Friday, March 3, 2017

Lions Tour The Fire House

As part of their Animal Kingdom Adventure that requires Lions to learn about people who provide services to our community, Lion Den 9 went to visit Keller Fire Station #4 and were welcomed by B-company who was on duty that night.  

We have an incredible group of firemen here in Keller!  Did you know that all of the firemen in our great city are also paramedics?  I thought that was very cool and how fortunate we are to have community service providers who are so prepared -- just like we want our Scouts to be!

The Lions learned about the gear... 

...the time limits they put on the firemen to get out of bed, in their gear, in the truck and out the garage (they average about 45 SECONDS!)... 

...the fire station... 

...the teamwork involved... 

...those Scouts saw what's in every nook and cranny of that gigantic ladder truck... we left no latched compartment unexplored!

...and they asked more rapid-fire questions for those guys were ready for!  


...Could he be any cuter?  I mean, seriously, folks.... it's just not possible!

Thank you Keller Station 4 for a great outing!

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