Friday, July 31, 2015

Year at a Glance

Just for your convenience in planning, we have also created a handy 2015-2016 Year at a Glance Calendar.  Obviously, this doesn't have detailed information on it with times, locations, costs, etc., but it will give you a general idea if you need to find out if something is going on in a hurry.

Click HERE for the one page year at a glance calendar of activities.

2015-2016 Monthly Calendars of Events

We have been in the process of updating and packing as much AWESOME as we are legally able to do in these monthly calendars!  There may be some tweaks here and there for when we get some dates finalized, but otherwise -- here is your access to the year of fun we have planned for Pack 1910's Cub Scouts for 2015-2016!

Do you want a copy yourself?  Click here.  You'll be taken to the link to download the 12 monthly calendars for our Pack year.  A sample is below just so you can see!
If anything changes, the file will be updated and the link created on this page will be invalid.  There will ALWAYS be a new link added for any updates to the calendar because we want to make sure that there is no confusion and that you have access to the most recent and most up-to-date information.

Clicking the above link will take you to our action-packed planned calendar which will help make your planning streamlined and provide your scout the opportunity to have the time of his life!