Monday, November 21, 2016

The Outdoor Code

As an American, I will do my best to
Be clean in my outdoor manners,
Be careful with fire,
Be considerate in the outdoors, and
Be conservation-minded

Outdoor ethics is deeply ingrained in the BSA program. No place is this more important than in the outdoors. Scouting has a long, proud tradition of conservation service to the nation. How do we preserve that tradition? 

By being clean in our outdoor manners by:
  • treating the outdoors as a heritage.
  • taking care of it for myself and others.
  • keeping my trash and garbage out of lakes, streams, fields, woods, and roadways.

By being careful with fire
  • preventing wildfire.
  • only building fires only where they are appropriate.
  • by making sure that when I have finished using a fire, I will make sure it is cold out.
  • by leaving a clean fire ring, or removing all evidence of my fire.

Be considerate in the outdoors
  • I will treat public and private property with respect.
  • I will use low-impact methods of hiking and camping.

Be conservation minded
  • I will learn how to practice good conservation of soil, waters, forests, minerals, grasslands, wildlife, and energy.
  • I will urge others to do the same.

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