Saturday, September 3, 2016

Pack 1910 Hit The Trail!

On a somewhat humid September morning, 12 members of Pack 1910 and their families headed out of the parking lot along a wooded path of the Fort Worth Nature Center & Refuge located along the west fork of the Trinity River near Lake Worth.

 photo 2016-09-03_142830912_70607_iOS_zpsxd5y9c6e.jpg

It was a perfect day for a hike took us through open prairie and wooded area. We started at the Hardwicke Interpretive Center, walked along the Prairie Trail and merged with the Oak Motte Trail. 

 photo 2016-09-03_152554246_7B7EC_iOS_zpsoj0eutmu.jpg

Since the Oak Motte Trail is diverse with grasslands and wooded areas, a variety of flora and fauna awaited us.  In the prairie areas, many species of grasses are found, including Little Bluestem, Yellow Indiangrass and more. Proceeding on the trail takes you through wooded areas with spiny trees such as the Hercule’s Club, Honey Mesquite and Honeylocust. Trees adapted to the Cross Timbers habitat, such as Blackjack Oak, Cedar Elm and Western Soapberry can be found as we traversed this trail.

 photo 2016-09-03_144120720_83F7D_iOS_zps5gos086s.jpg

Hiding among the many trees and the grasses are all forms of wildlife. Deer were spotted on the way in, though being the first hike and it being a bit of a noisy bunch, we didn't spot much else.  

 photo 2016-09-03_150608891_68E27_iOS_zpsnuuya6qh.jpg

However, during spring and fall migration, migrants such as warblers, orioles and others take advantage of this trail to refuel with food, rest and relax during their long flights.  Maybe we can come back!

 photo 2016-09-03_155447370_30417_iOS_zpsfhjaswjp.jpg

As you may know, Pack 1910 goes hiking almost every month.  These fun outings are an integral part of our program.  We created this program because we wanted to get the boys outdoors more.  That being said, there are incentives to participation -- patches (which they are THRILLED about), a hiking stick and more!  

However, besides providing enjoyment and rewards, the program helps boys become confident and comfortable outdoors and encourages healthy habits and lifestyles.  It also helps makes the transition to Boy Scouting activities easier. 

So, what do we do with the little guys?  I mean, we have LIONS now!  Guess what -- they went today and THEY LOVED IT!  They loved all 3.5 MILES of it!
 photo 2016-09-03_164903000_57F10_iOS_zps4wafevus.jpg

Hiking helps them learn to be prepared.  Before each hike Pack leaders are going over the buddy system, exposure to Leave No Trace credentials and a review of the Outdoor Code are all part of the program.  

Couldn't make it this month?  Join us next month!  

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