Monday, June 1, 2015

June Core Value - Perseverance

The Core Value for the month of June is Perseverance.  Being able to stick with something and to not give up, even if it is difficult -- is hard!  Providing boys with experiences that may be a little out of their comfort zone in order for them to learn how to see things through is how we can help them celebrate perseverance in their own lives.   

Boys will realize that they must push through and continue to work hard to improve their skills when they want to succeed!

Teaching children the benefits of hard work and trying is easy... have them set small goals which will help them reach a larger one.  Saving their allowance, for instance, a few weeks at a time to make a larger purchase.  How about finishing a long chapter book or their first novel.  It's met by being determined to finish.  Setting reachable goals and staying at it!  Those video games may beckon their attention, but they must push through their distractions to reach that goal.  How about playing the guitar?  It's easy to want to pick it up and sound like a rock star but -- that's not going to happen!  It requires dedication, practice, setting small goals, hard work, determination... in the end, they will persevere!

The EDGE method we use in Scouting is a great way to help leaders demonstrate perseverance. 


By teaching boys skills this way, having them set their goals and then cultivating an attitude of gratitude helps them persevere... on their own!  When you are witness to the "I got it!" or the "I did it!" -- it's an AMAZING thing!  

Perseverance -- think about it!

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