Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Congrats to our Webelos 2

Last month our Webelos 2 den camped overnight with Troop 1910 as part of their Arrow of Light requirements while the rest of our pack was enjoying the festivities with the Fall Festival and Haunted Hay Ride.  While there, they participated in an event called SCORE-O. 

SCORE-O an orienteering event held as a timed race where you have to navigate with your map and compass to find waypoints on a map (that you don't receive until an hour before the timer starts) each of which have different point values depending on their degree of difficulty in accessing them. 

Out of the 18 Webelos teams, Den 3 scored in 10th place.  Even more impressive is that they scored higher than 73 of the Boy Scout teams! WHOA!

Thank you again to Mr. Harmon for leading them!

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