Thursday, August 20, 2015

Fossil Rim Overnighter is on the Horizon

Mark your calendars and save the date Cub Scouts!  Our over-nighter at the Fossil Rim Wildlife Center in Glen Rose is on the horizon!

This is a new experience for our Pack and was added to our "special events" rotation so that our boys and their families could enjoy a varied program that provided unique opportunities of all variety.

Fossil Rim Wildlife Center is nestled amidst the live oak thickets, limestone outcroppings, and stands of juniper in the rustic hills of Somervell County.  It's a sanctuary for endangered species. Their goal is promoting the preservation and procreation of threatened/endangered species, environmental awareness, and a recreational and educational experience for people of all ages. 

We will check in Saturday morning, September 20 into climate-controlled cabins and then enjoy a full program of activities.

Lunch, dinner, a campfire program, a safari adventure and three educational experiences along with breakfast are included with your payment of $93.50 per person.  Credit cards are accepted but will incur a service charge.

One of the educational adventures we will learn about is capture techniques used by the vets at Fossil Rim.  Being a wildlife veterinarian there isn't easy, and in this program our Scouts will learn about some of the dangerous tasks the vets undertake in the field.  They will learn what it means to work with wild animals, learn about what training and precautions must be taken and hear real stories of what goes on behind the scenes at the park.  Each Scout will be able to test their "vet-ability" as they participate in a hands-on activity as well.

Another educational opportunity we will have will be a class called "Dyeing From Nature." Scouts will be taken back through time to an era when man turned to nature for his needs.  On this journey of discovery, they will have an opportunity to experiment with native natural dye -- one that is even still used today on a daily basis.  For this class, each kiddo needs to bring a pre-washed, white t-shirt! (Hand-made souvenirs!  What can be better?!)

I just know this will be one of the adventures everyone will remember with Pack 1910. Make sure you log into ScoutBook and RSVP today!

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