Monday, April 14, 2014

Spring Fundraiser

As most of you are aware, we are well into our Spring Fundraiser -- World's Finest Chocolate!

As a Pack Committee, we are determined to make sure we keep our annual dues at $75 per scout but that means that we WILL need to rely heavily on our two fundraisers -- fall (popcorn) and spring (chocolate).  

Who DOESN'T like chocolate?  It's an easy sell.  $2 an item.  Parents are welcome to take the box to their work, set it on their desk and when people see it, they just can't resist!  

The fees earned from this fundraiser are going to cover the cost of the shortage due to the increase in the BSA annual membership fee.  As it stands we are left with about $5 per scout to cover all rank and awards.  A spring fundraiser will help us supplement that shortage as well as cover the food and fees associated with our Pack camp-outs (not the camp-outs at Sid Richardson for the Fall Festival, etc.) -- just our Pack events.  It is our desire that the camp-outs be a place for everyone to just show up, set up, pitch in and have a good time without worrying about fees.  

For a quick breakdown on the financial aspect of why we need to fund raise:
  • BSA membership fee $24
  • BSA insurance $1.50
  • Boy's Life $12
  • Neckerchief slide $5
  • Neckerchief $7
  • Pack # patch $2
  • Scout handbook $9
  • Pinewood derby car $4
  • Raingutter regatta boat $5.5
TOTAL before any rank insignia, beltloops, pins, awards, etc is $70.  

Our annual pack fees are only $75. 

So, the Committee chose the World's Finest Chocolate as our fundraising partner for the spring.  Each boy will get a box of a variety of chocolate products.  There are only 30 items in the box.  They are $2 each.  Sell all the boxes, our Pack profits over $1,000!!!  
The major collection will be made at the bridging ceremony in May.  If you think your son could sell more than one, we welcome you to check out more than one box.  What most families are doing is writing a check for $60 to the pack to, in essence, BUY the box themselves then they just keep the proceeds as they come in.  That way, too, if they feel the need to have a box of delicious chocolate covered almonds, they've already paid for them.  Not that I would know anything about that!

If you do not have your box yet, please see your den leader.  If you need another, please see April Driggers.  We have extra boxes that need to be sold!  Right now Drew Driggers and Garret Brown are neck in neck both with two boxes checked out each!

We thank you for helping the Pack "GO"

Yours in Scouting, 
April Driggers
Committee Chair

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