Sunday, May 17, 2015

Den Challenge!

Do you wish to accept this challenge?

One way that it has been proven time and again is to give a team, a group, a den if you will, an identity, a flag... something that is theirs and theirs alone.  Is stands to show a solidarity of that den of boys!  

So, leaders ----> this challenge is now being issued to YOU for the purpose of your den!

The Challenge is:  By our FIRST PACK MEETING IN SEPTEMBER be sure you have a NEW RANK SPECIFIC 2015-2016 Den Flags and the best part -- I want them to help you make them over the summer!  The challenge is ON!  We are going to have a den introduction by DEN

Some samples I've found online consist of the following images below.  You can do better!.  Enjoy the process and include the boys!  Bring this to all Pack meetings.  

Image result for cub scout den flag

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