Friday, January 1, 2016

January - A Scout Is Trustworthy

Since the implementation of the 2015 program update for Cub Scouting, Cubs memorize the Scout Oath and Law and learn about the principles they embody well before they join the Boy Scouts. As you may have noticed, our pack meetings are now focused around the twelve points of the Scout Law in order to help Cubs internalize each point. January’s theme is Trustworthy. But how does January's Cubanapolis Race relate to this point of the Scout Law? 

Helping your son build, decorate, and race their Cubanapolis cars, and encouraging fun regardless of the race’s outcome is something we all promote and look forward to. The Cubanapolis and the upcoming Pinewood Derby will not only gave you the chance to teach your sons about tools and workshop safety, but also offer valuable teaching moments about being a good sport and following the rules. The fun and competition in both of these races are a great setting to teach our Scouts about the importance of being trustworthy as they do their best and support their fellow Scouts.

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