Wednesday, March 18, 2015

CSI - Cub Scout Investigations - March Pack Meeting

The March Pack Meeting theme couldn't have been any cooler!

CSI and after a precursory search of the internet -- I feel really sad we didn't purchase some of these just for fun!  Who doesn't need another ball cap?  I collect these like some women collect shoes!  I mean, who WOULDN'T want to have their very own CSI ballcap!??!?!?

Thank you to those who came and made this meeting so much fun!  I know that it's the time of year for sports and all kinds of conflicts but thank you for keeping Scouts active and a priority.  The boys truly stay engaged... if they're there.  So, thank you all for giving them the opportunity to stay engaged and have fun!

We started out the Pack meeting with a brief announcement period.... and YES!  I realize they are quite

It's an evil necessity but we have much coming up and I want everyone to have as much information as you can!

1) Brahama's game - $5 per person DEADLINE - SATURDAY MARCH 21 person PayPay is available to just get that one wiped off your plate.

2) Camp Card - given out in groups of 20. Simply sign out.  Sell.  Return what you do and don't sell along with the money.  Deadline is May 4 (at the Committee Meeting) for all unused cards and funds.

3) Pinewood Derby is going to be April 11.  If you need a car, see April!  THIS is going to be FUN!  An event the boys (ad their dads) look forward to all year long!

4)  April's Pack Meeting will be BACK at the FLC and the theme is LEGOS!  

5) Don't forget the opportunities to see the Texas Rangers through Scouting!  Click here for that information.  Register on your own.

6) Our bridging ceremony will take place at the H-Center on May 31.  This is where the boys cross the bridge to their new rank which they can begin working on the first day of summer.  They will also be presented with their new books.  Parents need to purchase a new neckerchief and anew slide.

7) District Day Camp is also a great time.  June 8-12, $92 per scout, 8:30-4pm at Harvest Church.  There is a need for parent chaperones in order to maintain two-deep leadership.  

So, yeah, announcements... a great way to immediately suck the life out of the party, but sometimes you just have to get all of the information out there as soon as you can so that you can get on to the FUN STUFF!

Like.... a one-hand-behind-your-back-be-the-fastest-of-the-fast to pull and entire box of Kleenex one by one until they're all gone.  It's tricky!!!  Garret B. won first place in this contest.  We are going to use the empty boxes for a fun game next month!

From here the boys were each given their...

mission folders which contained a mustache for each one.  Hey, a kid's gotta have a disguise! They also read over a list of four strategic and very involved missions they were to embark upon -- should they choose to accept this mission.  Guess what... they all accepted.

I followed with the Bears.  Our first stop was fingerprinting. They were shown how to make prints, how to lift prints, how to leave prints and how to read prints.  We learned the key features people look for.  It was pretty cool!

From there we went to the Mission Impossible Course.  For this an entire hall way was set up to resemble a laser grid.  They had to go under, over and through an entire hallway's worth of lasers -- and then BACK AGAIN!  We had one Scout trying to limbo!  It was awesome!

Next we went to target practice!  Yep, you heard me!  Full on NERF gun FUN!  Every spy needs to be stealthy and accurate.  Targets were near, far, high, low... you needed to be speedy, accurate and watch out for the ricochet.  They did great.

We followed this up by learning about secret codes.  They made their own cipher wheel and wrote their own code and then had to decipher a code given to them.  Completing this task was rewarding - literally!  It was then they earned their monthly awards!  Thanks to Nancy Zey for packaging those up!

It was a great evening!  Thanks to those that came.  They sure had a lot of fun!  It's all for the boys!

Remember, while dens meet every couple of weeks, our Pack only meets once a month. The Pack Meeting is the regular gathering of all of our dens.  It's an important place for our families to learn the how's and why's and what's of Scouting so that as our older dens attrition out, our younger dens' parents can pick up the reins.  Besides, only at the Pack Meetings do you get to collect all your HARDWARE, show off those uniforms proudly and talk about all they've been working on to everyone!  Speaking of hard work -- we had a new scout there last night who has already completed his Bobcat!  Be ready for a fun ceremony next month for him!

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