Monday, September 14, 2015

Who is Ethan?

This year Cub Scouts will get to know a new member of the Cub Scout team—Ethan! 

Ethan is a Cub Scout who will guide Scouts through each rank in the new Cub Scout program. He’ll appear in each adventure in their new handbooks, and he will always be a year older and one rank ahead of the Scouts. 

As Cub Scouts learn a new skill, they’ll look to Ethan for encouragement, helpful tips, funny stories, and even some mistakes he’s made (and learned from) along the way. Ethan might not be perfect, but he does his best and has a great time with his Scouting friends. 

Boys can aspire to the increasingly exciting adventures Ethan is going on with his den—as a Wolf in the Tiger handbook, as a Bear in the Wolf handbook, and as a Webelos Scout in the Bear handbook. And as they work toward their Webelos and Arrow of Light ranks, they will catch glimpses of the fun awaiting them as they transition to Boy Scouts. 

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