Wednesday, May 10, 2017


At last night's Pack meeting, everyone (well, just about -- whoops) received a small clear envelope with their name on it.  This contained several really cool things.  This post is to tell you WHAT to do with what you got!  

If you or your son are new to Cub Scouts, you may notice at some pack meetings or events, that some scouts are sporting red vests with many different kinds of patches attached. Another fun perk of Cub Scouts is getting to collect colorful activity patches for many of the activities they take part in.  For instance, when they turn in their take-order popcorn sales sheet, they earn a patch.  When they attend the USS Lexington (which you DEFINITELY WANT TO DO THIS SEPTEMBER), they get a patch!  Just for joining Pack 1910, we provide boys with their FIRST patch -- a circular Pack 1910 patch to start their collection.  

(Please note, the patch pictured below does NOT go on the official uniform. The official Uniform Insignia Guide designating what can be affixed to the actual uniform can be found HERE or just ask one of the leaders!)

From there, for every Pack activity they participate in, they will earn a small colorful segment (unless it's a special activity, then they'll likely earn another specialty patch to add to their collection along with their segment). The segments are grouped along the edges of the circular patch (pictured above) so that it's a history of their Scouting career. After a wonderful, industrious Cub Scout career, their vests could look something like this on the back... what an awesome keepsake!  {update 9/2017: The segment program has been discontinued}

The question most parents have is -- what in the world do we DO with all these things?  To that I say, you have options!

The easiest option is to just collect them in a box (but what fun is THAT!) or you could let you Scout pin them on a bulletin board. The downside of that is that they may get lost and the segments are small so it does require dedication to keep up with (and a LOT of pins)... oh, and pins can fall out or be knocked off.

I think the BEST way is to display these is on a red vest also called a "brag vest".  These can be purchased at the Scout Shop, online at ScoutStuff or you can use THIS PATTERN to make your own.  There is another online company called that has free shipping and charges $10 per red vest.  Since these aren't official BSA uniform components, you can get them anywhere you want!


Yet another option is a blanket.  This is a way that you can carry the patch collection display into Boy Scouts as well if you like. But again, this would likely be something that is stuck in a box or on a shelf -- no fun!  

Again, please know that the red brag vest is not a required component of the official BSA uniform, but you gotta admit -- they look really cool -- especially when they are full of Scouting adventures!  That's why we call them a brag vest!  The boys get to show off and brag about all their experiences!

To note -- most patches do not have an iron-on adhesive backing so sewing is the preferred method of attachment.  If you're not one who likes to sew, most dry cleaners have a seamstress that will do this for a nominal fee of $1-2 per patch for the large ones. 

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