Monday, December 19, 2016

CUB-O Registration and Optional Camping Information

Cub-O is the annual Cub Scout orienteering event held at Sid Richardson Scout Ranch. This year CUB-O will be held January 7. We are also organizing a campout to coincide with this event for those needing or wanting to get some additional tent time into their program. Obviously, you have the option to camp Friday and Saturday nights or just Saturday night or just attend for the event during the day on Saturday.

Cub-O is the most popular orienteering event in North America. A fun day of hiking and friendly competition for Cub Scouts, parents, and leaders. Orienteering, the use of map and compass, to find locations and plan a journey, has been a vital skill for humans for thousands of years. Thousands of people participate in the sport each year in local clubs and competitions. Longhorn Council has two events annually for orienteering. One is for Cub Scouts (Cub O), and one is held for Boy Scouts (SCORE-O)

The cost to participate in the CUB-O event held Saturday is $19 per scout and includes a 20th anniversary patch, lunch, liability insurance and a Cub-O map. 
T shirts are available to purchase for $12 each. 

Additional attendees (attending, assisting or camping but not competing) can pay $6 for lunch and liability insurance only but must register and be paid. 

Each team of 3-6 Cubs gets a Cub-O map half an hour before the race starts. 
Your goal is to hike in the woods and find as many of the 40 orange and white orienteering flags as you can. 

Two-deep leadership is *required* for each team. So, parents, if you HAVE NOT taken Youth Protection Training, NOW IS THE TIME TO DO IT!

This is a rain or shine event: extreme inclement weather (ice or snow) may cause a one week postponement. Weather announcements will be made on the Longhorn Council Website and on our blog as well.

Sound like something you want to do?  Well, click the blue area to print out this registration form and turn it in ASAP. April has to have them in hand with payment NO LATER THAN Tuesday, January 3.  Two adults are required to register per team.  Teams will be assigned based upon the number of cubs registered in our Pack.  We will do our best to keep dens intact and to have our Webelos I & AOL dens combined.  

We realize eeryone may not want to camp but please indicate somewhere your desire so that we can partner up families that are wanting to camp together.  Thank you!

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