Friday, September 30, 2016

Popcorn Pacesetter Campaign

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With our Take Order AND Show and Sell Popcorn fundraiser in FULL SWING... it's time we kick it up a notch!

On Saturday, October 1, the Longhorn Council will be issuing a CHALLENGE called a Pacesetter Campaign to each scout selling Take Order.  If your son would like to be part of this fun, BE SURE TO SIGN UP BY CLICKING THIS LINK HERE.  We are Unit 1910 in the Mustang District.  You only need sign up for YOUR Scout.

The Pacesetter Program is a FANTASTIC way for your son to boost his sales which puts him in the running for more fun prizes!  Plus, it's really easy to complete.  Have your scout focus each day on the one sales task. They will receive a text message daily to remind them. Join the Popcorn Campaign Club to receive updates and other communication.  Text "BSAPOP" to 51660.

Your son's daily checklist is maintained by YOU (a Scout is Trustworthy) and can be found HERE.

We will collect forms from all participants and take them to Council for after our campout to secure the prizes for our Pack members who set the pace and distribute those.

The neat thing?  Your scout gets a cool prize just for competing in this little week-long campaign -- this awesome little pop up lantern.

Sales earned during the Pacesetter Program ALSO go toward the Trail's End prizes AND the pack level prizes.  Top in the Pack get a cool Star Wars prize.  Top 2 in each den get a silly string attack on the leader of their choice.  Top in each den gets a branded camp mug AND if your scout hits the $1,000 sales mark, they'll earn two tickets the opening weekend to the new Star Wars movie when it comes out in December along with popcorn (of course) and a drink!  This doesn't even begin to cover all the cool stuff they can acquire from Trail's End.  

Thank you all for your help in making sure our Pack is successful.  ALL money from fundraising is poured right back into our program whether it's paying for campout food, providing t-shirts, awards, activities and equipment.  Everything is poured right back into the program!

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