Sunday, November 15, 2015

Christmas Party Plans

It's hard to believe but it's time to start thinking about CHRISTMAS already!  But hey...

So we've gotta do what we've gotta do!

As usual we have a fantastic evening planned for all our families.  We are having a Christmas Pack Pizza Party!  

Oh yes, we said pizza!  You heard that right!  There will be pizza for everyone!  NO rushing to try to eat before the Pack Meeting.  There will be food and drinks and dessert right there!

We are asking that families with last names that start with A-L to please bring bring a 2 liter of something or a gallon of something to share with everyone.  

If your last name starts with M-Z to please bring a dessert to share with everyone. 

The pack will have pizza, plates, paper goods and, of course, all the entertainment.

So, save the date for the our December Pack Meeting.  Tuesday, December 8.

  • We will pass out popcorn sales winner prizes
  • We will pass out boxes for the January Cubanopolis
  • We will collect any outstanding funds for recharter, popcorn or t-shirt orders
  • T-shirt orders will be due at December's Pack meeting.  Thank you for your patience on this.

One thing we DO have a GREAT NEED For is for YOUR PHOTOS!!!! If you can e-mail, provide them via flash drive, share them in the cloud, e-mail them one by one.  We would love to have your best snapshots to play during our slide show and it's always better when we get enough submissions to make complete den... so think of field trips, pack meetings, camping.... rockets, anything!  Send me your pictures!  Thanks so much!


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  1. Great Party Pack! We had a blast. And don't care what other's said, keep singing those carols! ;)


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