Monday, January 16, 2017

January Pack Meeting

It was great to see our creative and smiling cub faces at the January Pack meeting!  If you took photos, please send them my way!  I would love to have a full Google Photo album of Pack events!  We love to see everyone's perspective and close ups of their favorite Cub Scouts. 

Another post was made on the CUB-O winners and the campers who earned their Polar Bear patch for camping in below-freezing temps.  

At the Pack meeting, we talked about the Blue & Gold Banquet which is coming up next month!  Be sure to get your reservations made NOW by clicking HERE.  We need to be able to plan for seating, food and need your help to do so!

But back to the main event -- the CUBANAPOLIS!  You can view the whole album HERE, but here are some highlights!





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