Friday, December 9, 2016

Good News and Bad News

Okay folks, we have some GOOD news and some... not so good news!  I'll START with the NOT so good news.

Winds on Sunday are predicted to be between 17-22 mph.  The City of Keller will not permit a launch with winds over 15 mph.  So we must... again... postpone the rocket launch.

I know... I know!  It's horrible!  So that's the not so good news.  The GOOD NEWS is that WE WILL RESCHEDULE!

We won't do it, however, until after the holiday.  Stay tuned my friends!  We will keep you posted.  

The fortunate aspect about being smart for not launching in high winds is that your scout has a higher probability of actually retrieving his rocket to do additional launches!  With high winds... you'd never see that bad boy again!  

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