Thursday, August 27, 2015

Cub Scout Sign Up Night

It's time to kick off a new year in Pack 1910 and we want YOU to join us!  Our annual Cub Scout Sign Up night will be Tuesday, September 1 at 6:30 p.m.

If you picked up a flier at Ridgeview Elementary's Meet the Teacher or at our Raingutter Regatta, this is the night we've been talking about!  Are you ready to see what all Pack 1910 has in store for YOU this year?  Be sure to stop by Tuesday night, September 1, and sign up with the Pack!

WHO:       Boys in 1st - 5th grade in the Keller and surrounding areas
WHAT:     Cub Scout Pack 1910 Sign Up Night
WHERE:    First United Methodist Church of Keller, Hallelujah Center 
                1025 Johnson Road, Keller
COST:     $115 through NEXT December!  ($40 for this year and $75 for all of next year)
WHEN:      Tuesday, September 1, 6:30 pm - 8:00 p.m. come and go
WHY:        Because -- IT IS FUN!  

Scouting promotes and encourages family togetherness.  Time is a valuable commodity and what better way to spend it than investing in lasting memories with your son.  More than ever, today’s families struggle to find time to spend together. Cub Scouting helps to support your family by providing ready-made opportunities for you and your son to do things together.
Your son needs to belong to a group of boys his own age. Through this sense of belonging, he builds his self-esteem and learns to get along with others. As a parent, you want to be assured that the groups that your boy joins will teach values consistent with good citizenship, character development, physical fitness and spiritual growth. The Boy Scouts of America has been weaving these lifetime values into fun and educational activities since 1910.
In a society where your son is taught that winning is everything, Cub Scouting teaches him to “do his best” and to be helpful to others.  Servant leadership.

He will learn to live by the code of “On my honor.”

But... we know that boys do not join Cub Scouting to get their character built.  Boys join Scouts.... because it's fun!!!

Our program is full but it's not complete without YOU!  If you are unable to attend Cub Scout Sign Up Night, please complete the informational form on the website and someone from our membership committee will be in touch with you shortly. However, the best way to start is to jump in with both feet and be ready to have fun!  

Your adventure starts Tuesday!  We look forward to meeting you!

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