Thursday, September 1, 2016

What A Great Sign Up Night!

Thanks to all our leaders and NEW pack families who came out to keep us company on the annual Cub Scout Sign Up night! Pack 1910 added 14 new scouts and I know a few more have expressed interest in joining!  It's never too late to join in the fun so if you missed Sign-Up Night (I know there were a few parent orientations at various schools), you are NEVER behind! No worries! 

Thanks to Mike Everett for securing the rockets from the Longhorn Council to ensure that the boys new to scouting are completely aware that they ARE going to have a blast -- quite LITERALLY!  

There will be a few e-mails, lists, forms and such flying your way for the next few weeks until we tackle all of the paperwork and information.  However, once that gets handled, we should have smooth sailing for the year ahead! 

We have an excited and invigorated group of leaders ready to jump in and make this the best program for the boys in Pack 1910... probably the best Pack in ALL OF KELLER!  We hope to set the standard by which all Packs will judge a fantastic program!

That does require a lot of effort, and so we will be looking to YOU -- our awesome parents -- to step in and fill the gaps.  

The first link I want to provide is the NEW CUB SCOUT CHECKLIST FOR PARENTS. (If you were at sign up night, it's neon pink!) This is simply a way for you, as a parent, to track the few items that need to happen.  

In short, it makes sure you have your registration form turned in (so that we can get you added to our system).  Complete the BSA Health Form for registered adults and youth.  Be sure you're checking out our website frequently!  Meet with your den leader. Pay those registration dues.  One payment and you're golden until next December!  Visit the Scout shop for your uniform components and insignia.  Volunteer for something!  Read the Scout Handbook!  Complete Youth Protection Training Online ASAP and provide April, John or Christopher with a copy of your completion card.

Welcome aboard!  We are SO excited to have you join!!

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