Tuesday, January 10, 2017

A Scout is Brave

The Scout Handbook reminds us that "A Scout is brave. A Scout can face danger although he is afraid. He has the courage to stand for what he thinks is right even if others laugh at him or threaten him."  

When you're a kiddo, bravery was witnessed from your superheroes or on cartoons as the good guys took on the bad guys... standing up to a bully... It could even be considered brave to stand up for yourself to an elder whom you're supposed to respect. To go against the status quo and do your own thing, is brave.  To veer from the well traveled path and forge your own destiny is very brave.  So, that being said, bravery is certainly not the lack of fear but the strength to overcome it.  Fear begets bravery.

I love the way The Boy Scout Trail says: 
Fear is a feeling you have based on your surroundings. If you sense danger, you feel fear. It's a natural and useful feeling. When a Scout experiences fear, he can either control it or let it control him. Courage controls fear and allows a Scout to keep a cool head, rise above the danger, and act in a brave way. When fear controls the person, he loses his sense of honor and his gut instinct of self-preservation takes over, causing acts of cowardice.

It's easy to stand back in the sidelines and let things happen, but we are training leaders that not only think of others, but act on the moral compass we are helping to instill within.  To think about how he can interject in a situation to turn it around and let the right thing happen.

There are many situations in Scouting where fear may be experienced:  public speaking, leading a project, asking for help from another leader, learning new skills, handling new tools, camping in a new environment, learning to do hard things.  But, the way to overcome that fear is to seek the courage from within because WE BELIEVE OUR BOYS CAN DO HARD THINGS!  Do hard things every day!  Conquer your fears -- conquer the world!

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