Monday, April 11, 2016

Pack Meeting This Tuesday - Legomania - Bring A Friend

The April Pack Meeting is TOMORROW NIGHT and it's a night full of fun, friendship and LEGO!  That's right!  

Tuesday, April 12 is our 

Coincidentally, it is ALSO our Bring A Friend night!  Because Lego and friends just go together, literally!  You need more than one to have fun and build!  

Scouts, do you have a friend that you think would enjoy the adventures of Cub Scouts? BRING THEM ALONG TOMORROW!  They can partner up with you for the entire evening and experience all the fun, games and excitement of Cub Scouts with you by their side!

Recruiter StripPlus, if your son's friend joins Scouts he will not only have a built in buddy... he will also earn his RECRUITER STRIP!  How cool is that?!

Scouts wear your uniform to school TOMORROW, Tuesday, April 12 to encourage excitement and interest in your Pack!  

This is a great time too, for your son to SHOW OFF one of his Lego creations!  Have him bring his build to display at the meeting.  We want him to talk about it and show everyone what he's done!

Print out and have your son deliver these invites to his friends this afternoon!  Or, download and send these invites to your friends via e-mail.

Displaying Invite1.jpg

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