Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Recruiter Strips

One of the best ways to enjoy Cub Scouts is to do it with friends!  What a better way to share in fellowship with people you already know and love, than in the Scouting Program! 

Do you know your sons can earn a special patch just for getting a friend to sign up?  

Our spring recruiting drive is underway for the Cub Scout program that will begin this summer. (Oh yes, we are YEAR ROUND and have TONS of fun in the summer!) If your son has a friend that you think would be interested in joining, we encourage our scouts to bring a friend to the April Pack Meeting.  

We will have leadership available to answer parent questions so that they can get started in their Cub Scout journey the first day of summer (or sooner) and even attend the BEST District Day Camp in Texas!

We will be sending a few flyers home with each scout to give to a friend and would invite our parents, too, to participate in the recruiting efforts to continue to make Pack 1910 one of the best around!

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