Sunday, September 25, 2016

2016 Council CAMPOREE Camping -- SAVE THE DATE!

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Another fun event we have scheduled for our Pack is to attend the Council Camporee November 11-13, 2016 at Texas Motor Speedway.

This event is HUGE!  It is open for all Boy Scout Troops, Varsity Teams, Venturing Crews, Explorer Posts, and Cub Scout Pack too! The program is jam-packed with challenging activities, super shows and awesome exhibits; so start planning now to enjoy this most excellent adventure.

Our Pack will camp according to Pack Family Camping regulations.  

Early registration fee is $30 per person.  

Depending upon what all is covered by Council, we will investigate further on the cost of meals for our pack attendees.  

Some of the events they will have are:

 talent competition * chess against a grandmaster * Star Wars reenactors * rocket launching * viking reenactors * medieval reenactors * Civil War battle reenactors * Civil War Artillery firing * Alien invasion nerf shooting * OA Native AMerican Dance * Minitary vehicles * military weapons disaplys *  military equipment * state police * NASA Displays * Police and Fire Dept. * SWAT * Race cars * pushmobile derby * drones * ham radios * canine units * gliders * inflatable obstacle courses * huge stage show * dutch oven cooking demo 
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Cub Scouts can enjoy the BB gun ranges.  AOL scouts may shoot the pellet guns.  Archery ranges will be open.  Wrist rocket ranges will be open.  The Cubs can enjoy a petting zoo, dinosaur hunting, alien nerf shooting, bug hunt, bounce houses, face painting, monkey bridges, human foosball, flour battle, soccer, football touchdown-toss, ring toss, disc golf and SO MUCH MORE!

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