Monday, January 2, 2017

A Scout Is Loyal

A Scout is Loyal.  Talk is cheap.  You have to do more than just talk the talk, you have to walk the walk.  The one thing that came to mind was the relationship between a man and a dog. Dogs are loyal to a fault. 

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, to be loyal means to be unswerving in allegiance. Thing is… many of us spend so much time being loyal to other people, that we often forget the need to be loyal to ourselves. Add the daily, hectic routine we go through, and it’s easy to see why we forget to focus on doing the things that make us happy, or move us towards those things we deserve out of life. We forget to stop, even just for a moment, to stick to our plans.  Learning to be loyal -- especially in leadership opportunities, means that your focus stays where it needs to be -- on you. 

But also, on your friends, your faith, your family, your teams, your, favorites, your fans, etc. So, knowing you NEED to be loyal, just HOW do you make that happen?

Well, just be honest!  Be honest with yourself. Be faithful and follow the rules. Follow the girl code (or bro code) about relationships.  Learn to suck it up to take one for the team. Alternatively, learn to speak up.  Especially if you hear things being said about a friend.  Speak in their defense. And finally, they suggest sticking to your principals.  Don't you dare betray your own beliefs just to avoid making waves with your group.  Trust your gut.  Rarely, if ever will this instinct be wrong.  Shop local.  Volunteer local.  Build those foundations with your communities  -- they can't develop overnight otherwise.  Build a tribe around you.  A tribe of like-minded loyal people.  They are the ones who will circle the wagons when you need them.  And you WILL need them!

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