a maybe) because we have to reserve the campground and pay a deposit PER CAMPER. So if you know for a fact, you cannot make this campout, please RSVP on Scoutbook. Otherwise, we will likely be bothering you repeatedly until you RSVP. 

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