Thursday, May 19, 2016

Pack 1910 Summer Adventures

We set up a specific four-year schedule of different activities so that, for your Scout's entire Cub Scout career, he wouldn't be participating in the same thing summer after summer.  

Cub Scouts is a year-round program and our Pack makes the most of each summer to bring opportunities for our Scouts to stay engaged and involved all year long!

We will be utilizing the Scoutbook system to track RSVP's for these events.  This helps the adult coordinators know which Scouts to expect so that no one is left behind.  Also, a few of these event require advance deposits.  Once you RSVP, you will be contacted to confirm how you wish to pay.  PayPal invoices can be sent via e-mail or checks mailed to the treasurer.  

One important thing to note -- Please be sure you are RSVPing -- even if it is a "no" -- so that we know you received the invitation information.  The courtesy of a reply is greatly appreciated.  

Please understand that many of these programs we are planning on require not only a minimum number of participants and as stated previously, a deposit.  If you RSVP and are not able to attend, you will still need to pay your portion as it likely has already been covered by the Pack or, alternatively, find a family to go in your place and have them reimburse you. Most of these events do not allow refunds.  Thank you for your understanding.

The Scoutbook events will have all event-specific information for each activity.  This notification is merely for you to save the date!


6-10:  Mustang District Day Camp.  See THIS PAGE on our website that is dedicated to all things Day Camp.
11:  Stargazing Party at the Fort Worth Museum of Science & History. 
25:  Reunion Tower tour and lunch
26-29:  Cub Scout Resident Camp
29-July 2:  Cub Scout Resident Camp

**Did your scout register for Day Camp?  If so, they're on their way to earning the Outdoor Activity Award.  Read all about the requirements for this awesome award here. Please note, however, that since the ENTIRE Cub Scout program is changing at the end of this month, the new requirements for this award to coincide with the new achievements can be found on THIS document.  Scroll to Page 3.  ANY Scout can earn this... You would be working on the requirements for the rank they are advancing to.

8-9:  Lock-In
9:  S
targazing Party at the Fort Worth Museum of Science & History
10-13:  Webelos Resident Camp
13-16:  Webelos Resident Camp
26:  Evening at Jumpstreet

9:  Tour of Texas Motor Speedway
13-14:  Webelos Overnighter to Space Center Houston
20:  Annual Raingutter Regatta, pizza party and ice cream back to school bash 

...that by joining us for just one event a month, your scout is eligible for the National Summertime Achievement Award?  These are rank specific, color-coordinated very cool special pins to place on their uniform to show off their involvement.

If enough of his den participates, they will earn the Summertime Award for their DEN! And, collectively, if enough of our Scouts participate all summer long, our PACK earns the National Summertime Pack Award!  How cool is THAT?  Awards will be presented at the Scout level during the September Pack meeting.

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