Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Blue & Gold is SATURDAY!

By now you should have all seen the e-mails circulating for the upcoming Blue & Gold.  It’s going to be a western themed evening.

Dinner will be catered by Dickey’s BBQ and is $5 a person with a $20 per family max.  Please plan to pay there.  Cash/check.  If you have any changes to your totals, please contact your den leader.  Once we turn in final numbers to the caterer, we are locked in and everyone that RSVP'd needs to pay.  Thank you for your understanding.

We hope the dens have been working hard on their skits and/or songs to present at the Blue & Gold.  I know we can’t wait to see them!

Don’t forget, too, that dessert is a BAKE-OFF!  That’s right!  Each Scout should bring a western themed creation that is completely edible.  Each entry will be judged and there are prizes!  Once the judging is complete, the eating can commence!

So remember -- 6pm, Saturday at the Family Life Center. 

Adults, dust off those boots and hats, grab a bandana and dress up!  

On a sad note for us, however, this will be the last time we have our Webelos II together with us as Cub Scouts.  This is their final evening and the culmination of their Cub Scout career.  After Blue & Gold, they will become Boy Scouts.  Our Pack meetings will be a little smaller until September when we have our rally for a whole new crop of Tigers! 

We can’t wait to see everyone for the annual celebration of Scouting — the Blue & Gold banquet! 

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