Saturday, March 15, 2014

March Pack Meeting & Charitable Opportunity

The core value for the Month of March is COMPASSION.

Have we mentioned that we will have some VERY important visitors at the March Pack Meeting?  I hope you've been paying attention!  This is going to be an informative and fun meeting so we hope you will be sure to attend!  Specifically, we are going to have some ANIMALS present.  However, we are not going to have just ANY animals... we are going to have some truly special animals!  We can't wait to have you there.

So, in line with March's theme of Compassion, we are going to do a charitable service drive at our March Pack meeting... showing COMPASSION to ANIMALS.  We are holding a charitable drive benefiting Operation Kindness.

Operation Kindness  |  Saving Animal's Lives Since 1976

Operation Kindness is North Texas' largest no kill animal shelter.  Since 1976 they have operated with the idea of finding a home for each animal that enters their doors... making sure the sick are nursed back to health and that the young and old are all treated with the love, kindness and COMPASSION that they deserve.  They have had a major influx of sick dogs lately... these animals get nursed back to health many times by being on a BLAND diet of chicken and rice.  Their supplies of canned chicken are nearly depleted.  So, let's rally the troops in Pack 1910 and HOOK THEM UP!!!!  I know we can do it!  I would love to be able to show up with a trunk full of canned chicken for Operation Kindness on Wednesday morning!

Obviously, being as large as they are, there is a perpetual list of wants and needs.  We, however are going to focus on:  

Used blankets (fleece if you can spare it)
KONG dog toys (all sizes)
Pedigree or Purina Pro Plan Canned dog food

There are MANY items on their wish list, but these four are what we are going to focus on providing.  

Thank you for opening your hearts and allowing the boys to show true acts of compassion by helping those that can't help themselves!  

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